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The Tamers spent an exciting week or so in the Digital World, visiting places they were before, like Knightmon's castle, the Gekomon's place, the giant clock Rika and the guys were in, and the Village of discarded data. But as they realized they only had one night left in the Digital World, they had saved the best for last. Only three of them knew the awesomeness of staying with Jijimon and Babamon, but they were all ready to share that experience with the rest of the Tamers.

"I'm telling you guys!" Kazu said, "This was a great experience!"

Rika nodded. "All things considered, that we were lost and kind of scared, it probably was the greatest night we had there."

"They certainly seem like awesome Digimon." Takato said.

Kenta smiled. "Yeah, wait till you taste their cooking!"

Guilmon's ears perked up. "Food?"

Takato laughed, hugging Guilmon. "Haha, you never change, boy. Of course there will be food!"

"And GREAT food at that!" Kazu said. "They also have a built in sauna!"

"This sounds like an awesome place!" Henry said.

"Yeah." Ryo said in agreement. "and it would be awesome to relax in a sauna for a while."

The finally got to the entrance. Ryo got a weird look on his face. "Guys? I thought you said this place was huge? This is a tiny opening!"

"Yeah, it does appear small," Kazu explained, "But there's just a small room there, and then it leads to a huuuge place underground!"

Henry was looking around. "What happened here? There's all kinds of things laying around, a refrigerator... a tire... what's going on?"

"Momentai!" Terriermon said. "The digital world has very strong winds in some places, I'm sure that's all this was!"

Renamon nodded. "That's how we got in there to start with, the wind blew us in."

Kazu turned around and looked in the distance. "Hey look Kenta! That's where we had our first kiss!"

Kenta blushed. "I wouldn't call that a kiss."

"What happened?" Takato asked.

"Well..." Kazu said with a smirk. "Rika kicked my ass. Litterally. We were passed out, she kicked me, I went flying, and there was lip contact."

Takato giggled. "Love at first kiss?"

"Nah." Kazu said. "It still took a while."

They went in and had the most amazing last night. An amazing feast with wonderful bread that Guilmon loooved, a turky and many other delicious items.

Afterwords, everyone but Rika took a steam bath, and Jijimon reminded Kenta and Kazu's song.

"Gettin all prunie..."

Kazu laughed and continued. "Like a Raaaaaaiiisin in Juuuney!"


Kenta and Kazu loved reliving that memory, it was a great time in their life.

After that they all went to sleep in huge beds.

The next day, they knew they only had a few hours until they had to leave, and so they all agreed to go off in separate directions so they could say goodbye to their partners.

Takato walked off with Guilmon, and talked to him.

"Hey boy." He said sadly. "I'm sure gonna miss you."

But Guilmon smiled. "Why are you sad? We were reunited like you promised! We had another adventure, and I know there Isn't a whole lot of chances you will have to come back and see me in the future, but I know you will if you can. And if not... I'll know that It's not because, you don't care... you just... have other obligations. And we have a good life here. Me and Terriermon especially will always be friends. Renamon and the others... it comes and goes, but I'll always have Terriermon."

Takato couldn't help but cry, for multiple reasons. He was so sad at the chance of never seeing him again. But at the same time, he thought of the first day he met Guilmon, how much he was like a baby, and how he slowly started to grow, and before long, he was so smart, and here he was now talking so maturely and level-headed. Takato smiled and hugged his friend.

"I love you Guilmon. Never forget that, boy. And never forget how proud I am of you."

Guilmon hugged him back. "I love you too Takatomon, never forget that I am so happy to have known you, and that I'll never forget you."

And with that, they just kept hugging, and talking some about memories.

"Remember when we went to camp?" Takato asked. "I think that's my favorite memory of our time together."

"Yeah." Guilmon agreed. "All your classmates were offering me food!"

Takato chuckled. "Again, nothing changes."

After a while of reminiscing, it was time to meet at the point where the new arc would bring them home.

Kenta held MarineAngimon in his hands smiling, trying not to cry. "Thank you for letting me be your Tamer."

MarineAngemon just nodded.

Kazu wasn't crying, on the outside at least, but he was on the brink of it.

"Guardramon, we had some good times right?"

"Yeah, we did! Saving the Gekomon, helping fight the D-reaper..."

Kazu nodded. "So... Thank you."

"Thank you too, Kazu."

Ryo was walking up closer with Monodramon. It was hard to believe he digivolved into Cyberdramon, because this thing was crying hard about not seeing his tamer again. Ryo, like Kazu refused to cry, and just put his arm around him and told him how much he meant to him.

Rika smiled at Renamon. "I dunno where I'd be without you."

Renamon nodded. "It's true I helped you grow up, but, If it weren't for you, the whole Digital world wouldn't be here, so thank you for that."

The arc finally showed up, and all except the last two Tamers got right on.

Henry walked with Terriermon in his arms.

"Thank you, for everything. Besides saving both worlds... you helped me see that there are some things worth fighting for. Thank you."

"Momentai!" Terriermon replied. "I couldn't have done it without you!"

Henry was crying a little. "Thank you Terriermon. I'm gonna miss you."

Terriermon smiled. "And I'll miss you too. But I'll be okay. And maybe you can visit someday."

Henry nodded, and then he said goodbye, and got in the arc.

Takato stood hugging Guilmon, not wanting to let go. He couldn't help thinking of all their times together. The fun times, like swimming in the lake at camp, the not so fun times like him disappearing into that data field, and the ones that were somewhere in the middle like them painting Guilmon camo colors. It was for a serious reason but in the process Terriermon spilled a can of paint all over. It turned funny.

"I'm gonna miss you, boy."

Guilmon looked at Takato, and tried to dry his eyes. "Your eyes are leaking Takatomon."

Takato smiled, remembering that was what happened the second day he had him. He sighed.

"I love you boy."

Guilmon nodded. "I love you too. But you better get going."

"One last thing." Takato opened his backpack and pulled out a Guilmon shaped cookie cutter. "Now Babamon can make you Guilmon Bread whenever you want!"

Guilmon hugged him one last time. "Thank you, Takatomon."

And with that, Takato boarded the arc, and started the journey home.

The couples hugged each other, to comfort each other through saying goodbye. As Takato and Henry hugged, Takato thought about all the fun memories, and how grateful he was for one last adventure. Suddenly a song came to mind, and out of nowhere, he started singing.

Let it go.

Let it roll right off your shoulders

Don't you know?

The hardest part is over

Let it in.

Let your clarity define you in the end...

we will only just remember how it feels.

All life is made

of these small hours

these little wonders

these twists and turns of fate

Time falls away

but these small hours

these small hours, still remain.

Henry smiled, Knowing this song, decided to sing the next part, as he looked in Takato's eyes, holding his hands.

Let it slide

Let your troubles fall behind you

let it shine

till you feel it all around you

and I don't mind,

if it's me you need to turn to

we'll get by

It's the heart that really matters in the end

All life is made

of these small hours

these little wonders

these twists and turns of fate

Time falls away

but these small hours

these small hours, still remain.

Takato and Henry sang the rest together, hugging eachother, and the rest thinking about how lucky they were to have that experience.

All of my regrets will wash away somehow

but I cannot forget, the way I feel right now...

In these small hours, these little wonders, these twists and turns of fate

Yeah these twists and turns of fate!

Time falls away, but these small hours, these small hours, still remain


Well they still remain

These little wonders, these twists and turns of fate!

Time falls away, but these small hours...

These Little Wonders, Still Remain.

And with that, Takato and Henry kissed, and everyone could tell they were going to be together forever, and the rest of the tamers were happy as well, and they all were, forever after.

The End.

Hope that was worth the wait.