An Odd Love

By: Bighoggi14

(Odd P.O.V.)

Today was a boring day. Got up, ate breakfast, went to class, ate lunch, finished our last class. Nothing happened, even XANA seems to be trying to bore us to death, he hasn't attacked in a couple of days.

Oh well. Maybe this will give me some time to find a new girlfriend. Marie only lasted about a week, and I haven't had one for a couple of weeks.

I walked back to our dorms with Ulrich, looking for something to do. We passed the soccer field and the thought interests me.

"Hey Ulrich, wanna play some soccer?"

"Shouldn't you be doing you history homework?" Ulrich says looking skeptical.

"Nah, I can do that later."

"Whatever. It just gives me another chance to beat you." Ulrich says and smiles. I smile right back. "Sure, go ahead and think that. That last game you only won by a lucky shot." It's true, our last game we were tied at 4-4 and Ulrich had the ball. He just took a shot and I lunged for it. I fell short by about three inches, and it soared past into the goal.

"Come on, let's go. I'm going to beat you this time." I say and we run off towards the field. We start playing and it's a fair match all the way. Ulrich manages to get one past me, and I get two past him. He coming towards me again and I ready myself. He kicks it, hard, and it flies towards me. I just about intercept it when I feel myself fall and I hit the ground. I look around and see Ulrich scored a goal, and I just tripped in a small hole. It's small enough so that the maintenance people won't fill it in, but deep enough that someone small like me can trip in it.

"No fair." I say standing up.

"Plenty fair. You tripped, and it's your fault. You should have been watching where you were going." Ulrich says smugly.

"How can I watch where I'm going and the ball at the same time? You know my grades, I'm not that smart." I say laughing and run over to get the ball. I grab the ball and kick it over to Ulrich.

"Next point wins?" I ask.

"Sure… easy way for me to win sooner." He says, and gets ready. I kick the ball around to the side and run past him. He runs along side with me, and suddenly stops. I rush past and score the goal.

"Gooooooaaaaaal!" I yell, hopping around like a maniac. I look back to Ulrich and wonder why he stopped. He's standing there, talking to Yumi.

Great. Now that they're going out, I'll never be able to play an entire game again.

Ulrich and Yumi have been going out for about two weeks. Ulrich (after some serious prodding by me and Jeremie) finally got up the nerve to ask her out. She immediately accepted. I don't think he really told her his feelings, but they are going out anyway. They both know that they're crazy about each other, but refuse to admit it.

"Hey Romeo, did you realize I just won?" I shout over to them.

"Yah, sure Odd." Ulrich says looking distracted. He's busy talking to Yumi so I run over to them.

"So, when do you want to go?" Ulrich asks her.

"How about now? I've got nothing planned for the rest of the day… Oh hi Odd." Yumi says and notices me.

"Okay, right now is fine for me too. That is if Odd doesn't mind me just abandoning our game…."

"That depends on where you're going." I say, looking interested even though I'm not.

"We're going to go see a movie. Do you want to come? We could invite Jeremie and Aelita too." Ulrich says happily.

"Is it a chickflick?" I ask, already knowing what the answer is going to be.

"I don't know, I've never seen it." Ulrich says, but he gives me a look that says 'yup. But if you go, we could see something else. Please come!'

"It doesn't matter, I don't really feel like going to a movie right now. You two go have fun. And just so you know Ulrich, I just won the game, so you're not abandoning it." I walk off waving. They wave back and walk towards the city, hand in hand. I call Jeremie to see if he was doing anything interesting."Hi Odd." He says.

"Hey Einstein, whatcha doin?"

"Actually, I'm at the factory working-."

"-on Aelita's anti-virus?" I finish.

"How did you know?"

"What else do you do in you're free time? So, made any progress?"

"Actually yes. Using the data we retrieved from sector 5 last time, I managed to create a program to scan Aelita's sub-code to see if the file system used to retrieve valuable lines of code is a NTFS or a-."

"Hold on Einstein. I didn't understand a word you just said." I interrupt.

"I didn't think you would. This is advanced computer programming, I doubt I could ever explain it to you."

"Aelita there with you?"


"Okay, just checking. I'll see you at dinner. Bye." I say and hang up. I head back to my dorm, looking for something to do. Because of the way the school is, the fastest way to get to my room from the soccer field is by walking through a not-used-very-often part of the grounds.

Well, maybe I can go and make up a new song. That usually helps to pass the time.

"Excuse me? Can you help me?" I turn to my left and see a girl standing there looking hopelessly lost and confused. She's wearing average-looking jeans, a gray sweatshirt, and has long, silky brown hair that goes past her shoulders. She wore no makeup that I could tell, but I don't think she needed it.

Oh my god. This girl has got to be the prettiest girl I have ever seen…

"Yah, sure. What do you need?" I ask gently.

"I'm new here, I just got here earlier today, and I got lost. Can you help me?"

"Sure, just tell me where you need to go." I say and lead her back towards a more well known part of the grounds.

"Um, I'm not sure. I don't even know where my room is. I do know it's number, it's number 147." She says timidly.

"I know where that is, it's in my building. Just a floor below me. Do you want to go there now?"

"Sure." We walk towards the dorms in silence.

"Here we are. Do you need help moving in?" I ask.

"Um… maybe a little." She says. "But you don't need to. I'm sure I can do this by myself." She quickly continues.

"It's no problem. I was looking for something to do anyway. What do you need help with?"

"I have about four boxes in the principal's office. I really don't need any help, I can do this."

"No, seriously. If I come too, we can get it done in one trip. If you did it yourself, you would have to take two or three."

"Thanks." We quickly walk over to the principal's office and grab the boxes. We take them back to her room, and I set them down on her bed. She has a small, one bed dorm, so she won't have to share with anyone.

"I can handle it from here." She says and walks to me. "Thanks for all your help."

"No problem… what's your name?" I ask. I just realized I don't even know her name.

"Avery. Avery Hathawaye is my name. What is yours?"

"I'm Odd."

"What? No, you don't seem very strange to me." I start laughing.

"No, that's my name. My name is Odd Della-Robbia."

"Oh. Nice to meet you Odd." She offers her hand and I shake it.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too Avery. Should I come back at dinnertime?"

"Yes please. I don't know my way around this school yet. Thanks Odd, your the first person here who's really helped me."

"It's no problem, Have you met anyone else?"

"The principal called in his daughter to take me to my room. She asked me if I wanted to join her group and I said no. She seemed so stuck up. After that she left me and I wandered around for about an hour before you found me."

"Yah, you have to watch out for Sissi. She thinks because her daddys the principal, she can do whatever she wants."

"Okay, i'll be careful around her." She says slowly. I get the hint, it's time for me to leave.

"Dinner's at seven, so I'll be here about five till, okay?"

"Alright. Thanks again." She says and I walk out the door, feeling happy.

Oh my God, she is so hott... I can't believe I am the first friend she's found here. Sissi's such a bitch. I walk back to my dorm and think about my new friend.

Just a thought that came into my head during science class. I was planning on leaving it a oneshot, but if you want me to continue I will. If you want me to continue, give me a couple of new ideas. Please R&R, it means a lot to a writer.