This is my first ever fanfic...EVER! excited..hope its good. Further chapters will be longer. The whole story starts at the end of Chapter 285 in the Manga. Believe It!

Sorry if I use some of Naruto's old way of least he won't be perverted...don ask for lemons...please...not until at least 15 chapters into the story..yeah...

As for the first paragraph, it's gonna haunt u for a while...

Blah-Naruto's Dreams/thoughts



Blah- Kyubi's

Blah- Inner Sakura's

The Path to Hokage



Both ninja jumped towards each other, balls of swirling energy and electricity between their hands. They collided...

"SASUKE!" Naruto yelled. He just couldn't take it anymore. Everyday he had this always started and finished there. He and Sasuke would jump, they looked a lot older, and launch some new jutsu at each other. Then... it ended. He jumped up realizing that Sakura's face was right above his. "Whoa!...Um...hi, Sakura-chan."

" scared the crap out of me...You've been saying 'Sasuke...Sasuke' for the last half hour. And I've told you a hundred times...stop calling me Sakura-chan. Sakura's just fine. We're not kids anymore."

"I know," Naruto replied somewhat glumly. Naruto had that "I'm lost" look on his face.


"I don much has changed...Sasuke left...Sai came...Shukaku's now with Akatsuki...we barely beat Itachi's replacement...i don look nice," Naruto randomly finished. "I mean, like earlier, when you asked me..aahh...nevermind."'ve changed so much..."Thanks," she laughed."You don't look bad yourself."

"Yeah...Sakura...," time for the bad news, "I think I saw Sasuke today. He was watching us... I have a bad feeling that he and Orochimaru are going to attack us...tonight!" O SHIT! Naruto jumped and pushed Sakura down. A kunai just missed him.


Notes: Sorry..the chapter is really short...but I swear that if you guys like the story so far, i'll make the next chapter a lot longer. Should get it up within a couple of days.