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Sasuke continued to pound away at Itachi, purple chakra flaring from his body, poisoning the environment with its putrid aura of death. His seven chakra tails continued to berate Itachi blow after blow. Itachi continued to dodge blow after blow.

Itachi rapidly began to think to himself, 'Damn ... why the hell is Orochi's chakra leaking from that blasted cursed seal!?!?!'

Itachi's Rokubi was approaching its limit as it continued to shield Itachi from the poisonous chakra. Itachi eventually jumped out of the berray of blows, before disappearing in a flash of smoke.

'Time for me to recover for some time ... and hope that the chakra is a double - edged sword.'

Meanwhile, Sakura and Gaara continued to run as fast as they can.

"Hurry, Gaara!" Sakura urged, "Something's wrong! Can't you just feel that evil presence!! It feels like its draining the very life out of the environment." Gaara nodde

"I've sensed it, too," he said, "but for some strange reason, I feel that Sasuke is the one giving off that aura, not Orochimaru." Sakura's eyes widened. "Let's go."

They continued to run.

"TAKESHI!!!" Kai yelled, running towards his brother. "TAKESHI!!! WAKE UP!!!" He desperately began to shake Takeshi. "RIN!!!
he turned his head towards Rin, yelling at her to help. Rin quickly appeared at their sides, and she immediately began to heal Takeshi.

"Hang in there, Takeshi," Rin muttered, as Kai slowly got up, walking over to the body of their dead father. "Kai ..."

He stopped in front of Isashi. He kneeled checking his pulse. "He's dead, Kai," Rin continued, "Takeshi completely annihilated him; why are you wasting your time?" Kai raised his fist and punched Isashi's dead body. "KAI!!" Rin yelled.

"DAD!!!" Kai yelled. "I HATED YOU!!!" Rin could only stare as tears flew down both of their faces.

"You ... You ... You finally got what you deserved ... Isashi." Kai finished, turning back towards his sister. "Let's help Takeshi. Knowing him, I'd bet that he went way past his limits." Rin's eyes opened as Takeshi's eyes opened.

"You guys ..." he weakly mumbled.

Kai smiled, "Hey idiot. Looks like your finally the greatest of us all. You took him down, no problem." Takeshi slowly got up, while Rin began to cry. Kai's looked at them in confusion.

Takeshi turned to Rin saying, "I'm ok. This is nothing. We finally won." He fell over again, this time, he wasn't breathing.

"TAKESHI!!!" Rin yelled. "KAI!!! He opened Seven of the Chakra Gates!!!"

Kai cursed, "Baka!!!! Rin!! Hurry!!" He immediately began basic CPR on his brother while Rin continued to try heal her brother's torn muscles.

"How far did you have to go, Takeshi?" Kai muttered. "For me ..." Images from the Chuunin Exams flashed through his head.

"Revenge isn't everything, Kai." Sasuke said to a broken Kai. "Remember that."

"What would you know!!!" he yelled back, charging forward, Chidori crackling. Sasuke merely jumped backwards, creating his own Chidori, with a few quick handseals. Kai put everything into the attack as they two collided, his hate ... his desire for revenge ...

He still lost ...

Kai punched the ground. "WHY AM I SO WEAK!!"

Sasuke walked up to him and punched him. "Whats the most important thing in the world to you right now?"


Another punch. "No ... your friends and family ..."

Kai could only look at the ground in shame.

Takeshi opened his eyes, grinning. "I'm not gonna die here ..." They both froze. "I'm just tired ... haha." This time ... he fell down, sleeping.

"Way to go, brother," Kai muttered, picking him up. He turned to Rin. "Rin, try to heal as well as you can. We have to get out of here. This place might collapse any minute."

Rin nodded and they ran out, thinking, 'Naruto ... Sasuke ... Sakura ... good luck ...'

"WHAT!!!" Naruto yelled, pointing his finger at Ryo. "Who the hell are you!?! And who the hell are you talking abou!?!" Orochimaru bgan to laugh maniacally, as an evil grin slowly enveloped Ryo's visible face.

Naruto took a step back, unconsciously reaching for his special kunai. The leader of Akatsuki spoke up, "I am the Dragon or Ryo, as I am known to fellow Akatsuki members." Ryo took several steps forward.

The three shinobi were now equally distant from each other in a circle. Orochimaru chuckled, "Naruto - kun, have you ever wondered why the Kyuubi attacked Konoha almost eighteen years ago?" Naruto's eyes widened as he clenched his fists over his kunai.

Ryo took off his hat, revealing his entire face. (note ... he's different from the one in the manga ... but he is still the leader ... for the sake of my story) "I am your father's best man and teammate, Nitashi Ryo!"

Midway through a Chidori that would have mortally wounded Itachi, Sasuke's chakra suddenly disappeared. "O shit ..." he mumbled as Itachi countered his jutsu with another Chidori, stabbing Sasuke in the stomach.

So this is how it ends ... Naruto ... Sakura ...NO!!!!!! Sasuke opened his eyes, yelling, "NO!!!!" Sasuke's normal chakra began to flare uncontrollably sending Itachi backwards. Unfortunately for him, his own bijuu's chakra had faded long ago.

But he had the upper hand right now. Sasuke stared at Itachi and said, "How bout we finish this, Itachi? One final move."

"Very well, little brother," Itachi said, calmly. Whosever end it was, it had been a glorious fight.

They charged at each other, seals flashing for a jutsu they both kne too well.

"SUSANOO!!!!" They both yelled!!

Sasuke smirked before the attacks collided.

Two and a Half Years Later:

Haruno Sakura held onto a little boy, who had been born after a long morning, as Ino Yamanaka pushed her wheelchair out the door of the hospital. Sakura had to say that the boy looked nothing like her, but he was a spitting image of his father, down to the whisker marks.

"Isn't it Arashi amazing, Ino?" Sakura asked for what would be the fifteenth time that morning. Ino sighed as Hinata and Kiba walked out linked to each other.

"Is she blabbering on again about how cuter her son is?" Kiba asked, blatantly. Over the years, Kiba had become one of ANBU's top tracking ninja, yet he had somehow managed to keep his unruly hair. And Akamaru was a giant by now, and he was always there following his master.

Some people don't change.

"Kiba!" Hinata yelled, hitting her fiance with her hand. "What ever happened to manners?" Hinata had finally stopped stuttering. She had finally found herself. She was no longer the timid girl they had all known before. Hinata had taken her role as Head of the Hyuuga Clan and had finally joined the two families.

Some people change.

"Yeah, yeah," Ino said, as she continued to push Sakura to the Hokage's office. She turned her head looking around before asking, "By the way ... where's the rest of the gang? I know that Neji's out on a mission with Shino, and Lee's on his honeymoon with TenTen, but where's Chouji ... and everyone else?"

"Oh ... worried about your boyfriend, Ino?" Sakura asked, causing Ino to blush, as she continued to look at her newborn child.

Neji and Shino had become ANBU as well, and had even earned their position as Co-Captains of the Elite squad. Lee had finally achieved his dream a year ago when he and Gai had engaged themselves on an all out battle. Lee had finally managed to surpass Gai in taijutsu. Meanwhile, Tenten had finally gotten over Neji long enough to notice Lee, and the two had gotten married.

Ino was the biggest change in the group. She had gotten over her fear of big people and had fallen for Chouji. The two had hooked up at Naruto and Sakura's wedding, and the two had been attached to each other ever since.

Some people change for the better.

Sakura continued, finally looking up from her son's sleeping face. "Kakashi, now the third Sannin of Konoha should be coming to Konoha today. God damn their pervertedness. Now even Kakashi is writing his novels."

Some people change for the worse.

"We've been waiting for you guys to show up," a voice said as the group arrived at a crowd. Temari and Shikamaru stood there in front of them. "Yo," Shikamaru said.

(we all know what happened to these guys ... to lazy to get married .. yet living together ...)

Everyone began to talk until, Sakura yelled, "Quiet. I'm still here." Everyone sweatdropped anime style. "If you guys wouldn't mind, can you can take me up there to Tsunade-dono?"

"Sorry, Sakura," Ino said, as she continued pushing Ino to the building.

She waved back to the group saying, "I'll catch up with you guys later."

Naruto looked at the mirror. It had been a long night and he had been gifted with a beautiful son. He looked exactly like him. The last few years had been the greatest of his life. With the biju finally gone forever (except Kyubi), Akatsuki disbandled, and Orochimaru gone, peace had finally settled on Konoha.

The village had finally accepted him, and he was married to the most beautiful girl in the world. Life was perfect. Just one more thing to do. He jumped out the window, heading to the Hokage's office, after having his morning cup of ramen.

Some people refuse to change.

Jumping along the roofs, he began to remember the final battle at the Sound Village. The day the snake bastard finally left this world for good.


Naruto, enveloped in the chakra of the nine-tails, stared at his two opponents. Orochimaru was by far in the worst condition of three Shinobi present, with Ryo faring the best. Eight tails waved behind each of the shinobi.

"Kyuubi," Naruto thought. "It's time that we finally rid this world of those two ninja."

"What are you planning brat?" Kyubi asked, already knowing the answer.

"Give me the ninth tail." he said calmly. Kyubi had no choice but to give him the tail as Orochimaru took his last jump towards Naruto. Feeling the newfound burst of chakra, Naruto jumped up, Rasendori crackling in his right arm.

"It's time for you to die, brat!!!" Orochimaru yelled, before the sphere touched his stomach, tearing his whole body to shreds.

"No," Naruto said, landing on the ground, completely devoid of chakra. "It's time for YOU to die." He closed his eyes, exhausted.

Ryo chuckled as he appeared behind Naruto. "Way to keep your guard up, Naruto-kun." Naruto's eyes opened, turning around. Naruto desperately raised his hands, attempting to block the Rasengan (he was Arashi's friend...) about to tear him oblivion.

End Flashback

The Godaime Hokage stood in front of a huge crowd, her apprentice standing beside her. She smiled before turning to face the crowd. She said, "People of Konoha!!! Today is a very special day in history!! This is the day that the person you have chosen to be the Rokudaime finally takes his spot in history as the second youngest (gaara ...) and greatest Kage the world has ever seen!!."

The crowd burst out into applause. Jiraiya leaned against the wall as Kakashi smirked, his mask down. It had taken years of begging, but Kakashi was finally lowered his mask every once in a while.

Some people are forced to change.

"The war with the sound village had cost us many lives, but it was finished two years ago when he defeated nearly the entire army of Shinobi single-handedly."

Sakura remembered the Sound Invasion, two years ago:

Naruto glared at the line approaching enemy nin. They were now without a leader and they had decided to vent their anger of Konoha. Their mistake. Now he was going to protect his country, and earn his father's title. The Yellow Flash.

"I'll be right back, Sakura," he said, throwing a single kunai out into the array of ninja. "Kage Kunai Buushin no Jutsu!"

He disappeared in a flash. Second later, EVERY sound-nin was lying on the ground dead. Sakura smiled. Her fiance really was the Yellow Flash.

End Flashback

Tsunade continued her speach, "He has earned our respect, and has lived up to the name of his father, Arashi Kazama!!" The audience continued to applaud wildly. "So without further ado ... I give you ... your next Hokage ... NARUTO KAZAMA!!!!"

The audience went wild as Naruto phased into existence in midair and landing in front of Godaime Hokage skillfully. Naruto turned around raising one hand, aknowledging the crowd. Naruto turned to Tsunade with tears in his eyes, remembering a certain sacrfice that had allowed him to make it this far.

Naruto realized he wasn't going to be able to block the jutsu in time. He closed his eyes waiting for death to come.

It didn't.

Opening his eyes, Naruto was horrified to see his best friend standing before him, shielding him from the blow. Ryo jumped back, the brunt of his attack wasted on the Uchiha.

"SASUKE!!!" Naruto yelled as Sasuke fell down the ground, his lower torso completely destroyed. It was a miracle that Sasuke was even alive right now.

He chuckled, coughing blood, "Hey dobe ..."

"Sasuke .." Naruto said, tears flowing down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry I was such an asshole to you for all these years," he said weakly.

"It's ok, Sasuke," Naruto said, tears still flowing.

"I'm going to be with Claire now," Sasuke said. He suddenly stopped. He looked Naruto straight in the eye, saying, "Take care of Sakura for us. Be strong for her ... and ..."

Naruto froze, as Sasuke voice faltered. His head fell, limp against Naruto's shoulders. Naruto screamed.


Ryo chuckled, "Now isn't that touching ... he gave his life up for you, and with him the chance to bring him back. Ku ku ku ku ..." Naruto turned to face Ryo, eyes blazing with anger and fury and every emotion he had held in for the lats 18 years of his life.

"RYU!!!!" Naruto yelled appearing in front of him, Lightning Flash Punch ready. His fist glowing gold and crackling with golden chakra, he yelled, "DIE!!!!!"

The attack sent Ryo into oblivion forever.

Naruto took deep breaths on the ground, sobbing. He had won, at the cost if the life of his best friend.

Naruto would always remember his last words:

"be ... the ... greatest ... Ho ... Ho ... kage ... ever ..."

"I will, Sasuke," he said to himself, "I will."

He turned to face the crowd, saying, "Citizens of Konoha!! There can't be any greater honor to bestow upon any shinobi. I am honored to be your Rokudaime Hokage. It has been my dream to be Hokage of this village ever since the day I met a certain girl crying at the park because some people had been making fun of her. I knew what pain was back then, and it looked as if she was suffering the same thing I was."

"I never wanted to see anyone feel that pain again. EVER! I vowed to keep her happy for the rest of her life. And I hope I have. I present my inspiration and the reason I am your present Hokage, Sakura Haruno, and my newborn son, Arashi Kazama!!"

Sakura stepped forward smiling, presenting their son to Naruto. Naruto smiled as he held onto his son. Lifting him up high, causing him to laugh, he got into his pose.

He closed his eyes, remembering every important thing he had done during his lifetime: He had met Zabuza and Haku, converting Gaara to the light, saving Sasuke, befriending everyone else, defeating the biju, eliminating Akatsuki

and most importantly, marrying Sakura and having Arashi as a son.

His eyes still closed, he remembered all of the friends he had made during his lifetime. He remembered how they all helped him make it this far. Lee, Neji, Tenten, Gaara, Temari, Kankura, Shikamaru, Ino, Kiba, Hinata, Chouji, Shino

Sasuke and Sakura

He opened his eyes, smiling to his wife, finally free of his horrible past, and with a bright future awaiting him.


That picture would forever stand as the picture of the Hokage who changed the world.

Some people change.

Some people don't change.

Some people change for the better.

Some people change for the worse.

Some people refuse to change.

Some people are forced to change.

Change isn't always for the better, but it's a part of life.

Whatever happens, remember to stay strong. It the strength of the Hokage that guides and leads his village. Its him that shows others the Path to Hokage.

- Naruto Uzumaki, the Sixth Hokage

Wow ... its been a whole years since I started this story. But I have to say its been one hell of a ride. I have had fun writing this story and I hope that you guys liked this story. I hope this last chapter left you guys with a nice sense of contentment. I started this story on December 7, 2005. I end it three days after my 15th bday on December 7, 2006. I love every one you guys. This is goodbye.

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