This is just a made up story that popped into my head after my head kept annoying me by repeating the word "doki doki"

Its winter and the two boys were leaning on a tree facing opposite to each other. Crisp snow created a blanket over Konoha, it was 5 inches deep. Naruto a bit bored with the Uchiha, kicked some snow with his feet. He decided to make Sasuke talk to him.

"Oi Sasuke"


"Doesn't Konoha look like gingerbread houses with frosting on top?"


The conversation was over and Naruto sighed, a cloud of smoke evaporated in the cold air.

The blond's hands were getting cold, so he tucked them inside of his orange jacket. His eyes were closed, trying to keep his hands warm.

Doki, Doki

"Eh? Sasuke do you hear something?"

"Hear what?"

"… Never mind"

Doki, Doki

"Sasuke something's hitting in my chest!"

"That's a heart dummy"

"I ate a heart?"

'Oh… my… gawd… he doesn't know what a heart is' Sasuke stared at him carefully.

"Are you okay dobe?"

"I dunno… This 'heart' is trapped inside of me. I must have eaten it by accident" He walked towards the Uchiha and opened his jaw wide.

"Do you see the 'heart'?"

'So naïve and innocent' Sasuke thought. He decided to play along with Naruto.

"Yes, I see it"

"Really, can you take it out?"

"No, then you'll die. Hearts is what keeps you alive."

"How does it?"

Sasuke thought for a minute, his pointer finger was touching at the tip of his mouth.

"It gives you emotions"


"You can tell how you're feeling right now by the beat of your heart"

"Really?" Naruto checked his heartbeat.

Doki, Doki

He closed his eyes, content and warm by the beat of his heart. He listened to it…

"I think it says it's happy" He smiled warmly at the Uchiha.

Sasuke couldn't help but blush at the cuteness of the blonde. He leaned a bit more on the tree.

Sasuke suddenly felt weight on his chest. He looked down and noticed Naruto placing his hand on his chest. He blushed even more at the contact.

"Sasuke your heart is beating fast! What's it saying?"

There was a slight pause; Naruto was waiting patiently for his answer.

The blonde felt warm strong arms hugging him tight. He looked up at the Uchiha, his eyes were closing and his chin was resting at the blonde's head.

There hearts are beating together.

"It says that I love you Naruto" Sasuke lifted his eyes and gave a soft kiss on Naruto's forehead.

Naruto gave a big smile; his cheeks are rosy red from the cold and the warmth of Sasuke.

"I know you do"

They held their hugs for a long period of time, both calmly hearing the sounds of their heartbeats together.

Doki, Doki

Okay, "Doki Doki" means a sound effect of a heartbeat in Japanese. Just telling you if you don't know.

Merry Christmas!