There is more to Tatewaki Kuno's obsession than he let's everybody to believe. He is not the fool everybody perceives him to be. He is more diabolical than anyone could give him credit for. He's got everybody fooled and plans a sinister plot for a certain Tendo sister.

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Nabiki walked away from her favourite customer. More energised and certainly more jubilant than before. She had yet again tricked him into buying those photos of her sister and the pig-tailed girl. If anybody cared enough to look, they could have seen Nabiki almost skipped as she walked away from him.

From behind the photos he held, he could see her walk away. He relished the times they did business together. Share a meal, have a laugh and have a conversation. But most of all the fact that he had her fooled. He watched her lithe form as she mingled with the people around her. A smirked graced his handsome features before tucking his purchases away. With a click of his fingers, his ever faithful servant/ninja appeared before him.

"You know what to do." He stated. He was not asking a question, but merely stating a fact.

The ninja bowed low. Already understanding what his master's wishes were. His master wanted her followed. With a blink of an eye, the ninja disappeared from his view while he got up from his seat and made his way home.

At the Kuno Mansion….

He entered his enormous room and changed into his hakama. He also took his newly acquired photos with him as he made way towards the training area of his enormous estate. There he stood as he looked at the photos with distaste before throwing them to the air and proceeded to strike them. Cutting the pictures into pieces. They fell like rain around him. Like snowflakes.

"What a waste." He muttered.

What a waste indeed. The pictures were exquisitely shot. It shows that Nabiki really had a great eye when capturing such photographs. It's a pity he will never be able to catch her. He didn't know or when it happened. Perhaps he did. The day he found himself attracted to her.

He had first noticed her since starting high school. Admired her mind as well as her beauty. But such creature could not be wooed by words or poetry. Gallantry or gifts. No. A creature like her must be matched. Must be defeated. Must be outsmarted. A challenge he found most intriguing and found himself addicted to.

She was a worthy adversary. She had evaded him and had gathered information about his person without his knowledge until he had the privilege to speak with her.

Flash Back….

"Greetings my fellow student. My name is…" Tatewaki Kuno was about to introduce himself to the lovely flower before she cut him off.

"Hello to you too. Kuno-chan." She smirked at him as she saw his surprise of knowing his name.

"Perhaps my reputation had preceded me. May I ask how you came to know me at such "intimate" manner?" He asked.

"Well that will cost you Kuno-chan." She replied back.

He found her answer to be quite infuriating. But thus gave into her wish. He handed her a couple of bills. Which she counted before turning her attention to him once again.

"Your name is Tatewaki Kuno. Age 15 and is a promising kendo martial artist. You come from the very prestigious Kuno family." She then looked at him in the eye. "And as for how I knew who you were? I make it my business to learn who the people around me are." She spoke confidently.

He found himself hypnotised by the glint in her eyes. The way she spoke so confidently. The way her arrogance just seemed to annoy him but found himself attracted to such a haughty female. But before he could even retort. She began to walk away from him.

"It was nice to speak with you Kuno-chan, hope we can do this again some time." She replied back as she walked away without even giving him a second glance.

Her attitude infuriated him at the time. The fact that he didn't even get her name infuriated him more. She had just displayed how she could easily out manoeuvre him in such an early encounter. Clearly setting him into his place. Thus peaking his interest. It was only a couple of days later did he learn her name.

End Flashback….

Thus their little tryst began. Getting under her skin to get to know her more. And the more he did, the more he revelled at his discovery. The more the attraction grew. But she was like the wind, mysterious and elusive. She had began to get suspicious of him. Thus he needed to yet again change tactics. That was where her sister came in.

Kuno smiled. As he thought about Akane Tendo.

She was so unlike Nabiki. Nabiki was all ice while her sister was all spit fire. A beautiful maiden nonetheless, but was easily fleeting. She didn't really hold his interest like Nabiki had. There seemed to be no depth in her character. Unlike Nabiki who seemed to have so many layers. Which he was determined find out one piece at the time.

He felt his body flush at the more sexual thoughts entered his mind. He banished his thoughts and recomposed himself. There will be more time for that later but for now he was just content, just thinking about her.

Nabiki was calm like the water, and can prove to be dangerous if one didn't know what type of water to tread. Akane was rash and was way too arrogant for her own good. The first time he met her proved that.

Their first encounter was a test to see if he had manage to somehow peak Nabiki's interest in him. But she was unreadable. As he challenged Akane, it occurred to him that it was probably he, who was being tested. The psychological games they seem to subconsciously play echoed into his mind. She wanted to see if he was a great warrior he claimed to be.

Kuno chuckled. But he already knew he could defeat Akane. So how come the outcome of that event showed Akane was the victor?

The answer was simple. He wanted to prolong the game. He wanted to keep the game going. He wanted to be sure that Nabiki would be the one who would come to him. The one who seeked his arms. He wanted to make sure that he didn't look like a fool, he needed to make sure Nabiki was his and his alone. There was no room for doubt.

He once again laughed.

"What made her think she can defeat me? I? The Captain of the Kendo Team?" He couldn't help but laugh some more. He had to thank his acting skills on that one.

After coming up with the stupid declaration, it had motivated Nabiki to begin spending time with him. He had fooled her into thinking he had actually preffered her sister over her. His planned worked. She had sought him.

Kuno licked his lips. His plans was slowly becoming reality. She had become more and more dependant on him. He had subconsciously made her think he was a mindless idiot. Easily manipulated and used.

"Saotome Ranma proves to be a wildcard." He told himself. He was a bit weary of his arrival and what role he played into the Tendo's lives. But he kept a close eye on him. Ranma actually helped in making Nabiki's presence to frequently sought him even if she only thinks she was selling photos of her sister and the pigtailed girl.

Kuno shook his head. "Did you really think you can fool me?" He asked Nabiki as if she was there.

Kuno knew about the Jusenkyo Springs. He knew about the curses. He knew a lot about his ancestry well enough to know that they also dealt with curses. Their library held dozens of books and vast information about such things. How else could Kodachi take care of her plants? Most of her plants were rare and exotic. The exact same plants that she had learned from the books they own.

He enjoyed knowing all this. Knowing that he had a veil over their eyes. He had everyone fooled.

It was then that Sasuke announced his presence. Kneeling before his master.

"Well?" Kuno asked expectantly.

"I have followed her master. She seemed she still had no clue about your intentions." Sasuke replied back.

"Good…" Kuno replied back before turning away from his servant.

"Master, if I may ask…" Sasuke called tentatively. He was curious.

"What is it Sasuke?"

"Master, if you truly desired the middle Tendo why not actively pursue her? Does she not have a penchant for wealth and power which you surely have?" Sasuke asked carefully. Not really wanting to question his master's orders, but rather curious as to why he would be so covert about his intentions about the girl.

Kuno sighed exasperatedly. And turned towards his servant and looked at him as though he was a child.

"Then where would my fun be? Where would be the thrill? Sure I could easily attain her by simply pursuing her but then she will not respect me." He explained.

"Respect master?" Sasuke looked confused.

"Yes Sasuke. Respect. Knowing that I had outsmarted her and defeated her in a psychological game. You see she is different from any woman. You can only win a woman like her by defeating her in her own level of skill. In this case, her mind." he explained patiently.

"But master what if she does not submit?"

"Oh she will submit Sasuke. I intend to play this game for a long time until she does." Kuno replied back confidently as he can already sense his impending victory. He could almost taste it.

"But what if you fail?"

"I cannot fail." He said rather annoyed. How dare his servant doubt him.

"But how can you be so sure master? She is smart and cunning. Pretty soon she will learn of your deception." Sasuke replied back, knowing he had just angered his master.

"But by then it will already be too late." He smiled sinisterly.

"What do you mean?"

"I've already had taken measures that assures my victory." Kuno smiled. The most disturbing smile Sasuke had ever seen from his master.

"You see right now my dear servant, Nabiki is not even aware that I had single handedly been keeping her family afloat." Kuno knew the look that Sasuke gave him.

"No Sasuke, it's not from the money I pay her for the ridiculous photos she peddles to me." He answered Sasuke's impending question.

"But then how…?"

Kuno smiled sinisterly. "I have been tapping into their accounts without Nabiki knowing. I have their accounts rigged. It never even occurred to her that the money she earns from her dallying at school is not enough to keep them afloat for even a week." He revealed.

"I've been putting money into their accounts discretely as to avoid suspicion. But I had arranged the transaction records be held a secret. I have copies in my safety deposit box." Kuno continued until he saw his servant's puzzled face. Being rich and influential had it's perks. Gaining him valuable connections. Special privileges such as being able to access anyone's accounts and personal profiles.

"Still don't get it? Well it's like this Sasuke. If Nabiki does ever figure out that I had fooled her all this time and wishes she wanted nothing to do with me, all I have to do is to show her proof of my generosity by telling her that I am the reason why her family had not been thrown out to the streets years ago." Kuno's eyes gleamed maniacally as he explained his grand plan.

"Blackmail?" Sasuke replied. Finally catching on.

"That's right. All I have to do is approach her father and inform them of their debt that they owed me." Kuno's smile grew. "As return or should as I say payment, he will have no choice but engage Nabiki to me." It sounded so delicious and glorious in his ears as he told his servant the impending results. "Checkmate. Game, set and match."

"But wouldn't the girl be outraged by such tactic?" Sasuke asked worriedly. The Kuno's were insane. But out of the three, he had alsways assumed that Tatewaki Kuno was the most "Harmless" one.

"She would, nay. She will. But a fact still remains. I had outsmarted her. And that she is mine. The fact that she never saw this coming will crush her. Leaving her submissive to me." Kuno replied back. "Only to me..." He whispered.

"But master…"

Kuno had finally ran out of patience from his servant. "You are dismissed Sasuke."

Sasuke wanted to ask some more but knew he cannot anger his master. So he complied instead and vanished.

Kuno in the other hand walked to his bedchambers. Once there, he had removed his kimono, so he only wore his hakama. He then went towards his secret stash of photographs.

They weren't the same quality as Nabiki's photos. Since its was Sasuke who took them and Nabiki were starring in them. But unlike the photos she had peddled him. The photos in his hands weren't innocent. It was the ones, in her two piece bikini while she lazed under the sun, some when she was changing in the furo and some while she was in the middle of changing clothes. They were the semi-indecent ones that Sasuke manages to take while snooping around the Tendo-ke. His most precious possession.

He held on to them as his eyes devoured her. Soon. Pretty soon. He will have her. The wait was almost excruciating. But like every good hunter. He only needs the right time to finally lure his prey. And he would surely enjoy the spoils of his hard work.


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