There is more to Tatewaki Kuno's obsession than he let's everybody to believe. He is not the fool everybody perceives him to be. He is more diabolical than anyone could give him credit for. He's got everybody fooled and plans a sinister plot for a certain Tendo sister.



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Nabiki smiled. As she counted the money she earned from Kuno Tatewaki. That guy was probably the most stupidest person she had ever met. Honestly, she can easily sell dirt to him just by simply telling him that Akane walked on it.

Nabiki sighed. But she had to admire his dedication to her younger sister. Albeit he is crazy and borderline psychotic, she can't help but think it was sort of sweet in a twisted sort of way. She often wonders why it was her younger sister that attracted a lot of attention.

Both her and Kasumi are attractive in their own rights, but they don't have suitors that line up at the door wishing a chance to court them. But then again she can't blame the male population since her reputation kind of set up a high standard of what type of guy she was interested in. Kasumi on the other hand was way too nice that everyone was intimidated by her good nature. Overwhelmed in fact, that no one wants to dare and ask her out just for the fear that they are not good enough to be with someone as pure as her older sister. Which only made her sigh.

Nabiki had a very high standard when it came to guys. They had to be rich, smart and had goals in life. She was only trying to think of her future and she didn't want to waste them by dallying with guys who only thought about sex, or how to get in their pants. But it did work though. The more well-off guys did seek her company, but they viewed her more like a high priced conquest. And she had more pride and respect in herself than to be treated like a high priced whore.

Nabiki sighed. She had a fair amount of guys still seeking her out but she was just not interested. None of them held any distinguishing qualities she was looking for. None of them sparked any interest in her part. The only one who seem to keep her attention for longer than two minutes was funnily enough to be Kuno Tatewaki.

Their daily meetings and lunches weren't just strictly just business. It had developed to something more. It was some sort of relationship. More probably friendship. Some sort of relationship that cannot be identified. A relationship that has no name. Nabiki snorted. It didn't have to have a name. But she had to admit that meeting with Kuno was something she now looks forward to do.

Contrary to the popular belief, Kuno wasn't an idiot everyone perceives to be. He was actually quite intelligent and knowledgeable. He was a good conversationalist. He was very knowledgeable in the finer things in life such as money, stock markets and politics. He has the privilege of enjoying the finer things in life and was able to use it as his disposal. Because of his lineage, he was also cultured and well mannered when not distracted by trivialities such as Akane or Ranma in both forms.

He was also very well verse in poetry and Shakespeare. He has vast knowledge about history and literature, yet he disguised all of these. He only revealed these things with her while they talked. Something she had picked up during their business deals. She reasoned it was because she was the only person he can talk to without giving them a heart attack. It did make her suspicious at first as to why Tatewaki Kuno acted this way but dismissed it. As long as no one is actually in danger of being harmed, it's fine. Besides she's watched over him and so far nothing seems to be a miss. Other than this little quirk. Nothing to really be alarmed about.

Nabiki giggled with delight when she thought about how Kuno was reduced to become a blathering idiot when he encounters her baby sister. It just goes to show that any strong man will get weak knees when he finds a woman he was interested in. The strongest man can be reduced to putty in the hands of a beautiful woman. Nabiki had to agree to that sentiment. She had known many martial artist back down when faced by their girlfriends. One prime example was Saotome Ranma and the many other male martial artists.

Nabiki often wondered if she will ever meet a guy that will reach her expectations. If Kuno and Ranma were just one person, she believes she may have found the perfect match for her. But life was cruel and fate was a bitch. They had a twisted sense of humour, but then again Nabiki had always appreciated a great joke as long as it was never about her.

From the corner of her eye she saw her older sister frown. She knew something was wrong. She was about to ask what was bothering her when Kasumi caught her stare. She changed her expression to a totally oblivious one. One that tells her that she was fine and that she would appreciate it very much if Nabiki minded her own business for now. In which case was fine with Nabiki. She never did like arguing with Kasumi especially when she gave her those looks.



Kasumi looked closely at the papers that she held. They were their monthly streamline account. She glanced at Nabiki and caught her stare. She quickly changed her expression. It was not good to enquire about it right now. She had to check some things first. There was something odd about their account. But as she looked at Nabiki as she covertly trying to study her, she found that there was nothing amiss about her younger sister. She doubts that she will try and hack into their accounts again. She again looked at the report in her hands before retreating to her room. This needs to be addressed.


Nabiki saw her sister retreat to her room. She knew something was up, but wasn't too worried. She will eventually confide in her if she needed any help. So Nabiki decided to go upstairs and get a quick nap before Akane and Ranma got home and bicker.


In Kasumi's room…

Kasumi took out the last 6 months report of their "suppose" to be streamline account. According to the report. Their balance remained almost the same. Which only decreased and increased 10-15 every time.

"This is rather odd." Kasumi said to herself. She doubts Nabiki had something to do with this.

She knew Nabiki had already figured out that the account was a faux account. So there was really no need to tap into them. It was only a set up so that the Saotomes, especially Genma to be kept in the dark.

Their father knew of Genma's vices and had quickly thought of a contingency plan. They might have been life long friends but their father was not as stupid or ignorant as he looks. Kasumi smiled. Their family had been hiding the most biggest secret in Nerima and none was the wiser. Her father, her and Nabiki were the only ones who knew of this secret. It was originally meant to only be her and her father but Nabiki had a knack at uncovering secrets.

Their family was one of the most wealthiest family in Nerima. A trait no one knew. How could they when they live like they do. Such a humble lifestyle. It was something her father and mother had brought them up to. Their wealth came from not only from her mother's side of the family but as well as the treasures that their father had accumulated during his travels and training. They knew power and wealth had always attracted a lot of trouble so rather than flaunting their wealth and use their power for protection their parents decided to create a faux life.

Soun also created the account to keep outsiders from getting too suspicious. They were almost caught though. But Nabiki at the time had already began her racketeering business so none was the wiser. It worked only for a short time until Nabiki figured it out. Kasumi remembered how proud and shock their father has been when Nabiki began to question their financial status. Nabiki really did have a great mind and a knack for mischief. She remembered that Nabiki demanded to know why all the deception and demanded for their status to be revealed to the public.

Soun of course was against the idea. But did manage to placate Nabiki by telling her that by their 21st birthday. Each daughter will have their own secret account under their name and will receive their own inheritance. Nabiki was still adamant about keeping silent, since she wanted to live a lavish life of luxury. It was only when Kasumi and their father pointed out to them the perils that money and status brings. The rampant kidnapping and break and entering in people's homes when they figure out they're rich. Besides they really don't need the lavish lifestyle since they were always able to go away for trips and stay at hotels inns and destination of their own choice.

Nabiki seemed to consider this. She was a smart girl after all and had agreed to keep their status a secret and even helped by creating a shroud. Her loan sharking and racketeering business helped steer the speculations away from prying eyes. Especially from Saotome Genma. Kasumi was sure Nabiki had manage to create a personal private account of her own from the things she deals with. Kasumi was often concerned that perhaps Nabiki was getting a bit too avaricious but Nabiki merely shrugged her off and told her that what ever business she dallied in, it was only as to gain experience as to prepare her for the real world. It was a dog eat dog world after all.

Kasumi shook her head, her thoughts were drifting again. She has to focus on the task at hand. Nothing monumental has happened yet, nor anything suspicious. She just has to keep a close eye on the family account before informing her sister Nabiki about this. She just hopes nothing serious was to come out from this or something terrible in store for her family.


Nabiki was currently in her room, having a restful nap. Savouring her much needed sleep before Ranma and Akane gets home. Unbeknownst to her Sasuke was outside by a nearby tree and was currently taking pictures of her slumbering form.


At the Kuno Mansion…

Tatewaki Kuno was going through some katas to keep his mind occupied while waiting for Sasuke's daily fixes of photos of his most desired person.

He cannot wait to gaze at her form. He smiled at the thought. Around about this time, Nabiki would most probably be taking her afternoon nap. He cannot wait until he could gaze and devour her innocent and most vulnerable form. Nor what delectable outfit would she be wearing today. He smirked knowing that he knew Nabiki so well, so well in fact that he already knows her daily habits from Sasuke's reports.

He cannot help but grow envious of Saotome Ranma's position though. Being able to be so close to Nabiki and being able to freely drink her wonderful visage everyday. To be able to bask in her company anytime he chooses while he had to wait until he has come up with a reason to seek her company or for her to seek his.

"What is keeping him so long?" Kuno asked no one but himself. He was like an addict waiting for his fix.

"What's wrong brother dear? You look like a mess." Kodachi helpfully pointed out. Not really concerned of her older sibling's welfare but was just bored.

"Nothing of your concern Kodachi. Why don't you feed your little pet and leave me be?" Kuno dismissed his sister.

Kodachi pouted. "I was just trying to be… What's that word again? Nice."

Kuno gave out a loud sigh. "You cannot be nice my dear sister, not when it doesn't suit your well-being."

Kodachi smiled. "You know me so well brother dear." then laughed gleefully as she seeked out her Mr Green Turtle.

Kuno merely watched his sister depart. "One of these days Kodachi, someone will make fine leather shoes out of your dear pet." he smirked.

Just then Sasuke promptly appeared behind him.

Kuno controlled his features not to get over excited. "You have them?"

"Yes Master."

Kuno then faced his manservant as Sasuke handed him the polaroid photos he had taken from Nabiki's room. His eyes devoured her sleeping form.

"Are they to your liking master?"

"Yes." Kuno replied back not taking his eyes of his prize. "You may go now." He dismissed Sasuke.

Sasuke promptly disappeared, while Kuno began to head towards his room. Eager to be alone with his recently acquired treasure.

Nabiki has not bothered to change clothes before taking her nap. She was still wearing her school uniform. A few of the buttons from her blouse became loose and her skirt was hiked up showing him a great view of her perfectly toned and shapely legs. Her hair was slightly tangled and spread out on her pillow.

She was lying on her back, her head to the side and her arms spread out. She was the picture of tantalising innocence that just beckoned Kuno to lay beside her.

Kuno caressed the photograph he held as though he was caressing her face.

"Soon my love, soon. You'll be lying beside me in my bed." Kuno murmured.



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