Hello! I am excited, as this is my first Harry Potter Fan fiction! I recently got back into HP when I saw the GoB. Everyone says, 'Did you see the chemistry between Hermione and the Twins?' Truth is, I didn't even think about the as a…(double pairing?), until I thought 'Why not see if any have been written for this?' Now I am soooo into this…troupple (triple couple!). Problem is, I wasn't paying attention to this 'chemistry', I feel like having a sook! Anyway, here is my story, hope ya like!


Why Me?

Hermione Granger was one of, no, the, brightest witch of her age. Well, smarter than some of the monkeys in her year. So, it was no surprise to anyone when she was moved up to seventh year potions, from her fifth year classmates.

She was quite looking forward to expanding her mind to advanced studies, instead of being slowed down with everyone else. Although excitement was flooding through her, she had two main concerns; they were, 1) Leaving Neville to fend for himself with Snape, Neville was a sweet boy, but just didn't have any backbone, and 2) She was worried about making friends with upperclassmen. She had a hard enough time getting friends of her own age, especially girls, Parvati and Lavender were particularly gossipy, annoying little obstacles. She racked her brains for any recollections of people she knew in year seven, Gryffindor, seeing as she didn't even want to think about Slytherin. She knew Pansy Parkinson was in that class, reeling at the memory of some of the more…colourful things she had been called before.

Shaking her head defiantly, she convinced herself, even if she didn't make any friends, she would be all head down, bum up studying. Although, she had this nagging feeling that she would recognise someone, or someones, in there.

How right she unknowingly was, for after entering the dark, slightly depressing and creepy dungeons, its effects tripled at the thought of being in there, companion wise, alone, or so she told herself, failing, despite her usual sharpness, two snickering voices coming from the doorway.


Nyah! Well, I know the first chapter isn't great, but I'm still getting used to writing for HP. Oh, and I made Pansy Parkinson a seventh year, because I couldn't think of anyone else. R&R, bye!