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Chapter 5: Note-ification failure

Morning, a time of stretching to prepare the body for the wonderful day ahead. Not. A Ms. Granger had been up for quite sometime, sitting out on the grounds, reading a large and apparently absorbing book, as she didn't realise that two giggling figures were approaching her small figure. A tap on her shoulder had her turning to a Miss Parvati Patil and a Miss Lavender Brown.

"What?" was her blunt question, as she did not like being disturbed by these particular people. The giggling, gossipy nosey kind of people that have nothing better to do than tamper in other people's lives.

"We just came to remind you to read that note to the twins today. Don't forget!" Parvati demanded as she pranced away with Lavender the Lapdog. Hermione was glad she was blessed with a vivid imagination, as the thought of Parvati sitting on one of the puffy, large red chairs in the common room with dog-like Lavender on her lap was quite entertaining.

Then she remembered that she had not yet looked at the note to which she would have to be reading. So, she opened her bag and withdrew said note, and opened it up, to find red girly writing on the parchment. Once she read the first line, she slowly folded the paper and put it back in her bag.

She was sure her face was redder than the ink on that parchment. It seemed that note was a step-by-step of how to…well, do things to someone in the privacy of a bedroom. Or a back alley, as it would appear.

In short, there was no way IN HELL she was reading that note to the twins. Especially with the rather vivid images it conjured. Perhaps having a good imagination wasn't such a blessing after all.

Class time. Fourth period. Complete hell. As she sat down at her seat, she hoped that two red headed people would chose to be seated next to anyone but her. Apparently, that was not to be, as she laid her head on the desk, a rather common habit now, she felt the two seats on either side of her become filled, and the two recognisably similar voices bid her a good morning. Deciding for once to ignore them, and not return the pleasantry, she remained silent with her head on the desk. Maybe they would leave the desk if she didn't talk to them. Also, not to be. As she was drifting off somewhat, she suddenly felt a light jab in her side, which made her jump up and make a little squeaking noise.

"Morning" said (who she believed was) a smirking George. She could do nothing but glare at him, before offering a forced "Good morning" before laying her head on the table once more. Again, a jab to her side had her repeating the natural reaction, though this was on the opposite side. Looking around to the other side where she saw an identical face, which had her having a feeling of déjà vu. "Don't I get good morning as well?" asked Fred, making a hurt face. Hermione sighed, and said good morning a second time.

Some time later…

As class ended, Hermione let out a mental 'Whoop!' as today had been an especially tiring lesson. After a rather entertaining prank, where half the Slytherins were turned into frogs, and could only be turned back by a kiss from a fellow house member, more hospital visits due to those god-forsaken Ton Tongue Toffees, 75 house points lost, and a lot more side jabbing, as the twins had decided that they, quote "Liked to make you squeal, Granger" unquote, which made her, once again, a human tomato.

Then, a little voice floated from the back of her mind. 'The note' it said in a singsong voice, which was quite irritating considering the nature of the note. No. She wasn't doing it. It wasn't as if they were going to know if she did it or not. Besides, they could do it themselves. Right, she wasn't doing it. No way.

She was about to exit the dungeons, when she saw them. Damn! They were there, they were going to watch her do it! She glared at them when they gave her a sugar sweet smile, as if they were ever innocent!

As Hermione had no other choice but to do it, get it over with. "Excuse me" she said primly, regaining a bit of courage. It wasn't as if it was a note from her, she would never write down such volatile things. No, she was confident once again.

Then they turned around.

Amazing how one can believe they have built up so much courage that they could do anything, then, in an instant, it can be shattered,

"Well, I have a note here, and I need to read it to…you both…" was all she got out, before she lost her voice, and gained colour once again in her face.

"Oh really? And what might be the nature of this note?" asked Fred, smiling in that damned mischievous way again. "Yes, what have you to tell us, fair damsel?" asked George, mimicking his brother's look exactly.

No way could she read this to them. It was too embarrassing to do. What would they think of her if she said such dirty things to them? Why did she care what they thought about her? Why was it always, always, always her?

She had no more time to ask un-answerable questions, as, once again, a jab to her side had her squealing and falling on her derriere. She looked up at them with a red flustered face. They looked back, with smiling gleeful faces. This was their favourite source or entertainment.

"Well?" they said together, leaning down to look her in the face.

"Never mind!" she yelled as she clumsily got up and ran away, pushing past two peeved looking girls, whom the note was from.

Fred and George looked at each other, using their special 'Twin Mind Powers', as they had once described it to a first year. They were going to find out what was on that note, and have fun annoying their favourite new target in the process.


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