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Ok, i decided to try this potentially troublesome crossover. Hope you guys enjoy it.


With the vanquishing of the Empire

And the formation of the new republic

The galaxy usher's in a new age of peace

With the new order of Jedi as its marshals

Yet, something is stirring from the depths

A menace unlike anything before……..


"Sidious was a fool, he grew too greedy and in the end he met a fitting end"

"Yes, my master"

"You won't betray me like that would you, Darth Krayak"

"No…never, my master"

"For your sake, I hope so. Prepare the Mandalorian fleet, we will show this weak galaxy the true power of the dark side"


Chapter 1

"Shit, damn this bloody Corellian junk", Klaus Brent banged on the control panel. It was useless; blaster fire had hit his ship and screwed up the NAV computer. He needed to land and make repairs.

There he was, one of the finest pilots in the republic, holder of the second place in the kessel run, behind only the legendary Millennium Falcon and all round ace being forced to land and make repairs like some sort of rookie.

He set his sight on a small blue and green planet as he lowered the throttle and prepared to land…


Naruto was sitting on a tree somewhere outside Konoha; it was a beautiful day with the sky bright and the clouds white as a gentle breeze drying away the remnants of tears that clung stubbornly to his cheek.

This tree was special to him; it was where he first met Iruka-Sensei, the man who would act as Naruto's guardian. In the lofty branches of this ancient tree, Naruto always found peace. He sighed as he remembered what had happened earlier, he had tried asking Sakura out but that did not go particularly according to plan….

"Come on Sakura-Chan lets go for ramen, my treatttt", Naruto pleaded flashing his million-dollar smile.

Sakura turned to him, a look of annoyance and mild disgust plastered across her face,

"No, it was Sasuke who saved me from that monster, Gaara; I will nurse him back to health"

Naruto just stared at her blankly; Sasuke had saved her…why that little. It was him and Boss Gama…

"So Sasuke-Teme saved you eh, Sakura? Let's get two things straight, first: Gaara is my friend, not a monster. Secondly, it was me, not your bloody angsty Uchiha, who saved your ungrateful hide"

Normally, Naruto would never raise his voice but this time it was too much, he had put life and limb on the line for her but….

Naruto was broken from his internal ramblings by a bright glow somewhere over the northern horizon. Naruto did not know why but somehow, he was drawn to it. There was just an indescribable…feeling.

Naruto was always a guy who went with the flow so he just went towards it.


"Phew, luckily it is only a small problem. Fix a few wires and I am out of this backwater planet, it does look a bit like Alderaan though", Klaus sighed as wiped his brow and set to work.

"Boy am I gonna get that bloody Larx, sell me a lousy ship will he. Man I wish I had my own Titania back, but no, fight against the imperial remnants and I bloody have to turn it in for repairs"

"Ok, let's see here. This one goes here. And that one…Argh, damn this bloody bucket of bolts", he cursed as his head met the ceiling of the small engine compartment with a loud thud.


"What the hell is that", Naruto exclaimed upon seeing the…object.

Ok, calm down. This has got to be a dream. You are still asleep on the tree.

Naruto approached the ship gingerly, still not knowing what the hell it was. Slowly but surely he remembered the picture books he read as a youngster. And needless to see, even he did not believe his own deduction.

Then he spotted a ramp and even though the logical part of his brain was telling him to turn back and get Iruka-Sensei to treat him to the Ichiraku, but Naruto made it a point to do the opposite of whatever that side of the brain said.

"I am the number-one surprise Ninja, after all"

As Naruto went up the ramp into the dim interior the first thing that hit him was the smell; damp and greasy.

Great! It smelled like his kitchen.

This obviously was, a…a flying machine-thingy.

"Wow, so this is the flying box that those stupid books always went on about. I always though they would be you know…cooler looking", Naruto said observing his surroundings.

It still had not sunk in that there might be somebody aboard neither did he understand the significance of it all. All Naruto could think of was how un cool the old Corellian Freighter looked.

As he walked further inside he felt that feeling again. He had been feeling it more and more over the past few months. It was nothing solid, just a…feeling. Naruto decided that while he was here, he would explore a bit.

"Ok, lets go down this one", Naruto said picking the left-most corridor.

As he entered the room at the end he breathed a sigh of relief. "At last, a room that looks semi-normal"

There was an obviously uncomfortable bed; a small metal cupboard-looking thing and what looked like a water dispenser.

As he took a seat on the bed, he heard a rumble beneath his feet.

"Ok, what the hell is going on now", Naruto cursed as he looked out the window.

It was impossible; this had to be a trick, otherwise, why would the ground be getting smaller. Yup…it had to be genjitsu.

I can't be flying, right…?


"Ok, now that that nonsense is done, let's head to Yavin VI, gotta make my report. Man, if I knew this would happen I would never have taken this mission"

"It's not like I knew that the damn Imperials would be in this quadrant of space after all, it damn uncharted territory. You would think that it would be a quiet mission, but no, I run into a Star Destroyer, now if I knew that this would happen I would have taken up that Bespin Job"

He smiled as he looked at the control screen; green throughout.

"Only five hours to go and I will be back on solid ground to collect on that drink Rowe owes me", Klaus thought relieved that there were no complications.

Yup absolutely no complications involving a ninja from a backward planet stowing away on a republic ship type of problem.


Naruto stared outside the port window and saw his world getting smaller and smaller. Then very soon he saw it…space.

"So this is what is above the sky…wait a minute, I am alive…and out of the planet. Woo boy, no one back home is going to believe it", Naruto said still totally unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

"Hmm, the best thing would be to get to a planet because if whoever is on this ship discovers me…" Naruto though inwardly in a rare use of look-before-you-leap.

Though Naruto had to admit, space was very…beautiful. An ocean of the deepest, darkest black containing in it a sea of bright, intense stars.

He just stared out into space; he was the first of Konoha…heck, first in his entire world to ever see this.

There was something very calming about space and Naruto suddenly felt his eyelids start to droop shut and very soon he was snoring away.


"Ok Klaus, bring her in. Use landing strip 3 inside the main temple. Over." the voice from the command tower crackled over the speaker.

"Roger, finishing pre-landing checklist", Klaus replied before doing the usual boring checklist.

Landing gear…check

Cargo bay sealed…check

Camera visual…check…

What the…

"Wait a minute, this can't be right…" Klaus was perplexed; his aft cabin camera showed another…another person.

"Err Yavin command; delay my landing for a bit, there is something that came up"

"Roger Klaus, anything wrong?"

"I sure hope not", Klaus whispered under his breath.

Klaus made the quick walk to the cabin, still doubting the camera. As he gingerly opened the door he saw…a humanoid in orange clothing.

"Oh boy, I am in deep shit. How did this kid get on? Oh no, he's from that planet. Ok Klaus time to run to exile in Dagobah"

As Klaus was there sweating buckets he did not notice Naruto's eyelids opening…

"Hi, I am Uzukami Naruto, future Hokage of Konohagakure", Naruto said smiling at the rather normal-looking man.

He did not look anything special; simple dirty brown hair framed a young looking face with a scar running the length of his left cheek.

The kid speaks basic…? Yup, definitely in deep shit.


Yes, finally finished this. Firstly let me clarify that very little is revealed about the technological capabilities of Naruto's world. So think 1970's minus the space travel. Also I know this fic is not good enough to do justice to either Naruto or Star Wars so as usual, suggestions would be nice. The mandalorians are from Knights of the old republic (a great game). And yes I know what Kreia said in the end about mandalore being the last but well, let's just say that they survived. My plan was to have a Naruto's side of the chapter and a Klaus's part of the chapter until both scenes merged into one at the end. Thanks for reading and please a review would not be unwelcome.

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