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"Damn it", Naruto cursed swatting another one of those infernal mosquito's that filled Yavin IV. The sweltering heat of midday was not helped by the humidity which made even the light training robes of the Jedi feel like lead.

Naruto surveyed his surroundings, reaching out with the force to make sure that he was alone. The huge tree that he was on served as a perfect vantage point for him to locate his destination; the Temple of the planes, the oldest and grandest of the structures left behind on the moon by its ancient inhabitants.

It was not far, maybe around two hours. That was, if he did not run into the opposition.

He reached out once again and centered himself, feeling the life forces of the innumerable organisms of the tropical moon.

He shook his head and attempted to clear his mind. He sometimes got so absorbed in the force that he forgot all else.

Concentrate on the mission, the faster you finish the faster you get to eat lunch, he told himself.

The game was simple; make your way to the intended target without getting caught by the other group.

Naruto particularly enjoyed this because back home, it was your typical everyday stealth training. Here, it was considered advanced training.

Let's show these guys how we do things back in Konoha, Naruto though inwardly before letting go of the protruding piece of bark he was holding on too and jumping to the next branch.

He moved along in that way until he suddenly felt a ripple in the force. He stopped on another branch and tried to mask his presence as best as he could.

Thanks the stars for Jedi meditation training.

He stood still as the opposition member flew along the lower branches. He stopped and looked up to where Naruto was but fortunately, Naruto had hidden himself well enough to escape his gaze.

As his opponent moved away, Naruto decided to break open his rations. He unwrapped the packaging to find a Muja Muffin, already made soggy by the humid conditions and a canteen of water. Naruto shuddered as he bit into the damp muffin, but then again food was food. He washed down the lumpy bits that stuck to his teeth with the water, which by now had turned warm.

As he put his pack in order, he wiped the sweat off his brow and tried to devise the fastest method for reaching his destination.

He could take the direct route over land…Nah, too obvious.

There was the tree hopping method…Hmm; they are increasing their patrols of the trees.

Wait a minute; I am the number one surprising Nin… Jedi aren't I? They won't expect anyone to be stupid enough to take the direct route so I'll show them that Naruto is indeed stupid enough… wait, that didn't come out right

With a leap Naruto landed on the moist floor of the moon's rainforest. It seemed his hunch was right, he sensed no one.

He smiled as he took off for the temple, confident that the first Reytha cake would be his.


"Good work Padawans, today's training was done well by both teams. On a side note, I believe there is a very important announcement for you. Master Skywalker, if you please…"

Luke Skywalker walked to the podium with the quiet grace and elegance befitting a true master of the force, the famous light saber that defeated Vader and helped vanquish the emperor still at his side. All eyes were on him as he spoke.

"Padawans, you come here from all corners of the galaxy for one purpose; to walk the path of the Jedi. For years you have worked and you have persevered. You have proven yourself time and again. You have proven yourself worthy members of the Jedi order and worthy marshals of the New Republic"

Luke's serene face then took on a more serious look as he continued…

"Make no mistake, we live in uncertain times, dangerous times, the galaxy need you more than ever but for now, I take great pride in naming you all full fledged Jedi apprentices. Tomorrow, Jedi Masters will come and select their padawans. I suggest you get your rest"

With that the Padawans got to their feet, each with a sullen look plastered on his or her face. This was after all, the last days of them being padawan's; the last days when all of them would be together under one roof. They would have new masters and new missions.

"Naruto, would you come here a moment?" Master Quel'Than said ushering Naruto to him.

What did I do now?

"Yes Master?"

"Master Skywalker would like to have a word with you, please proceed to his chamber"

"Yes Master", Naruto replied automatically before proceeding to the turbo lifts.

Naruto had a bad feeling about this and over the past two years he had been away from Konoha he had come to rely on that gut feeling of his.


"Come in Naruto", a voice came from within the large blast doors.

He can project his voice through doors that thick…he's good.

Naruto entered and what struck Naruto more than anything was the sheer sparseness of the room. There was no furniture, not even a comm console save there was only one single work desk. Luke sat looking out a large window into the dense jungle and vegetation that covered the surface of the moon. His face was a vision of calmness and his bright blue eyes held wisdom in them that reminded Naruto a bit of Sarutobi.

"You asked for me Master Skywalker?"

"Yes Naruto, firstly congratulations are in due for completing today's training the fastest. Guess what you learnt back on your home planet has really helped you, eh?"

"Thank you Master", Naruto replied still having no clue where this was all leading to.

"Naruto, how long has it been since Claus Brent brought you here?"

"Two years, Master"

Two years huh…seems like an eternity since I was away from Konoha.


Two years ago:

"Who is this, Claus?"

"I am sorry Master he stowed away when I landed to make repairs"

Luke sighed as he looked at the boy, an unimpressive looking lad in an orange jumpsuit.

"Hello, what is your name?" Luke said giving the boy a smile.

"Uzumaki Naruto, of Konohagakure"

"Hmm, that's a nice name. Now Naruto, I am about do check something so just relax"

Maybe, just maybe this kid could have…

Naruto felt himself obeying the man's voice without any complaint.

Luke placed his index finger on Naruto's temple and probed hoping that he would find it…

There! A response, and a gigantic one at that, he had not felt one so strong since his nephew, Anakin.


"Yes, Master Skywalker?"

"This kid is force-capable"

"You mean he can become a…"

"Yes, a Jedi"

"Naruto, was it?"


"How would you like to become a Jedi?"

"A Jedi…what's that?"

Luke used his meditation techniques to calm himself down. Before he could offer this boy the path of the force, he would have to tell him everything, about the galaxy, about the force, about Jedi and sith…everything.

"Listen, I do not expect a reply from you now. You can come back later ok?"

"Okay, I will Luke-San"

As Naruto walked to the door he almost heard Sasuke's sneer and Sakura's dislike in his head.

"Going to quit again, dobe?" Sasuke would say.

"That's why you will never be better than Sasuke-Kun", Sakura would sneer.

The memories of the past seeped into his head…

"-Go away Monster-"


"-I hate you-"

"-You are weak and worthless-"

"-Why don't you do Konoha a favor and disappear-"

What did he have for him back there?

There was no field of hope back there waiting for him. No silver lining, he would forever be known as the cursed container of the nine-tails.

As he came to that realization, a part of him, that part that told him to ignore the curses with a smile, the part that told him that he would help those who hurt him, suddenly died out.

No, there was nothing for him back there.

Sakura-Chan would probably be glad that he left. Maybe Iruka-Sesei would be sad but at least he will not have to worry about him anymore.

Here, he could start anew. Here, he could live without being treated like dirt. Here, he would not be the monster.

Naruto steeled himself before turning around and looking the Jedi master straight in the eye before declaring

"I accept, I will join"


"Something things worries me, are you still able to access your chakra?"

"No, master. Every time I reach for it I seem to access the force instead"

"Interesting, two different kinds of energy fields… both with similar properties. Wait, I think I got it"

"This is just a theory mind you…but I think somehow your Chakra and the force are almost the same energy. It is just a mystery to me why you were able to manipulate it in the way that you spoke of. Creating clones and using the force itself as a weapon is unheard of." The Jedi master smiled. "Ah well, I do not want to stress you out after all tomorrow is a big day for you"

With that Luke got up and helped Naruto to his feet as well.

"Okay, Naruto, I am sorry for taking so much of your time, please get some rest, and may the force be with you"

"Thank you Master."

"Man that took a long time. I better hurry up and sleep, 'gotta be fresh for tomorrow"


Luke ushered Naruto out and heard the echo of his footsteps receding in the distance.

He once again took up meditation pose and even did not stir when the door behind him opened.

"So was he the kid?"

"Yes Kyle, that was Naruto"

Kyle Kattarn stroked his neat beard before himself sitting down and facing Luke.

"Luke, we have a problem"

"Yes, I know. I felt it through the force. Just like the time Alderaan got destroyed"

"You know who did this?"

"If you are asking whether I know who destroyed Sabaku V, then yes I know."

Luke got a faraway look in his eyes as he seemed to peer into the very depths of the force itself.

"Who was it?"

Luke's eyes glossed over again and he spoke in a voice that was almost not his own, in barley a whisper he said

"The Sith… they have returned"

"Impossible, Vader and the emperor both died on the second death star…."

Somewhere deep down, Kyle knew that Luke was telling the truth. He himself felt it, but obviously not as clearly as Luke had. But still… the Sith. This was bad.

"How?" Kyle asked.

"I don't know. I have read stories dating back to the end of the mandalorian war, that certain Sith Lords were able to wipe every living being no matter how small or big of the face of entire planets. I sincerely hope we are not up against something like that."

"What do we do Luke?"

"They will go into hiding and consolidate their forces. Then they will strike again, in the outer rim most likely but for now there is nothing we can do but wait"

"Damn it Luke, are you saying we should just sit here and let them exterminate another planet?" Kyle said vehemently as he banged his fist on the hard metal flooring.

Luke just continued looking out the window into the now dark sky of the moon silent to Kyle's question.

What would you do Ben?


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