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Summary: Will the chance to be who they really are bring everyone together?



It was quiet for a change in the great Hall. Most Friday mornings there was pandemonium in here at breakfast time. But ever since Moody's self defense classes for the whole school had started three weeks ago, all the students were tired by Friday. Harry especially since Moody seemed to have it in for him, for Malfoy too, if he wanted to think about it. Goes back to 4th year when the fake Moody turned him into a ferret. Harry was barely able to keep his eyes open and Ron had porridge in his hair for the third time this week. Ron's head snapped up at the familiar screech that announced that it was mail time.

"Mail's here!" Ron yelled out as he always did as if the others didn't know by now what that sound meant.

Harry shook his head at his best friend and turned to say something to Hermione his other best friend when he was taken aback by the rather large parcel that had been dropped in front of her by two school owls.

"What do you have there Mione?" He asked quietly.

"I don't know Harry." She said with a side long look over to the Slytherin table. Harry knew she was secretly meeting someone from that house but had yet to ask her. He didn't want to spend days in the infirmary like the last time after he had made her mad at him. He had his suspicions though.

He followed her glance but could not tell who she had been looking at. He turned back to her and caught the fearful look in her eyes but just smiled gently at her. He wouldn't tell Ron she had a thing for a Slytherin. Besides he liked having all of his limbs and didn't fancy listening to Ron rant and rave for hours about something that was no business of his.

" going to open it?" Harry asked her with a grin.

Hermione blushed as she caught onto what Harry was doing. She threw him a grateful smile and turned her attention to the box sitting in her eggs. She drew her wand and muttering the charm caught her breath as the box lay open to reveal a beautiful guitar.

"It's a Fender Telecaster." Hermione breathed in awe.

Ron looked at her in confusion his eyes narrowed in thought. "How did you know that Hermione?"

"Oh I...well my aunt see. She's a member of Guano Apes." Hermione said in a guarded tone.

"Your aunt sent you a guitar?"

"UMMM no I don't think so." Hermione hedged.

"Then who would send you something like that?" Ron asked.

Harry saw Hermione's quick glance towards the Slytherin table and smiled at her in glee. Her crush sent her the guitar! Then it did mean something to both of them. Harry was happy for her.

She reached in and expertly took the shining guitar in her hands. The light wood of the guitar caught the sunlight from the windows of the Great Hall. The silver strings and pickups on the guitar glimmered and the brightness of the white strap made the instrument shine like a bright star.

She turned to face Harry and slipped the strap over her shoulder and settled it into place on her hip. Ron handed her the pick and she struck a chord that silenced the Great Hall. All eyes turned to her but she ignored them. She was engrossed in the tune she started to softly play.

Her eyes were closed and a peaceful look was on her face. She was a very beautiful girl. He shot a glance over to the Slytherin table and encountered several glares being shot their way. Malfoy was sending his patented "I am/was going to be a Death Eater" glare their way. Harry noticed something very interesting though, Draco's bodyguards were staring at them as usual but it was a different kind of stare. Was one of them the one that Hermione liked? Surely not.

He turned back to Hermione as the song she was playing hit him, she was playing 'You Light Up My Life'. Was there a reason that she played that particular song? She lifted her soft brown eyes and Harry was shocked to see the tears that she was trying not to shed. She shifted her eyes to the Slytherin table and a small smile played on her lips.

Seconds later a discordant chord was heard and Hermione cursed softly as one of the strings broke.

"Damn!" She said before brining her injured hand up to her lips.

"Hermione?" Harry asked.

"String broke Harry. It's ok." She mumbled around the hand in her mouth.

"All right. Who are you and what have you done to Hermione?" Ron demanded with a huge grin.

"Hush Ron!" Hermione said with a smile.

"Well I will have to agree with Ron, Mione. Why didn't you tell us you could play the guitar?" Harry demanded with a very becoming pout.

"I didn't think you would be interested." She replied with a sheepish smile.

"Well, if you had said something earlier we could have played together. But nnnooo, you had to NOT tell us and wasted all this time." Harry said and upset look on his face. "Thanks a lot Hermione." He said as he got up and quickly left the Hall.

Hermione turned to Ron with a confused look and said agitatedly, "what was that about?"

"Well, Hermione, if you had told us that you were even the least bit interested in music we would have told you that Harry there can play the bass and I, if I do say so myself, am a pretty good singer. But had to keep your nose in a book and this," he pointed to the beautiful guitar in her lap, "to yourself."

Ron stood up and went after Harry.

Hermione knew she looked completely flabbergasted. Harry could play bass! Ron could sing! How did she not know that about her best friends? She lifted her flushed face towards the other side of the room and her tear filled brown eyes met those of her secret lover. One blink of his lashes and Hermione got up from the table, repacked her new Guitar in its fine leather case, and stiffly left the room.

She walked with her head down towards the classroom that they had been using for her music lessons. She opened the door and setting down her guitar case she waited for her love to arrive. She turned as the door opened and she smiled once before casting the silencing charm on the room and the locking charm on the door then fell into the arms of her lover.

Soft lips met hard ones as they shared a long waited kiss. A masculine groan was heard in the silence and a feminine sigh seconds later. Hermione pulled back and met the loving eyes her lover, "It's beautiful. Thank you."

"You're welcome love." Vincent Crabbe said softly as he pulled her back into a kiss.