Heaven Knows: This Angel has flown

Summary: As the wedding day draws near, what's Dave to do? His best friend is marrying John and he really loves her. Ric knows something about someone and should he spill it or shut it?

Chapter 1

Dave's POV

"I can't believe the wedding's almost near!"

Stacy screamed as Nicks was lacing up her shoes. I was in the kitchen preparing Nicks' snack before she goes to her walk. I could only see from the corner of my eye, Nicks smiling as Stacy examined the ring on her finger. I couldn't help but feel guilty about it, but hey I'm happy for her. Reasons why? Number one, she's my best friend in the entire world. Two, I'm happy if she's happy and three, I'm pretending that I'm happy, because I'm covering up my stupid mistake of not telling her what I really feel. It's too late; I can't just walk to her with the ring on her finger and say you know what? I really love you, so dump John and let's get married. Stupid, that was just plain stupid, why? Damn why? Why didn't I tell her?

"Bye Stacy! Take care!"

Nicks said as the door closed. I was putting her sandwich on the plate when the phone rang

"I'll get it!"

She said as she ran across the hallway. She's cute when she runs, she's so hyper.

"Hey Dave! It's for you!"

She said as she hands me the cordless phone.

"Who is it?"

I ask.


She replies and goes back to the living room. Ric? What in the world does he want now?


I said.

"Dave, I need to talk to you, I'm in the coffee shop downtown the usual place"

He replies, what now?

"All right"

"Okay, I'll see you in a bit"

I close the phone and Nicks stands there and said

"I ate the sandwich already"

She grins and I look at the plate. Smart ass, she knew it was for her.

"It's alright, here's your orange juice and drink it up and wash it, and I'll be going out too"

I reply she just nods her head as she starts to drink up her juice. I go to our room upstairs and if you think it's us, think again. I locked the door and sat on the bed and looked at the frame that sat on my bedside table. It was me and Nicks in a vacation in the Bahamas with the others, it was just like yesterday when that happened, I was ready to profess my love to her. Well, that was three freakin years ago and this was the present. I look at her bedside table, there was a small bulletin board posted there full of pictures. Most were her idols in music and then it was pictures of her and the others, me and lots of pictures of her and John. She looks so happy in every picture, and especially with John, she looked like she was the happiest person on the face of the planet. I can't help but feel happy for her, she found her love, while her best friend wiles away in misery and pretends to be happy for her, how very ironic. I take a shower and dress up in just khaki pants, tennis shoes and a shirt. I grab my keys and my wallet and go out of the room.


I call out, guess she went ahead. I went to the kitchen to check if she washed the glass. I also saw a memo on the fridge.


Maybe I won't be back for dinner. There's a possibility that I'll be having dinner there so just leave something behind. Thank you!



Hmm… she went ahead already, so that means she might be out the whole night then. I locked the door and went to the car and drove to the coffee shop downtown. I parked the car and made my way inside the place, it was still in good condition despite being there for a good span of 10 years. I found Ric looking out the window and I immediately sat in front of him.

"So what's up Ric?"

I ask, he looks at me and smiled.

"I just want to talk to you"

He replies. All right, let's talk then.

"Okay, about what?"

"You've been a different person ever since you learned that Nicks and John are going to be engaged, is something wrong?"

I couldn't reply. There is something wrong! I'm depressed. Why? Why did she fall in love with him in the first place? It's not that I mean that John is a bad guy, it's because…. It's not right.


Ric said and I replied

"I'm sorry, I just got lost for a moment"

"So are you angry, mad or something?"


What a lie.

"Are you sure?"


And the winner for the biggest liar award goes to me!

"I just observed for the past months, you're not acting like yourself"


Duh… it's really obvious… Why do I have to deny?

"Yeah, It looks like you had every inch of joy drained out of you"

"I'm sorry, I guess I'm really stressed out"

"It's alright. Just tell me if there's something wrong okay? I'm just here, you know that"

"Thanks Ric"

To tell you the truth, I want to pour out my soul to you, but I can't. I can't let anyone or anybody know my hidden misery for my engaged and soon to be married best friend that I love so dearly. I just can't.

Nick's POV

I've been walking for a good fifteen minutes, but that's all right. I need my head to clear up a bit from all the things that I need to think about. Its relaxation time and I'm dead beat. I'm here at the now, looking for a bench to sit on. I found one, giving me a good view of the pond wherein I could concentrate more and it is a bit secluded from all the noise.


Yes and No. Yes, he's the only guy that loves and I love him in return. And no because I feel guilty about not telling Dave that I really love him. I actually do, and even f it sounds crazy, it's true. He's my best friend and I really love him. It's not supposed to be this way, everything's not right and I feel that I'm doing something wrong and everything's not going my way.


I mutter softly. In a month, I'm going to be married. Why should this go on? It's too late to turn back now. Then I guess I have to live my life in misery, still loving the man that I wasn't supposed to love and cry for the man that I should have loved with all my heart.

"Hey, Nicks!"

I look up to see my third closest friend in the world, Shawn Micheals. I smile at him and reply

"Hey Shawn"

"Well if it isn't the future Mrs. Cena"

I chuckle.

"It's still a month away Shawn, don't get excited"

"How can't I be excited? I'm gonna see you get married! My protégé' is going to get married!"

"I still see you still can't erase that thought in your head"

"Of course, the mentor is going to be there on your finest day, which is your wedding day"

"All right Shawn"

"And I'm the best man, err… one of the best men"

"Yeah, it's you, Randy, Paul (Triple H), Mark(Taker) and Shane"


"Now don't get excited Shawn, save that"

"Come on kiddo, let's grab a bite"

"Alright, I'm damn hungry then"

Then my phone suddenly rang I picked it up and said


"Hey kid"

John replied.

"John! Do you still have to call me kid?"

"Alright, I won't call you kid anymore"

"Better do that right if you know what's coming"

"Yeah. I know what's coming…"

"Very funny"

"Where are you anyway?"

"I'm at the park, I'm going to grab a bite with Shawn"

"Okay, take care. I'll call you when you get home, I love you"

"I love you too, bye"

I snapped my phone shut and Shawn just finished talking too.

"Well, I guess we have some visitors while we eat"

He said as we walked.


I replied.

"Some people you know"

God, why doesn't this day end already?