To start off, I'll give you guys a little background on me. Until about my early freshman year, I didn't write stories, unless they were for school. Poetry, since the age of four, was a hobby of mine. However, it got pushed to the side when I discovered how much I enjoyed writing fiction.

But since verse will always be written within me, I've been trying to create a few poems for the TMNT realm. After righting nearly five, I've discarded them for the time being, deeming them worthy of a better look through.

Yet this one I liked. I'll probably be proved horribly wrong, but I think this one is ready to be unveiled.

So you know, while it most fits Leo, this poem can be from any of the turtle's point of view. They'd all, on some level, feel the same way. So I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: While dreaming about someday owning them isn't a crime, falsely proclaiming I do own the TMNT is. And I really don't want to go to jail.


The scream was heard,
But it came to late
The crack of the gunshot;
The cymbal of fate

Into the alley of many bitter ends;
To the man and his gun
Vengeance is served upon him,
But his deed is done

Blood and bullet out of torso
You don't care that I'm here
Whether I look to be devil or angel
Death is drawing near

I'm sorry I couldn't save you
But the pain will stop soon
Already you're fading away,
In the light of the moon

There's nothing I can do to help;
The lead pierced blood and bone
But there's no reason to be afraid;
You won't die alone

Never will you think of me
But I'll remember you
Your agony I'll visit in my dreams;
A soul I never knew

Another innocent life lost today;
Too early to the grave
Like many others out there
You're one I could not save

Life's never been fair
And has yet to be
If the time will ever come,
The day we'll never see

Your voice grows quiet now;
Darkness holds your hand
Forget this awful place you know,
Follow him to Death's land

Here in the real hell,
More are about to die
I can't save them all,
But I swear I will try

The real demons are among us;
They see and walk on past
Yet they'll say how tragic your death was
When they find you at last

And though they could see you in the moonlight,
No one saw you crying
Besides the turtle in the shadows
No one saw you dying


So how was that? Sucky? Good?

(paces floor in anticipation) Please tell me!