TITLE: ...And Not A Drop To Drink
AUTHOR: bugchicklv
DISCLAIMER: Not mine! Joss is God (so are Rockne and JMS, but those are other fandoms)! Yeah, go ahead and try to sue. GOOD LUCK GETTIN' MONEY! ROFTLMAO!
PROMPT: #51 Water
SUMMARY: Oh, what kids will do.
WORD COUNT: 285ish
RATING: G (but a little off-humor)
CHARACTERS: Jayne/River IMPLIED, Kaylee, Orig. Character (Francesca--aka: Frankie--River and Jayne's oldest child)
NOTES: Again, this is sooooooo very wrong, but I had to do it! I saw my 3 year old doing almost the same thing. ACK! wishes she hadn't stopped him


"Frankie, baby girl? Go get Daddy a glass o' water, 'K?" a very drunk Jayne Cobb asked his precocious 3 year old daughter, Francesca.

As he waited, the merc tried to get more comfortable on the common room sofa--snuggling down into the cushions and trying to get away from the knowledge that his wife was pregnant for the second time in 3 years.

Mal was gonna kill him. Or cut it off.

Francesca happily brought a full sippy cup to her father. She smiled proudly as he drained it and said, "Thankee muches Frankie."

He asked for a refill, and once again his daughter provided it. On the third trip for more water Kaylee noticed Francesca and followed her to find out just how she was filling that cup. After all, the girl was too short to reach the infirmary sink, and since the mechanic was headed toward the kitchen to fix that one...she knew the little thing wasn't getting it there.

A few minutes later Sunshine and Strawberries almost tripped and broke a leg in her haste to run and tell Simon. She picked herself up and laughed so hard she nearly peed her pants.

In the infirmary, heads together, she whispered the juicy tidbit to her husband. Then the girl and the doctor laughed uproariously. With a nod, it was decided to tuck that away as one of those priceless moments you treasure when no one else is around.

'Cause there weren't no power in the 'Verse strong enough to make them tell Jayne Cobb that his pride and joy, Daddy's Little Girl, named-her-Francesca/Frankie-himself was getting the cool water he guzzled so eagerly...

…from the unisex bathroom's toilet bowl in the passenger dorm.