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Authors Note: Again, this fic ties in with "The Path Chosen." This is one of the alternate realities that Darkwing could have chosen. Fair warning; another Darkwing Duck / Ducktales crossover!

Hidden Dawn

Part 1

I'm afraid and I'm confused. I sit here on the bank of a river not knowing, not being able to remember who I am, where I came from, how I got here. I look down at my apparel. Tattered, soiled rags of purple and blue. A loose bit of cloth lay across my shoulders. It looks to have been a cloak of a sort. What an odd attire. Even more strange, however, leaning over to see my reflection in the water, I gaze upon a face hidden by a mask. The mask is as shredded and dirty as the rest of my getup. Lifting a shaky hand I push the purple mask from over my eyes to see the face hidden behind it. I see a face that is bruised and dirty. I see the face of a stranger.

I sit back on the wet river bank again. For some reason I am compelled to pull the mask back over my eyes. I don't understand why, but if offers some comfort.

So just who am I? I can not remember anything other that vague images and sounds that flash through my minds eye. Images a heavy falling rain and the loud rumble of thunder filling the air. I remember being out in the rain, and then I was in water being swept into darkness. I must have fallen in the river. But how long ago? How log was I in the river? I don't remember.

After being swept away by the powerful currents - I remember nothing. I just awoke, here, on this bank only a short time ago.

I'm cold! the air is so frigid and I'm wet. I'm shivering.

Slowly, I get to my feet, trembling from weakness and the cold. I'm trying to keep my teeth from chattering as a gaze around my surroundings. No houses. No streets.

Only trees and land and the river I stand next to. What direction do I even go in?

I'll follow the river downstream. I walk for miles, staying out of sight. I don't think anybody would trust me considering my appearance.

I come to the edge of a town. There are house on streets and sidewalks. There are yards containing swings and bikes and cars in drives. But despite the evidence of civilization, there are no people to be seen. No wonder. It's gelid cold outside.

Considering I'm wearing shredded damp rags, I feel the full effects of the cold.

I move through the wooded area, surveying the homes for some bits of clothing I might "borrow" . I'm in luck, I spy a box of miscellaneous items, setting on the curb for trash pick up. By the looks of it, somebody had decided to clean out their attic. If I can get to it without being seen.

I move stealthily out of my hiding place and retrieve the box without anybody seeing me. I am able to dig out some old clothes, a grey sweater that's a bit baggy on me, but it's warm. I am able to find a pair of dark sunglasses to replace the mask. I only wish I could find some food as well, I'm hungry.

Well, at least I'm warmer and I'm dry. Now what? Find something to eat.

I don't have to be afraid to be seen in public now. So I walk cautiously into the open, still feeling insecure. I have no idea where I am or where I should go.

I'm walking down a sidewalk looking, just looking. Hoping to remember - something, no such luck. There's a billboard on the other side of the street. The picture on the board is of a -a- robot? It is a robot isn't it? I stop to look closer. The caption says Duckburg, home of Gizmoduck! Gizmoduck? There's something familiar about that name. I don't have time to contemplate however, I hear a loud ruckus and somebody shouting. Instinctively I run in the direction of the noise.

I come upon a bizarre scene. A large machine that looked like something out of a low budget sci-fi movie is running amuck. It shoots large smooth rocks from it's muzzle, knocking wholes in the side of the little house nearby. A pair of rotating blades on either side of it are tearing up the ground and anything else in it's path. A scrawny, odd looking man is hopping around, pulling his hair out and babbling aloud.

No doubt he is trying to figure out how to stop the monstrosity when he stumbles backward over his own to feet. Now he finds himself on the ground in the path of the rampaging machine.

I don't think about it, I just act. I rush forward grabbing the man and pulling him out of the machine's destructive path. It only takes a few seconds to pull him to safety. I don't stop to think about my actions before I launch myself onto the crazed machine. I quickly find the shut off switch and just as quickly, find that it doesn't work. I don't panic, even as the contraption lurches and spins like a mechanical bull, I manage to stay on. I run my fingertips across the metal. surface until I find a panel and pry it open. I grabbed the now exposed wires and rip them out. Naturally the machine comes to a sputtering clanking halt and collapse into a smoking heap under me.

As I slide carefully off, the man comes running up to me, babbling uncontrollably. "Oh Thank you thank you thank you! I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come along."

I barely turn to look at him as he continues babbling "You see. This-was-suppose to-be-a-landscaping-machine, designed-to-make decorating-your-yards-and gardens-a-snap. ..." he actually paused for a moment before continuing his babbling "But-guess-I-didn't-test-it-fully-before-I-tried-it-out-and-well, you-can-see-for-yourself what-happened." he finishes just as a limo comes speeding down the road and squeals to a halt in front of us. A distinguished looking duck in a top hat steps out. He glances at the heap of metal that was once the landscaper then to the man.

"Gyro, what in the world is going on around here. I could hear the racket from the mansion," he says with a strong Scottish accent.

"Oh, Mr. McDuck. I was just...er..try..to..work ..out...a..few...bugs...in..the...

..Landscaper. " he glances nervously back at the broken invention then at me, then turns back to McDuck.

"As you can see...it still needs work." Then his voice perks up "but thankfully, this gentleman came along or I would have been mulch by now." he says motioning towards me.

"I see." McDuck say walking up to me, looking me up and down in a scrutinizing manner. "I'm Scrooge McDuck. Who might you be?"

I look a him nonplused. A fair question, I wish I had an answer.

To be continued...