Years have passed. Guess what? My memory has never returned. That vision I had of Gosalyn and myself in the tower as I sang her a lullaby. That was the last memory I was to have of my past. The song I sang her "Little Girl Blue", sometimes the words come back to me, in the night when all is still; but then they're gone again, for awhile.

I never discovered the cause of my amnesia. Heaven only knows how I tried.

Finally,I stopped looking for my life in the past and started looking to the future...

...And life goes on.

Morgana and I married. We have two other children now besides Gosalyn – or should I say Quiverwing Quack, as she is now my apprentice.

Here I sit on the ledge of Darkwing Tower. The sun is shining bright on the city below. Everything looks to cheery and warm.

I am dressed in the black Masked Mallard costume. Oh, how St. Canard loves the new Darkwing Duck.

Oh and how Gizmoduck hates him! With my Glider Cape and other nifty gadgets that come with the suit, I have surpassed that Tonka Toy in performance and fame!

Disney even wants to do a Story on my life! Disney!

Eat your heart out Gizmo – old boy!

Haha...My memory may not have returned, but somehow my ego seems to have,

Though, I suppose, not to the degree it once was.

I take a long cleansing breath. Life is good. But somehow, I don't think it's complete.

Somewhere deep in my soul, I know the Duck in White is still out there, waiting for me.

It is meant for me to find him, someday. And what ever awaits me on the other side of that vortex, I know, is all a part of a destiny I have yet to find.

The End...

except for this....↓


First. If anybody wants to use any of my characters or do thier own version or continuance of my stories, I have no problem with it as longs as the stories are family friendly(K or K+). Please don't use them in anything adult or homosexual contents (slashy stuff), or fics that use a lot profanity. But other than that, you're welcome to use them.☺

Thought I'd let the readers in on a couple of things.

The Path Chosen I'm going to have to pull the last couple of chapters to The Path Chosen and touch it up a bit (no real changes) for it will align with my fic of the Duck In White.

Twilight's Guard I hated Twilight's Guard when I wrote it. I removed it and want to completely redo in some time.

Tracker's Story I actually had played with revealing what happen to Gos when she ran away. But I think that would have taken something from the story.

But here's the outtake. Darkwing/Tracker could never find her because she literally wasn't there to be found. The damage to the time and space continuum created on opening into one of the other realities, where Gosalyn's parents and Grandfather were still alive. She crossed over into that reality, and stayed.