Hi this is Rogue GaL here. Just a few words before you read the story, I do not own X Men in anyway or the characters which belong to marvel. Some characters are mine though as I made them up. Thanks.

Title – X Men Legends: Age Of Apocalypse

Author – Rogue GaL

Pairings – Romy, Jonda, Kiotr, Jott, Xietro, Stogan, Logilee, Jono/Paige/Warren/Betsy and loads more I can't think of! You'll just have to wait and see.

Rating – T (Later on there are VERY sexual scenes)!

Summery – Based on the video game X Men Legends II. It is a mix from comics/game/movie/evolution. The world as we know it may come to an end as the rising of Apocalypse. Now two enemies unite, and an uncommon alliance will go to the ends of the Earth to destroy the ultimate evil. Mainly Romy.

This story is based on the video game Ultimate Legends II, but I do not own any of it so you can't sue me! Lol!

The X Men And Other MAIN Characters

Logan, Sabertooth, Apocalypse – Age unknown Scott, Sunfire, Nightcrawler, Jean Gambit – 21 Rogue, Colossus, John, Kitty, Scarlet Witch, Pietro, X23, Betsy, Bobby, Toad – 18/19 Juggernaut, Charles- 50s Storm- 30 Warren - 23 Jubilee, Paige, Chamber - 16

There are loads more characters, and loads more romances, but these are the MAIN characters.

The Rising

On this Earth, there are humans… there are also mutants. And there are legends…But somewhere out in the universe, or perhaps another galaxy, there is something more than that. It is threatening, malevolence but powerful. It can change the way of the world eternally, unless someone stops it…But the question is, who?

Xavier's School For the Gifted And Talented

Outskirts Of New York

10am Tuesday 1st July

The morning gleamed as bright as it could do as the sun reached its full stature. It broadened all over the country fields, and if you looked over the cliffs, you could watch and hear the striking sea. The plant life on the vast cliffs, which spread out for miles, blossomed into such splendour one would find rare to see.

A young girl, eighteen at least, walked forward. Her auburn hair followed the breeze gracefully. Her hair was shoulder length and curled. She had two curled white stripes at each side of her tantalizing face. She had the most spectacular green eyes, which could be misguided for emeralds. She wore a body suit which had yellow and green stripes on and wore yellow boots.

She was undeniably beautiful and full of spirit, and because of that fortitude of hers, she was a Rogue. Hence, her name she had chosen when she ran away from home. It wasn't straightforward for her; she had her whole life in front of her, well that was until she discovered her powers. Rogue had the gift, yet the curse of never being able to touch, because if she did touch any living thing, she would take away there energy life force, abilities including mutant powers, psyches and memories. She would have them for a while and whoever she touched would either be knocked out for a while, or put in a coma. But if she held on for too long, she would kill them and have their abilities forever. She permanently absorbed Ms. Marvel's essence. Her half-Kree genes grant her superhuman strength, speed, endurance, invulnerability, flight, and a limited seventh sense that allows her to track down specific people or objects and instinctively react to danger.

But now Rogue was 18, she was content with who she was, and happy to be where she was. And for that, she was superior of herself.

Abruptly, Rogue felt a hand touch her covered up shoulder. She flinched for a second.

"'Ello chere." Rogue's surprised face dissolved and a grin came upon her face. She knew exactly who it was.

"Hey sugah, wanna dance!" Rogue swiftly grabbed his hand and used all her strength to pull him over her back. Remy landed it front of her, nearly falling off the cliff.

"Dat wasn' very nice was it now chere?" he said. Rogue grinned.

"Well that is the whole point o' this Gambit, ah defeat you an' go 'ome a winner."

"Who said you were gonna win?" asked Gambit optimistic as he got up. He wore a black body suit which covered all his body up, except from two fingers on his left hand and one finger on his right. On his body suit there was a belt with an X on it and a belt going from his waist across to his waist with 'X' on it. He also had yellow boots. His brunette hair was short and he had the most striking red on black demon eyes. Plus, he was so sexy.

"Well it don' exactly look like yaw winnin' right now does it?" she asked him sarcastically. Gambit smiled even more and got out a few cards and charged them up. "Now, now Gambit, the rule o' this is not t' use our powers."

"Rules an' aims ar' der t' b' broken Roguey, its de point o' makin' 'em." alleged Gambit.

"Oh you have no idea." Gambit threw a few cards at her, but Rogue flew up into the air, and then went for Gambit, kicking him in the face. Gambit fell backwards and tumbled off the cliff. But he quickly grabbed on to the end of the cliff, holding on as tight as he could. Rogue flew down and got on her knees and looked at the Cajun.

"Well aint this a sight, firs' time ah seen a Cajun hanging off th' edge o' a cliff." said Rogue amused. Gambit looked down and gulped, he looked back at Rogue.

"Firs' time fo' everyt'ing, now d'ya wanna do Gambit a favour an' pull 'im back up, he don' like heights." pleaded Gambit.

"You're actually askin' me t' help you back up?" asked Rogue, not believing her ears.

"Non, Gambit sayin' dat 'f you save 'im…he'll take ya on a date." Rogue laughed.

"Let me get this straight, yaw sayin' 'f ah save ya, you will take me on a date. God Gambit, you are so arrogant. Who said ah want t' go on a date with you, ah rather see you plummet." said Rogue.

"Oh come on chere, Gambit aint dat horrific."

"Gambit, ah don' wan't' go on a date with you, instead, ah'm gonna let you fall." Rogue stood up. Remy's hand fell off; he had one hand lingering on the cliff edge.

"Ah! Come on chere, jus' pull ol' Gambit up…'f you do he'll not talk t' ya fo' a week…non I take dat back!" said Gambit. Rogue laughed again, this was all like a game to her.

"Sorry Gambit, ah got a job t' do, an' that's t' finish you off. It's been nice sugah, but the parties gotta end sometime." Rogue got her boot and stood on Gambit's hand. He screamed in pain. He then let go and fell. Suddenly the grassy surroundings turned into a metal sort of room. Rogue was stood there laughing, while Gambit was on the floor coiled up.

"Gambit defeated Rogue wins." said the danger room.

"Oh man, I can' believe I los't' ya." said Gambit as he got up. "But I sure don' mind loosin' t' a beautiful femme such as yourself." Rogue stuck her tongue out.

"Don' worry Gambit, they'll always b' another time, but ah doubt ya will able t' beat me then, but you can keep tryin'." said Rogue acting as though he was a child. Gambit gave her an acerbic look.

"Hey, least I got a date out o' it all." said Gambit. Rogue looked perplexed and a bit envious.

"Who?" she asked.

"You." he said simply. Rogue laughed.

"In ya dreams Cajun, ah wouldn' go out with you 'f you were the last man on Earth."

"So ya keep tellin' moi. So chere, who is yaw dream date?" asked Gambit, inquisitive.

"Hmm, well ah do like Bobby Drake. Ah mean he's sexy, a good combatant an' a really good friend t' Me." said Rogue, hoping she was making Gambit covetous.

Gambit's eyes got redder and brighter as she talked about Bobby. He knew they had dated for a short while in the past, and then became good friends, but something still could go on. Rogue laughed again.

"Don' start gettin' jealous." said Rogue.

"Jealous, Gambit aint getting' jealous, non, he b' happy fo' you. I'm glad you found someone t' love forever an' all dat crap…I jus' hope he treats you as well as I treat you." said Gambit, sounding very jealous. Rogue laughed again.

"You are so jealous." said Rogue.

"I am so not." he imitated.

"Gambit, yaw eyes deceive you all th' time. Ah know you are jealous o' me an' Bobby." said Rogue, happy that she was right.

"So it is true you are together!" Gambit shouted. Rogue couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Whatever Gambit, ah know you are jealous, but ya don' need t' worry, me an' Bobby aint together. We've been down that road an' we know we're better as friends." explained Rogue getting sombre.

"Oh…well…" Gambit tried to find the words. Rogue smiled. Oh how he cherished that smile from her cherry lips. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever lay eyes on.

"Well ah'm gonna hit the showers, ah'm 'spose t' go out with Kitty, Pete an' Jean t'day." said Rogue.

"Maybe Gambit could come wit' ya." said Gambit.

"'F you wanna sit with Miss totally, Mr silent and Miss Pole up her ass then sure ya can come along." Gambit smiled.

"Well, not fo' dem, jus't' keep you company." Rogue didn't show any emotion on her face, nor did she want to. Inside though she was jumping for joy. She had been out with Remy before on countless occasions, but it was normally with quite a big group. Even though they'd still be going with a group, Rogue couldn't help but get excited to share time with the Swamp boy she so much admired.

"Meet us at the movies at 9.00pm t'night then." said Rogue.

"Why can' I come up wit' yaw?" asked Gambit.

"'Coz you'll annoy me an' try t' convince me t' go on yaw motorcycle again." moaned Rogue.

"But you always do." pointed out Gambit.

"Shut it swamp rat, ya wanna come with us then meet us there. Kay?"

"Qui chere, Remy b' der."

"Good…ah mean whatever…do what ya want." said Rogue slightly embarrassed.

"It's okay chere, Remy knows de ladies like t' spend time wit' dis ol' Cajun." Rogue blushed and wished she had said something back to him, but he had already begun to talk. "You look belle when you blush ange."

"That's sweet Cajun, but not sweet enough t' catch mah attention." Rogue headed for the danger room doors. "Ah'll see you at 9 then."

"Till den chere." he walked over and gently lifted up her gloved hand to his lips and kissed it. "I bid you fair well." Rogue blushed, but tried to conceal it.

"You are so lame." she said as she walked out of the danger room.

Rogue went into the changing room and into the shower. She just remembered everything, all her past, and the way she used to be.

The first time she discovered her powers was when she kissed her boyfriend Cody Robbins at a school dance. After waiting at the hospital to see if he was okay, she knew she couldn't stay in Mississippi. So she ran away, to where, she didn't know.

As fate would have it, Rogue ran into a man in Canada. Logan, or known to other people, Wolverine. He too was a mutant. Blessed with healing powers, but cursed with an animal in him. After running into some trouble and being saved by the X Men, Rogue and Logan stayed at the mansion for a while. But when Magneto kidnapped Rogue to try to use her to make humans mutants, Logan fought beside the X Men to save her. Rogue and Logan built a relationship; it was as though they were father and daughter. Rogue had always loved him that way, but not in any other. At first perhaps, but who wouldn't. His raw animal intuition gave Rogue a feeling she could only describe as lust. Obviously, this faded away with time, and their relationship had become stronger.

Rogue was only 15 when this all happened, and she had already been through a lot. She didn't join the X Men after Magneto and the Liberty Island incident, she went away to sort her head out. When she returned to the X Men at 16, a new member had joined the team, Remy LeBeau, charmer, thief, and a man that caught her interest from when they very first met. Of course they flirted and messed around, fought with each other, but at the end of the day, they truly felt something for each other. And it took a while for both of them to realise how they felt, yet they didn't tell each other or anyone for a matter of fact. It left them in mystification, yet they still carried on as though nothing had altered.

Rogue wondered what life would be like with him. She knew she would have a great time, and she knew he would be serious with her. She wasn't big headed about this, but she knew Remy felt something for her, she felt it inside of her. She knew that he missed her extremely went she went on a mission, and she knew that whenever she was crying, he'd be the first one to go to her, to make her laugh. And she knew he cherished to spend time with her…but then again, she kept thinking, it might just be her.

She just wished she could tell him how she felt like she did with Bobby, but that was different, because with Bobby Rogue didn't like him as much as she liked Remy. And she liked Remy so much. It would always end in heartache though, because Rogue could never touch, or make love, or just wrap her arm around the man she lo…liked…Who was she kidding, she practically asked for all this. She was the one who kept Remy interested, maybe if she just didn't talk to him…oh but she knew it was to late for that.

No matter what she would do or what she tried not to do, in the end, she would always have Remy, and that was good, but it was killing her inside too.


New York Odeon

19.14pm Tuesday 1st July

"I hate waiting." said Kitty as herself, Piotr, Rogue, Jean and Remy stood waiting in a line to buy some tickets for a movie.

"What do ya'll wan't' see anyway?" asked Rogue.

"Well I want to see that Wallace and Gromit, curse of the were rabbit." said Kitty.

"What are you like five?" joked Rogue.

"Well I want to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose." said Jean. "It looks really scary."

"Ah agree." said Rogue.

"Well den 'f de beautiful lady wants t' see dat, Remy does too." said Remy. Rogue smiled.

"But I'll like, get scared." said Kitty.

"I'll protect you Keety." said Piotr as he put his arm around her shoulders. Kitty smiled and kissed him on the cheek. That's one of the things Kitty had always loved, Piotr was always there, even when the little things and the childish things scared her, he'd be there. Most people were used to it, but others hated her childlike behaviour, but nope, not her boyfriend, he found it almost…arousing.

Piotr didn't just like her fun personality either; he liked her genuine side the most. When Piotr had joined the X Men after he was used by the Russian government, Kitty was the first one to trust him. Most people thought he was some kind of spy, wanting to blow up America. Kitty told everyone how ridiculous and childish that theory was and whoever said that obviously didn't have an intellectual mind, which was Bobby of course. After the rumours died down, people started to trust him again and he finally felt like he was home. He could only owe that all to Kitty. Sure there were Jean, Rogue, Remy, and a few others who trusted him, but Kitty and another certain person were always there for him. The other certain person was Kurt. He was probably Piotr's best friend in the X Mansion; Kitty on the other hand was more than that. It was hard for Piotr thought, as he could not act on his feelings for Kitty as she was with Kurt at the time. But he soon left the mansion and had to leave his beloved girlfriend behind. And this time, Piotr was there for Kitty, he was there the times she cried. She soon started to realise that maybe Piotr was the one for her. And 6 months later, they were still together.

"So Emily Rose it is then." said Jean.

When the five finally got their ticket, they went straight into the cinema room. Jean sat at the end, then Rogue and Remy, Piotr and Kitty.

"Ah think ah'm gonna get some chocolate." said Rogue.

"I'll come wit' ya chere." said Remy.

"Ah can get a piece o' chocolate on mah own Remy." pointed out Rogue.

"Yeah but t' b' honest chere, I jus' wan' some nachos."

"Oh, sorry." Rogue blushed and turned around.

They both walked out of the doors into the snack department.

"Crap ah left mah money with Kitty, let me go get it…" said Rogue.

"Non, Remy will pay fo' it." said Remy. Rogue looked at him and smiled.

"Okay thanks Cajun…wait this aint gonna b' like a date thang is it?" asked Rogue. Remy laughed as he got his wallet out.

"Non chere, not 'f you don' wan' it t' b'. But Remy prefer 'f it wo'." Rogue smiled and looked down to the floor. Remy was paying for the food, so he wasn't paying attention that much.

"…Me to." she came out with. Remy turned his head back round to her, his face was shocked but serious.

"You bein' serious chere?" he asked her. Rogue blushed.

"Ah don' know, ah mean ah feel a connection between us. Do you?"

"Fo' de pas' two years I've known ya, yeah, I always new we had a bond." said Remy, over the moon.

"Me too, an' ah jus' didn' really say anything 'coz…ah wasn' sure ya felt the same way." said Rogue. Remy smiled at her.

"Well I do, I do a lot." he said.

"Hey, you actually said a couple o' sentences with 'I' in it." pointed out Rogue. Remy smiled and paid for the chocolate.

"So do you wan't' go on a date sometime?" asked Remy.

"Ah'd lo…" Rogue suddenly remembered the reason why she didn't tell Remy in the first place. 'Ah am the biggest idiot in the world'. She thought to herself. "'Em…ah don' know, maybe, Come on lets go, the movie probably started." Rogue headed towards the doors to the movie. Remy watched her walk away; he was confused on her sudden insecurity.

"Rogue, what's wrong?" he asked her a she caught up with her.

"Nothin', why you ask?" she said, knowing why.

"Well about 30 seconds ago we were goin' t' go on a date an' now we're back to Gambit and Rogue."

"Huh? Look Remy ah jus' don' think it's the right time fo' 'Remy and Rogue', lets jus' leave it like 'Gambit an' Rogue' fo' a while shall we?" she said with the hand gestures.

"Chere, I don' know what you're worried about, but what ever it is, I don' care, I jus' wan' t'…" Remy paused.

"Yeah…" Remy didn't want to say what he really did want to say to her.

"It don' matter…but I know what you're problem is, an' befo' we go back in der an' pretend non o' dis happened…" Remy went close up into Rogue's face. His lips inches away from her own. "…I don' care 'bout you're powers, as long as I know you're alright." He then backed away and opened their movie's door. He held it open for her. She stared at him for a moment then walked past him into the movie.

After the movie had finished, Rogue, Jean and Kitty went inside the Odeon's bathroom.

Kitty was applying some foundation, Rogue was putting some lip-gloss on and Jean was putting some eye-shadow on.

"So you and Remy huh?" said Kitty out of the blue. Rogue looked at Kitty.

"Wow you're straight to the point." said Jean.

"What d'ya mean?" Rogue asked Kitty.

"Oh come on, it's pretty obvious. You invited him with us."

"Only as a friend." said Rogue.

"Oh come on, you can't like, lie to me. I'm one of you're best friends and you're not even telling me you like, like Gambit, even though I already know." explained Kitty.

"Well ya wrong sugah, ah don' like Remy one bit…" Rogue lied.

"I have to agree with Kitty there Rogue. Even I can sense you're feeling for one another." said Jean.

"Ya been readin' mah mind red!" shouted Rogue.

"No, but my telepathic abilities are open, so I can sense things. And I sense Remy's feelings for you. Yours are harder to sense because you keep them so congested, but his are just all over the place." explained Jean.

"Look ya'll, jus' keep outta mine an' Remy's business." said Rogue, starting to put her lip-gloss on again.

"So you like, admit it, you and Remy are together?" asked Kitty.

"No Kitty, me an' Remy aren't together!" shouted Rogue for the last time. "Can we jus' drop it?" The two other girls nodded. Jean smiled and looked back into the mirror. Unexpectedly she saw a figure. It was…a monster…a man…his face was deformed. Behind the man was fire, and a house, a very big house…Jean realised what it was. A smile appeared on the revolting face of the being. Jean screamed and by accident using her telekinesis's, she smashed the mirrors. Rogue and Kitty fell on the floor when all the glass broke from the mirrors.

Jean stood still, shocked what she had just saw and what she just did. She breathed heavily and looked straight on as though it was still there. Rogue and Kitty were still on the floor looking up at Jean. Jean finally snapped out of it and looked at the two mutant girls on the floor.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry." said Jean as she helped them up.

"What th' hell was that?" asked Rogue.

"I…I had a vision of some sort."

"Okay, ah know a lot o' weird stuff has happened t' you, but seeing the future aint one o' 'em Jean." said Rogue.

"I know…but I know I had a vision." said Jean.

"How do you know it was the like, future?" asked Kitty.

"Because even though I don't know what he looks like…I know it was him." said Jean.

"Who?" asked both Kitty and Rogue.

"…Apocalypse is coming." Rogue and Kitty gasped.

"How…when…where?" asked Rogue.

"I don't know, I just saw his face, and behind his body…was…was…"

"Was what?" asked Kitty.

"Was the Xavier mansion…in flames." Rogue and Kitty gasped again.

"We have t' tell the others." said Rogue. She headed towards the doors of the toilets.

"No wait, I don't think that's the best thing." said Jean.

"Why not?" asked Rogue. "We've been waiting fo' this day fo' ages Jean, we need t' b' ready."

"She's like right Jean; we've been training and everything for the past year even better than what we did before. We need to like, be totally prepared." said Kitty.

"Okay, but…okay." said Jean. Rogue went outside the toilets where Piotr and Remy were.

"Boy have we got somin't' tell ya'll." said Rogue.

Streets Of New York

23.57pm Tuesday 1st July

"So…Jean had a vision of Apocalypse standing in front of ve mansion?" asked Piotr.

"Like yeah, and soon." said Kitty. Piotr put his arms around Kitty's waist, defensive.

"D'ya know when?" asked Rogue to Jean.

"No, but I just have the feeling that he's coming soon." said Jean.

"We should tell de Prof." said Remy.

"Tomorrow we will, he'll be asleep now." said Jean.

"Ah can' believe that th' world might end 'coz o' 'im. Ah can' even find it possible t' believe." said Rogue.

"I know what ya mean chere, it feels as though not'in is gonna happen. I t'ink dats why were not so fussed 'bout it, 'coz we don' believe it." said Remy putting his arm around Rogue's shoulder. Rogue smiled for a minute then realised what he was doing. She pushed it off and gave him a dead eye.

"Jeez Remy, even when th' world might end ya still find time t' b' a pervert." said Rogue. Kitty laughed.

"You two are so for each other." said Kitty. Rogue sighed; she wasn't going to win this battle.

"Forget it, come on ya'll." said Rogue as they spotted Piotr's car in the street. Jean, Piotr went to the car. So did Rogue but Remy grabbed her hand.

"Leavin' moi so soon wit' out a goodbye kiss." said Remy. Rogue slapped him. Remy held his face. "What was dat fo'!"

"'Coz ya know 'f ah did ah'd absorb ya dry. Ya jus' don' get it do you! The world might end Remy, anytime soon, Apocalypse might b' 'ere, an' we might b' fightin' 'im!" shouted Rogue. Remy looked at her seriously.

"I know mon chere." he hugged Rogue, sensing her fear. "But Remy b' 'ere t' protect ya, non?"

"Ah don'…ah don' need your protection Cajun, ah can look after mahsef." said Rogue pushing him away. Remy looked at her. He couldn't understand this girl that had his attention all the time. She was such a feisty southern girl, and she had a fun side to her. She was always full of spirit and a delight to be with most of the time. But then she would turn into an angry goth girl who didn't care about anyone, not even herself. She had 10 different personalities, but her true personality was hidden deep inside. Remy wasn't even sure if he had actually met the real Rogue.

"Rogue I jus' don' get you sometimes. I mean at one point ya all flirty, den your all mean, den your scared…I jus' don' get it." said Remy.

"Maybe that's our problem Remy…we jus' don' get each other." she said shrewdly.

"Non, I know you better den anyone else, its jus' you don' tell moi 'ow you feel." said Remy.

"You're being serious." said Rogue. "Ah can always tell when you're bin' serious 'coz you always say I instead o' Remy." Rogue's voice was quiet, scared and happy.

"See, not a lot o' people know dat." said Remy trying to make a point that she knows him.

"Remy ah think ah know you now, but ah don' know who you were. Ah don' care 'bout the past, but ah like t' know that kind o' stuff. Yet you don' tell me. That's the reason why ah don' know you, 'coz ah don' know you're past." said Rogue. "An' you don' know mine. An' we obviously don' trust each other with it. So lets jus' leave the 'Rogue an' Remy' thing, 'coz it's not going t' work."

"Ya wrong chere, I can' tell ya mon past 'coz you'll hate moi. You're the only person I want t' tell…but I jus' can' forgive mahself 'f you hated moi." said Remy.

"Ah could never hate you." she said to him. "But at the minute, ah jus' don' know." Rogue walked off to the car. She sat next to Jean.

"What was all that like, about?" asked Kitty who was in the front seat.

"Ah don' wan't' talk 'bout It." said Rogue.

Xavier's School For The gifted and talented

Outskirts of New York

2.47am Wednesday 2nd July

She stood up in her pyjamas and walked out of her room slowly with her slippers dragging on her feet.

Rogue entered the kitchen and opened the fridge. She got the milk out and closed the fridge door and opened the cupboard door to get a cup. She then poured the milk into the cup and returned it back into the fridge. She then sat down and drank the milk slowly, her eyes staring straight on, thinking, worrying about Apocalypse.

Suddenly the light switch went on and off. Rogue looked to the door and saw Jean standing in the kitchen doorway.

"You know, it's not nice t' sneak up on people." said Rogue. Jean smiled and walked into the kitchen. Rogue had always had a thing against Jean. She was a good person, kind and generous and Rogue respected that. But it was the fact that she had everything Rogue wanted. Rogue could have been jealous of everyone in the mansion, but no, it was only Jean. The reason being was because she had earned Logan's love, without even having to try. Logan would always put Jean first, even if that wasn't true, Rogue thought it. And to know that Jean could dump Scott and go with Logan, touch him, love him…it killed Rogue. She didn't love Logan, she didn't fancy him, and she saw him as her father. But she knew that if there was ever another women, Logan would leave Rogue behind, not treat her like his daughter and be with the woman he loved. Even though it was not true, Rogue still believed it.

"Sorry, I just didn't think anyone was in here." said Jean as she opened the fridge door to get out a cookie. She sat on a seat opposite Rogue. "So how are you doing?" Rogue watched Jean bite her cookie and chew it, mannerly. Her short red her glowed more brunette in the moonlight.

"…Fine." Rogue said simply. Jean put her cookie down and raised her eyebrow.

"If you were 'fine' you wouldn't be up at 2.30am in the morning drinking milk would you?" said Jean. Rogue hated the fact that Jean knew people's personality's in a snap.

"Well ah don' think that's any o' your business now is it?" said Rogue. "Besides ah could ask you the same question." Jean smiled and picked up her cookie.

"Well I can normally get to sleep, but Scott for some reason has started to snore which makes me have a hell of a night." explained Jean laughing. "I haven't had a decent piece of sleep in a week."

"Why don' you get a spare room then, or bunk in with someone." pointed out Rogue.

"Is that an offer?" asked Jean. Rogue nearly chocked on her milk as she swallowed it.

"Ur…" Jean laughed and out her cookie down.

"Don't worry, I was only kidding. Besides I can't leave Scott on his own, it would just be an unintelligent move in out relationship." Rogue nodded.

"Well ah wouldn' know anything 'bout that." said Rogue.

"Ah, so is that what's bothering you?" asked Jean. Rogue smiled softly.

"A bit, but ah have t' live with it everyday so ah'm pretty used t' bein' depressed of knowing the fact that ah'll never b' able t' touch another human being in mah life." explained Rogue as she took a sip of her milk.

"Now you know that's not true, the Professor is sure to have a breakthrough with you're powers any day now." reassured Jean.

"Ah've been telling mahself that fo' th' past 2 years ah've been 'ere. Ah got mah powers when ah was fifteen Jean, ah'm now eighteen an' ah still can' touch."

"I know that it seems like you'll never be able to touch Rogue," said Jean as she put her hand on Rogue's covered up arm as she leaned over across the table, "but wherever there is darkness, there is always the sunshine trailing behind it, as Hank always says anyway." Jean smiled at her, and for some reason this smile Jean gave her actually reassured her. Jean knew that Rogue didn't like her much, but it didn't stop her from trying. Rogue smiled back, a genuine smile.

"Thanks Jean." she said softly.

"Anytime, I'm always here for you to talk to." said Jean. Rogue nodded and put her empty cup in the sink. She then walked past Jean and out of the kitchen, leaving Jean on her own.

Xavier's School For The gifted and talented

Outskirts of New York

3.00am Wednesday 2nd July


"Mesmero who are you calling for, what are you doing?" asked Charles as he watched the man named Mesmero fiddle with a key in his hand. "You possessed my X Men, made them get these rings for you behind our backs, and now you're using it for something. Tell me!"

"A dawning of a new age will happen Charles, once he is summand out of the prison he was put in, he will come down and rule all." said Mesmero.

"Who!" he shouted.

"The ruler of the worlds, the dark lord of evil. He will rule us all."

"Mesmero, you're unwell, you're chasing a dream, it's not reality." fought Charles. Behind Mesmero was a wall with inscriptions on it.

"Once I put this in the key hole, it'll be over before you know it Charles; he'll be here and obliterate everything before you're very eyes. And it will happen ever so hurriedly." laughed Mesmero.

"Who is this man you speak of!" shouted Charles fed up of playing games.

"He is no man of mortal or mutant, he is much more powerful." Mesmero smiled and put the key in the hole. He turned it and pulled it out, nothing happened.

"I told you Mesmero, you're ill. Nothing happened, and nothing will." said Charles, convinced he was just a mad man.

"You're wrong Charles, oh so very wrong. Nothing has happened yet, but an Apocalypse will happen."

"I have had enough." said Charles. He began to read his mind, putting himself and Mesmero in pain while doing so. After Charles had read his mind, his eyes opened wide. "Oh no…" Mesmero got off the floor and smiled.

"Now you know the reality. You may be able to impede me, but now that key has sent a portal for him to get out of his incarceration he was placed in thousands of years ago, and this galaxy will belong to him." Mesmero laughed at Charles and ran out of the Egyptian cave. Charles didn't go after him, instead he out his hand on his head.

"I could have stopped him doing one simple thing…but all along he was telling the truth…what have I done?" he said to himself.

End flashback

He came closer to him, wanting him, asking for him. He knew he was obsessed with him, always following him, making him do things he wouldn't have dreamt of doing. He touched his arm making him shiver.


"And you let him put the key in the hole?" asked Beast.

"Yes Hank, I made the biggest mistake a person could ever make. And now because of me not believing one simple man, the world will end." said Charles looking down, not bearing to see his X men.

"It wasn't you're fault Professor." said Jean, even though she wished he did something. "So this 'Apocalypse' creature, will he come down to Earth?"

"I am afraid so. When I was interpretation Mesmero's mind, I saw the creature ensnared in his prison in the astro plane. Now that the key has been entered into it's hole, it has send a portal for him to come out with his army, and obliterate everything we love so he can be sovereign of it." explained Charles.

"So we got t' fight de Apocalypse dude?" asked Gambit.

"I'm afraid when the time comes, we will have to. But I don't think we will be alone." said Charles.

"What do you mean?" asked Cyclops.

"I think that even though mutants and humans may have there differences, we will be fighting for the same thing…life."

"When the time comes Charles, we'll be ready." said Storm.

End Flashback

He looked at the room he was in, but it wasn't even a room, it was darkness…just darkness. He was scared he didn't know what to do…He came closer and closer and closer he couldn't push back…

Suddenly Xavier fell…which in realistic terms, he fell off her bed. He held his head and slowly sat up, sweat dripping from his forehead. The dreams had been getting worse. He didn't know what to do.

"Professor?" he head someone say. He looked round to see Jean Grey standing in his doorway with a concerned look on her face. She ran to him and used he powers to put him back on the bed. "I heard you screaming and came immediately." said Jean. "Were you dreaming?"

Xavier looked at her with lying eyes. "Yes, a harmless dream." Jean could sense he was lying, but didn't want to object.

"Okay Professor. I'll be in mine and Scott's room if you need me." she walked out of the room and shut the door behind her. Xavier pulled the covers over him again, but he knew he would not able to get back to sleep.

"He's coming." said Xavier to himself.


So how do you like it? I tried really hard on this so you would like it. Tell me though if you want me to change something. I know it happened quick but I want to get onto the story. Remember this story is based on the game X Men legends II Rise of Apocalypse, but this has more feeling to it. It's more like the inside story with romance in it.

More couples coming up next, it's not just Romy lol.

Next Chapter- Hell has came – The next Apocalypse is here, and no one can seem to stop it. The brotherhood have a captive, while the X Men prepare for their fight. Also, a friend becomes an enemy. Relationships, wars, action, EVERYTHINGxXx

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