I'm so sorry I haven't updated for while I feel really guilty. I've been so busy and have been meaning to go onto the computer and writing a bit more. So I'm going to tell you it's going to be a while until I update this story again, but this chapter is short, but sweet.

One By One

Rogue flew above the room she was in, she had opened the door and her and Carol were free. She felt almost like she was playing a game she knew she was going to loose.

"Carol ah don' know 'bout this. It's one thang trusting you, but letting all mah psyches is ridicules." said Rogue. Carol flew beside her and put her hand on her shoulder.

"I know Rogue, but we gotta do this quick. Mastermind is gonna figure eout where we are any minute and stop us from breaking the barrier free." explained Carol. "If we don't do this now you have no chance of saving Remy, and you'll be in he grasp of Apocalypse."

Rogue sighed. She was so scared of the psyches, more than anything in the world. "Alright, please though, make them help an' not attack me." Carol smiled.

"I won't Rogue, we're in this together."

"Something ah thought ah'd never hear." said Rogue as she flew to a door in the pitch black. "Once ah open this, they will all try t' attack me."

"No they won't, they know the situation." said Carol. "If they do I'll stop them."

Rogue breathed in and went to open the door. "Here it goes." she twisted the door handle and a bright light came from it. Rogue quickly flew up to where Carol was to make sure the psyches couldn't hurt her.

All the psyches came out one by one, swiftly. Rogue gulped as she watched them look around, some of them looking up at her. She was terrified.

"Where's Mastermind?" asked the psyche Jean.

"We wanna kick his ass!" shouted another.

"More like destroy him!" the comments kept coming and coming. Rogue smiled as she saw her 'army' wanting to help.

"I told you." said Carol. "Listen up people! We need to stop this thing and stop it now. If Rogue doesn't get out of her mind then she will be in Apocalypse's lair and turned evil, and we will be destroyed. So in order for her to get out, we need the psyche Professor Xavier."

Professor Xavier flew up towards them. "Absorb me." he said, looking down. Rogue was still scared of the psyche but none the less flew towards him and slowly reached for his skin.

"Ah'm sorry." she said as she touched his skin. The psyche disappeared and Rogue sighed. "Let's do this!"

Temple Of Legends

Emma carried on walking forward, still scared of what might be ahead. She breathed with caution and jolted at every noise.

"I hate this." said Emma. She turned into another tunnel, this time it was totally pitch black and her fire light was running out. "This is just fucking great."

Suddenly she felt something against her skin. She screamed, turned around and fell on the ground, all to see it was Logan and some girl.

"Jeez Emma, carm down." he said. Emma's breathing was fast.

"Carm down? Carm fucking down! Bishop left me in a cave thing all on my own!" shouted Emma.

"Stop squealing, that's a sign of weakness and it's really annoying." said Betsy. Emma looked up at Betsy and got off from the floor.

"And you are?"

"Betsy Braddock." Emma looked to Logan.

"Where the heck did you find her?" asked Emma.

"She found me and helped me when Jean attacked me." explained Logan. Emma smiled.

"So she's part of Apocalypse's team I'm guessing?"

"Yeah, but we gotta deal with this mission at the moment." said Logan.

"And I thought you were in love with her." said Emma.

"Well there ya have it." Logan carried on walking with Betsy falling. Emma looked at them go up the tunnel and ran after them.

Remy's illusion

"Why can' Remy remember anyt'in?" Remy asked Logan. Logan sighed.

"No idea kid, something's going on, and we gotta get to the bottom of it." said Logan.

"An' I t'ink Remy would remember someti'n as big as getting' married, I thought I was marrying Belladonna, but I guess I get around." he smiled proudly at himself.

"Oh get over yourself." said Logan. "And who the hell's Belladonna?"

"Remy jus' speakin' de truth, Remy ends up wit' two beautiful wives. Wonder what happened wit' moi an' Bella. I never really wanted to marry her anyway."

"Will you shut up!" shouted Logan. "I have to make sure that-." suddenly there was a bright light and a man appeared in it as fast as the speed of light. "What the…?"

"Who de hell are you?" asked Remy.

"I'm Mastermind." he said. Mastermind looked at Logan. "You can go now." he held out his hand and Logan started to evaporate. Remy looked in horror.

"What…I…oh my god…" Mastermind walked towards Remy smiling.

"The mind, it is a great thing. It holds everything, the key to everything. And mutants with abilities to enter someone's mind is very lucky." he said.

"What did you do t' Logan?" asked Remy still getting over what happened.

"The Logan you saw was a creation I made. The real Logan has no idea what's happening."

"What d'ya mean?"

"I needed Rogue…the girl you're "married" too. She is needed as an energy source for Apocalypse, and you got in the way." explained Mastermind. "I just thought I'd have a little bit of fun with you."

"You sick bas-."

"Now, now, now. There's no need for nasty language like that." said Mastermind.

"Remy don' get anyt'in what ya sayin', sept dat dis is all a dream. Take me back where Remy belongs!" he demanded.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Remy, I-." Mastermind stopped talking. He looked as though he had been stabbed. He fell to the ground and, holding his stomach. Remy looked confused.

Real World


Rogue was standing up, absorbing Mastermind on a bare part of his shoulder. Sinister was controlling the plane, unable to do anything. As Mastermind fell to the ground, Sinister put the plane of autopilot and got up.

As he went to attack Rogue he stopped in his tracks. Rogue was entering his mind, playing with his thoughts. He couldn't do anything except hold his head in agony. He fell to the ground unconscious.

Rogue waited for a moment to see if he got back up, which he didn't. She had the horrible thoughts of Mastermind in her head, and going into Sinister's wasn't nice either. She could feel the psyches in her head, trying to get free. She knew it was a bad idea to let them help.

The, the headache went away…Carol must be putting them back where they belong. Rogue smiled to herself.

She then diverted her eyes over to Remy and ran over to him. He was on a table spread out, looking as though he was in a deep sleep. She couldn't help but smile as she saw his face.

'Eyes like a devil, but the face carved by an angel'. She thought. She took a deep breathe, knowing what she had to do. She put each of her hands an each sides of his head and closed his eyes. With Mastermind's powers, and the knowledge of how to use his power, Rogue entered Remy's mind.

Remy's Mind

Remy was now on the floor, wondering where Mastermind's body had gone. He didn't know what just happened, but he knew something wasn't right.

He ran outside to find this illusion raining. He was so confused; he just wanted to go home, even if it was with the dreaded Bella!

"Take me home!" he shouted to no one. It was his own mind, yet he couldn't get out of it. He fell to his knees, wondering what would happen.

"Remy?" said a voice. Still on his knees, Remy turned to face the beautiful girl he saw on the picture.

"You're…Rogue." he said. She looked different from in the picture. She looked younger, yet still not as much life in her. Her hair was drenched from the rain, yet she still looked beautiful.

"Yeah…d'ya remember me?" she asked as she slowly came forward to him. He looked upset and his head went side to side as a no. A sigh escaped out of her, she was hoping him seeing her would give him a memory jolt. She must not be that special.

"Ya mah wife, non?" he said. She smiled and looked down at him.

"In this imagination, yeah…but in the real world, no." she said. "Ah'm here t' take ya back Remy. But ah can' let ya leave until ya remember, otherwise ya never will know what happened t' you."

"Maybe it's better dat way." he said. "It doesn' sound very exciting out in de real world." She smiled again.

"Ah would replace the word 'exciting' with the word extremely eventful."

"Why did dis happen t' Remy?" he asked.

"It doesn't matter, what matters is that ah get your memory back." she said. "Don' you remember anythin'?"

"Notin'…I'm scared." he said. "I'm a 15 year ol' stuck inside a 20 year old man's body." Rogue felt sad for the boy, and it didn't help that it was raining hard.

"Ah know sugah, but everythin' will b' okay once we get you t' remember." said Rogue.

"How am I 'spose t' remember when Remy can' even remember his own wife…well sorta wife." he said.

"Well we'll have t' find a way and quick. Ah can use Mastermind's powers maybe t' give you back the memories he erased." she said.

"It's pointless." he said.

"Jeez, ah thought you were a fighter, now a failure. Now get ya act together swamp rat." she said. He suddenly went into a trance. His face was still and he didn't blink. Rogue looked at him, scared she did something.


"What did you jus' call moi?" he asked, still not moving his eyes.


"No befo'.

"Erm…sugah…swamp rat."

"Swamp rat." he said. Rogue blinked a few times then realised something.

"That is so typical o' ya Remy LeBeau. Ya can' remember me, but ya can remember ya stupid nickname!" Rogue shouted.

"I can remember…a house…dis one…an'…an'…urrr I can' remember anytin' else!" he said. Rogue got onto her knees and looked into his face.

"Ya remember the tree we always used to sit at?" Rogue asked. He had a moment to think about it but then nodded expectedly. "An' the kitchen where you an; Jean used t' fight over cooking?"

"Qui…qui Remy remembers that too!" he shouted in excitement.

"An' the huge christmas tree that fell over and you caught it but accidentally blew it up." said Rogue smiling. Remy was nearly in tears and nodded. "An' when you held me when ah was alone on the roof?"

"I remember, I remember dat!" he said. He put his hand on Rogue's and squeezed it. "I'm startin' t' remember everythi'n….it's all comin' back t' moi." Rogue was almost in tears too.

"Maybe this will help." said Rogue. She leaned in and kissed him full on the lips. He was surprised, but melted into it. Their tongues battled against one another. The heat was making the water feel as though it wasn't there. Remy held onto her waist, bringing her closer, while Rogue held his head with the palm of each hand.

After a moment she pulled away from the kiss, tears running down both of their cheeks.

"I remember everyt'in." he said smiling. Rogue smiled to and held him. He held her tight, never wanting to let go. And then…they were gone.

Real World


Remy's body jumped up and Rogue fell backwards onto her butt. Remy immediately got off the table to help her up. As he was he looked into her deep emerald eyes and smiled.

She didn't know what the smile meant, maybe a thank you, a loving one…she didn't know but she knew what her smile meant. Warmth.

To be continued XxX