this is my first fanfiction, so please go easy on me. i'm not good in english so sorry.

Sakura is sick of being the weakest in team 7. She found a way how to become stronger, stealing Tsunade's forbidden scroll techniques in her office she was able to learn the technique easily. Not only did she become stronger but her body grew 6 years older. What will happen now? Will she come back to her original 12 year old body and how will everybody react to this? M/F KS

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"What happened to my body?" she stiffened. "Why are my clothes so tight?"

"I can't breath"

"Is this the side-effect of using the forbidden technique!"

She felt being squeeze. She thought her clothes shrunk. She touched her chest for air.

"Ah! My breast is so big!"

She rushed in her bathroom to look in the mirror. She took her clothes off quickly and accidentally ripped it in two. She let out a sigh of relief and went to the mirror to check on her body.

She was shocked. She looks like an adult between 18 and 20. She blushed furiously. Her curvy figure, her creamy skin, her long legs, her pretty face, her big chest and ass whats makes her all so sexy.

"shit! this is not me!"

This is not supposed to happen. She expected to grow stronger, not grow older.

"What should I do?"

Enough of this I must find some clothes and get out immediately before mom finds me here naked. She covered herself with a towel and tiptoed in her mother's room for clothes.

She chose her mother's favorite Chinese dress. Still picky even in this situation.

It fits her perfectly. The red dress reaches her knee with a little slit showing her right leg. The dress is sleeveless showing her creamy white shoulder. She sneaks out of the window and took a walk to think about her problem.

She leaned in the rail of the red bridge. Her head bowed down looking at the river.

I must not tell everybody about this or Tsunade will kill me for sneaking in her office. I'll do this by myself but how. I wonder what Naruto and Kakashi-sensei are doing.


"No sakura you are not coming with us." Kakashi said stopping her to follow him and Naruto.

"What! But why?" sakura stopped from walking.

"This is a dangerous mission Sakura-chan it would be good for you to stay in Konoha." Naruto said.

"Is it because I'm weak?" Sakura asked with her head tilted down.

They wont even look at me in the face, why, am I a burden to them, am I that WEAK! I can't take this.

"Fine I'll stay!' she ran away, tears running down her cheeks.

"Sakura-chan wait!" Naruto was going to follow her but was stopped by Kakashi.

"Naruto were going to be late you know that, this is an important mission." Naruto reluctantly followed Kakashi with a frown on his face.

I don't want to be weak anymore! I'm sick of it!

Stop crying!

Crying makes you weak!


She noticed some men kept staring at her. They've been there since she stayed in the bridge. She felt uncomfortable, she was going to leave but was blocked by them.

"Hey pretty lady are you new here?"

"Wanna date with me miss?"

"Excuse me have we met before?"

She sweatdropped.

Sakura was being surrounded by men asking her questions. She was getting annoyed from all the attention, but can't escape.

She was about to yell at them.

"Leave my girlfriend alone."

All the men encircled Sakura turn their heads back. Sakura's eyes widened with shock.


Kakashi walked towards her nonchalantly and grabbed her wrist. The men all glared at him.

She was still baffled, what is he doing?

"Sorry to keep you waiting babe." Kakashi said and winked at Sakura.

'Oh I get it!'

"Its ok honey" Sakura hold on Kakashi's arms and moved closer to him.

"Ready for our date?"

Kakashi nodded with a yes and they both walked pass by the men.

"Aw, man she's taken!"

"lucky bastard"