Mace and Anakin were walking down the street outside Dex's diner and saw two women that looked like Sabe and Padme from behind.

"Ah-ha, nowhere to run!" Mace muttered to Anakin as they started to run towards them.

Inside Dex's Diner, Sabe and Padme were sitting up by the window because two guys had their favourite table.

"I don't like sitting up here! I'm just gonna go over…" Padme said as she started to get up.

"No Padme! They got here first!" Sabe said, grabbing her arm.

Mace and Anakin appeared at the window behind them crouched behind a garbage can and ready to spring their attack on who they thought were Sabe and Padme.

"Why are they doing that?" Sabe asked as they watched them run down the street and grab the women from behind, screaming "DANGER!"

"Oh my God! Why are they jumping on those women!" Padme cried.

"We should help them!" Sabe added as they watched the scene.

"I… Well, I don't think they need any help," Padme decided as Mace started to scream and run away, Anakin not far behind.

They stopped in front of the window to check the pursuit and noticed Sabe and Padme inside looking at them.

Mace mouthed, "What?" Then realized that the women they attacked were closing in so he screamed and ran away.

Anakin mouthed something to Padme which looked like 'You'll pay for this later!' before streaking off after Mace.