Author's Note: It's here guys. It's back and alive! This is the second time I change this story. I've said it before and I'll say it again this is still in draft form so you'll notice I tend to change a lot.

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Lily James 33 years old born in 1973. Elizabeth 42 born in 1963. Eric 43 1962. Hermione Harry 16 born 1989.

Being Violet Granger's sister:

My parents got divorced when I was nine. I'm not sure why they did though. I guess these things just kind of happen. They never make sense. They never get explained they just happen. You see my parents were our town's golden couple. They had been childhood sweethearts with bright futures ahead of them. It all came as a big surprise on a Sunday morning.

I used to love Sundays with all my heart. Mum and dad would make breakfast together. Usually mum would be the one who made the healthy part of the breakfast. I'd wake up on Sundays and brush my teeth. Then I'd just linger a little on top of the stairs as old 70's and 80's music was playing on the radio. I'd hear mum laugh loudly as dad would sing along with the radio and do something utterly ridiculous. I'd hear them from the top of the stairs. It was my little secret. When my parents acted like humans unattached to any responsibility. No kids. No work. No nothing. That would probably be the only time I'd think of them as persons instead of just parents. Then Violet would emerge from the bathroom and I'd follow her to the kitchen where we both would be greeted with hugs and the sweet smell of pancakes. I could always count on my parents being in the kitchen early Sunday morning. No matter what I'd always have Sunday morning to look forward to.

That particular Sunday would change everything. I woke up as usual and brushed my teeth. None of us would bother changing out of our pyjamas. I quietly made my way to the top of the stairs and sat down. I recall the sense of dread in my stomach. I couldn't hear a Beatles song playing on the radio or a CD that my dad had fixed. In fact I couldn't hear anything at all. I couldn't hear my mum laughing. I didn't hear my dad singing along some song with his terrible voice. There was no magic. It was my mother's crying that had replaced the music. Instead of wearing the silly apron my mum had bought for him dad was wearing his suite. Ironic how the first thing I asked was if someone had died. I didn't really notice the three suitcases in the hall waiting for dad to grab them.

I remember crying that day. Actually I remember crying a lot that whole week. My dad tried to talk to me but I wouldn't listen. How could I listen? I hated the both of them for it. I hated dad for packing his stuff. I hated mum for letting him go. I mostly hated dad for actually leaving given the opportunity. What was worse was how they behaved afterwards. I was crying by my window when I saw the yellow cab pull up our small driveway. Mum although crying hugged him before he got into the cab leaving our home forever. They remained friends.

I guess I'm lucky for both of my parents still maintaining their relationship. Secretly I wish they would fight or yell at each other. Seeing them so nice somehow made everything okay. I didn't want okay. Everything was not okay. How could they get married, have children and then suddenly one morning wake up and say oh sorry you're not the person I love? How could they throw away so much history? It wasn't fair. I used to hope and make all these small fantasies about how dad would come back and get back together with mum. I still sometimes imagine they'd do.

The paperwork never became a big deal. I'd say it was a perfectly good divorce. They didn't even argue about Violet and I. The judge decided to let us stay with mum and let dad visit us whenever he wanted. Everyone seemed to be happy except my sister and me.

Ever since the divorce I've tried to make it through life, alone mostly. I never seemed to fit in with the utterly popular crowed like my sister and parents do. I've never been in a particular labelled group. Practically everyone at my school see me as Violet's sister. I guess I've always been labelled as her sister. They don't see me as me. I'm her sister. I've never been able to be anyone else then her sister. I have no close friends or a clique. I mean I just sort of exist without anything to give me some sort of distinct identity. Most people have friends while I have acquaintances. It's not like I'm a social retard or anything. Actually I prefer my life this way. I guess I'm more comfortable this way to be honest.

My mother and I get along. Well as much as we can even though if we do fight a bit. Sure we both love each other and get along but she never really understands me the way I need her to. I guess all teenage girls feel like that. So I'm sure that doesn't make me special or anything. My sister Violet and I do not get along. Don't believe a word they tell you. We're so different from each other. We're so different that Pamela Anderson and the Virgin Mary couldn't get any more different then us. It feels like we're not even on the same planet! Who am I kidding? You haven't seen world war 3 if you haven't seen us. I'd still say we get along. How? We don't hate each other; we just really don't like each other that much.

My sister Violet is a different story as I've mentioned earlier. She is loved at first glance. She looks beautiful. Everything in her life just seems to come to her without any effort. I felt it was unfair how I had to work twice as hard to get where I was. My mother seems to always be on the same page as her. Dad is always hung up on trying to make her see other more important sides of life then fashion and boys. I guess I was a little jealous how she had that connection with mum. I have dad though. I don't know why both of us get along better with one parent. We just do.

Maybe that's why I dislike her. I've always lived in the shadow of my sister. Although I know my parents love me, they always had this thing with Violet. So I tried my best. Whatever I did was just not good enough. Vi had already done this or excelled in that. I could never be as pretty as Vi. I could never be as popular or at the top of my dance class. Nobody cared if I did a good acting job as Violet was the favourite child of us two. At first I hated it, loathed it in fact. The way Violet received so much attention made me feel like a loser. I didn't just become the loser I became one by feeling like one.

I guess I just accepted it after that. I could never be Violet. It took me a long time to realize that. If I kept trying what good would it do? So I tried to do everything Violet didn't do. Maybe a part of me thought that if I did what she didn't I wouldn't get compared to her.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not neglected in any way or ignored. I really do love my family with all my heart. I just wish my mother and I understood each other better. Oh and maybe if Violet could get a giant major zit on her nose on her date... Hey she uses several hours in the bathroom. A girl needs her bathroom time!

Anyway we have these traditions in my family. We've kept these traditions for a long time. Every summer and Christmas we get together for a large family reunion thing. That way we supposedly maintain close. I was like dude cant you just send an email? I mean god dad you divorced the woman leave her alone! Never less my parents always force Violet and I to go. I have to admit these things are kind of fun even though our family tends to be wacky.

Oh yeah that part. I forgot that part. You see the Granger family are well, we've always have been uhm crazy. That's actually a mild thing to say but it's true. Maybe I should give you a little information and let you decide if we're qualified for Britain's most insane family award. Heck I'd say we'd win the whole thing. Now as I was saying...

I have two uncles from my father's side. My uncle Patrick who we just call Patty or Sergeant Pain In The Ass. He's 48 and an athletic freak. Uncle Patrick owns a gym and is a VIP instructor. He's not bad and defiantly one of my favourites. The thing with my uncle Patrick is that he always forces all of us to do extreme activities. Last year we went rock climbing during summer and snowboarding down the mountain last Christmas. I think my uncle Matthew is trying to find a way to injure him so he can't come. Uncle Matt dreads the activities possibly more then me.

My uncle Matthew is as quoted from a movie almost too gay to function. Well not really but he's my most favourite person in the world. I might offend some people so scratch that. He's among my most favourite people in the world. You can't avoid him. He invented the nickname Sergeant pain in the ass after hauling himself up the mountain. He's a great person and one of the few I really feel close to.

Then there's my aunt Rose. She was crazy enough to marry Sergeant pain in the ass. So yes my aunt Rose qualifies for the crazy award. She was also crazy enough to bring her daughter to life. We'll get to my cousin Annie later. My aunt Rose works as a teacher and is a gentle loving person. She's such a sweetheart.

My cousin Annie is the worst optimistic person I've ever met. Seriously whenever she smiles I'm afraid that her face will crack. Actually she's always smiling and it makes me wonder if her face is permanently stuck that way. My theory is that some crazy dark wizards tested permanent annoying cheering charms on her and she's been stuck this way ever since. Annie is seventeen along with my sister. Usually they hang out together during our vacations. Don't underestimate her. Even if she may be smiling all the time it doesn't mean she's the nicest person in the world.

My cousin Gwen is like the worst bitch I've ever met. Seriously she's like my sister's twin. I swear Gwen and Violet are both Mary Sue idols. Gwen is my aunt Donna's daughter.

My aunt Donna can be described as followed blond. She's a designer and owner of DD. Yes THE Donna designs. Don't ask me how I'm related to her. Apparently she's my aunt and no I can't get you free clothes. She's married to some old guy I've seen like once in my life.

Then there's my grandfather who is simply a crazy old bat. Then there's my grandmother who acts like she can still have a say in things even in the afterlife. My mother who well you'll find out later. My dad seems to be the only sane one in this family!

Me? I would have been normal but something happened to me. Aright so happened isn't the most suitable word. I guess it'd be more correct to say I've always been like this. You see my sister threw me out of a tall building when I was a baby...

I was joking. You know joke ha-ha?

Not laughing yet? Err yes well I'm not exactly normal per say. I mean sure I'm average but I'm still trying to figure out if I'm demented or if my imagination has a life of its own.

But this story isn't about my get together times with my insane family. It isn't about me being demented. It's not about this year's Christmas fiasco. Actually it's about love and finding it in the worst of places.

Normal point of view three months earlier:

Harry who had just come down for breakfast yawned loudly. "You're too much like your other godfather kid." Remus who had been having a conversation with his mother said. The black haired boy smiled tiredly as he took a seat at the breakfast table.

"And what's that supposed to mean Moony?" Harry's godfather asked playfully adding "Some of us have special late night activities we attend to. Nothing you'd know about of course." Harry laughed as Remus stuttered.

"By the looks of it you don't either Sirius. The marauders never stop marauding do they?" Lily said with a smile upon her face. "I'm still trying to decide whether I'm married to a sixteen year old or a grown up man."

Harry just yawned once again piling his plate with food. "How was the party last night?" Sirius asked chewing his toast. Harry dropped his fork. "What party? Harry was grounded last night." Lily asked confused. Harry kept his mouth shut and continued to eat. He didn't want his mother to hassle him so early in the morning. "Nothing mum. Sirius must've run into a glass door again or something." Harry said as calmly as he could. However he couldn't help but notice the calculating look in his mother's eyes. He knew she'd get him back.

"Oy where do you think you're going? It's Saturday" Remus called seeing James run for the door. James who had been rushing to get to work stopped. "Ministry business. Harry we'll have to catch that U2 concert another time. I don't have time to drop you off" Harry raised both his eyebrows.

"Dad its U2. You can't just call them and tell them to cancel just because you have work!" Harry said.

(two months earlier)

"Lily we've been waiting for three hours." Lily swallowed the lump in her throat. "He'll show mother. James loves me he wouldn't do this to me." She said continuing to stand still by the alter. It was their anniversary and they had planned to throw a real wedding.

(a month earlier)

"I'm sick and tired of this!"

"Lily I promise I'll..."

"That's it James you promise and you promise but you can't seem to keep them."

"What do you want me to do huh? This is my job! If you haven't noticed I've been working my ass off ever since Harry was born."

"So is that what we are then? A burden?"

"That's not what I..."

"Well James you don't have to worry anymore. I've already signed the divorce papers."

"Mum dad what's going on? Why are you two shouting? It's bloody two a.m."

To be continued...