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Being Violet Granger's Sister:

The house had returned to its usual quiet state. Elizabeth recalled a time when peace and quiet was a rare treat. Eric used to make the most of those precious times. Sprinkling rose petals on their bed that gave her a rash. Almost setting the curtains on fire with all those scented candles he bought. She liked to remember those times when thinking of him. How hopeless he was while trying to be romantic. He was so unlike James in many ways.

"Darling when will you learn to clean up after yourself"

She muttered fondly bending down. A sharp pain shot through her back as she picked up a discarded chemistry book. Oh how she could use one of James' back rubs. A slight giggle escaped her lips. The last time Eric tried to rub her back she needed to see a chiropractor. Granted they were nineteen at the time, but Eric never dared to try it again. Book in her hand she decided to check up on the girls. Violet always left her window open and Hermione always kicked off her covers while sleeping. Tired she made her way up to Hermione's room first.

As she predicted Hermione was already fast asleep lightly snoring. Half of her covers on the floor. After she tucked Hermione in Liz kissed her daughter's head. I haven't seen her smile like that in ages, Liz thought to herself.

"Wonder what's making you smile little girl"

She said to no one in particular. It struck her how much Hermione resembled her father. Hermione was her daddy's little girl through and through. Liz thought she had put the past behind, but who was she kidding? The children weren't supposed to know, especially not Hermione. Hermione idolized Eric in the way all girls do their fathers. The affair was the kind of thing that would shatter that image she had of her dad. One wasn't supposed to discuss their husband's escapades with their daughters. How Violet came to know the reason for her divorce was beyond her. Not even Matthew knew what transpired between his ex and his brother. Sometimes Liz wished Eric hadn't told her. Their marriage was supposed to have been built on love and trust. After a thing like that she just couldn't look at him the same way. He had begged her for forgiveness and she had forgiven him. She couldn't however pretend that everything was the way it used to be.

James was everything she could want in an ideal man. He was charismatic, fit, and young and my god was he handsome. He could do things to her that reduced her to a silly fourteen year old girl with a crush. He could say all the right words and do all the right things. With James there was no danger of the curtains catching fire because of scented candles! Yet Liz had doubts. The kind she had been able to suppress just fine before today. Before Eric had to go and bloody shout he loved her. If he loved her then why did he have to go and ruin their marriage? Why couldn't he keep his bloody pants on?

Later she would call James. She wasn't a criminal. She'd be damned if she was going to let Eric make her feel like she was doing something unethical. No Liz was going to marry James the right way in front of family and friends. They would have a small gathering in her home. Donna would be able to complete her dress by then. Catering wouldn't be so much of a problem. Matthew had a lot of connections here and there. Surely he could whip something up by Thursday. Unbeknownst to Liz her daughter was dreaming of wearing a white gown of her own accompanied by a certain green eyed boy.

Hermione point of view:

"Well isn't that a good sign then?"

Cho asked filling the shelves with the latest cook books on the market. Argh! Doesn't she get it?

"Of me going mad? Yes!"

I hissed not wanting to be overheard by Ron. Cho turned around and grabbed my shoulders.

"Hermione he is your boyfriend!"

She said this like it was a very important detail. Yeah well just because he's my boyfriend doesn't make the dream any less creepy. I mean come on we've just started this relationship. We haven't yet reached that stage of actually being serious about each other. I mean sure Harry does seem pretty serious or… Stupid dream!

"Right so why did he marry me?!?!?!"

My emotions were on a roller coaster ride. This morning mum had declared over breakfast that she was going to wed James on Thursday. At first I was all hooray she's not eloping on Thursday. Then I was like oh no she's still going through with it. Well at least she's not shunning me anymore. Dad however threw a massive wrench into my plans of reuniting him and mum. I for one wouldn't be keen on getting back together with a man who cheated on me. Why does Harry have to bloody appear in my dream? He's turning me into a silly obsessive psychotic schoolgirl! Ugh this whole thing is giving me a massive headache.

"Another Bella Swan in the making."

There was no mistaking who that voice belonged to. Thomas Riddle junior and his stupid feral grin.

"Are you a fan of Stephanie Meyer?"

I wanted to smack Cho. Did she even register his smug holier than thou "evil guy" tone? Thomas opened his mouth to speak then shut it. He shook his head and turned to me dismissing her. No Cho I'm pretty sure he isn't a Stephanie Meyer fan.

"Pitiful that a book that bad can gain so much popularity."

He picked up a copy of Jamie Oliver the naked chef and skimmed through it. Trying and failing miserably to look indifferent.

"I completely agree."

I threw him off guard. Hah! Probably thought I was a twilight fan, but I'm not. So he can just take all his psycho Bella jokes and go unleash them elsewhere.

"You are something else Granger."

The way he said it made me feel like it was an insult. This is supposed to be Harry's friend? How can Harry stand him? Personally I barely tolerate him. You sure seemed to tolerate him when he went all octopus on you at Hogwarts. Shut up voice in my head.


He raised his arm making me unconsciously take a step backwards. The action further amused him. I clenched my teeth as he brushed off cookie crumbs from my cheek. Darn cookies!

"Pretty decent for a naked chef isn't he?"

Cho grabbed the book from his hand. She forcefully wedged the book between us. Right between that Nigella cook book and that Hell's kitchen guy.

"It's a cook book not an illustrated pornographic novel."

Thomas retorted running a hand through his hair. The tension in the air was so thick you could cut through it with a knife. Where is that boyfriend of mine when I need him?

"I'm sorry Thomas was there something you wanted?"

I asked as politely as the situation called for. Both of them visibly relaxed after that. Sometimes you just need a reminder to be civil and not a cannibal ready to pounce.

"Be careful Granger. Lot of monsters out there."

Uhm… Is he referring to himself or? Because he can't possibly be that blunt. Unless he wants to continue his intimidation tactic. In that case he's already lost that battle. Having to take care of my cousins and my sister while they are hung over; now THAT my friend is intimidating. Gwen is especially scary when she has a headache. I mean you'd think she couldn't get any worse than she is, but you forget that she's sober when you make that assumption.

"Wouldn't ya know we have one standing here right now."

Cho said eyes narrowing. Normally I'd encourage this. Knowing who Darth Vader junior is kind of makes me rethink my witty banter. You know in case daddy's boy runs to his dad and makes him kill us all.

"I see Thomas as more of a sociopath."

In the words of Homer Simpson: doh! Surprisingly enough Thomas judging by that snort found it funny. Guess "classy" people as him do snort. Here I thought he was one constipated dignified son of a dark lord. Just shows how wrong you can be about a person.

"Actually mildly psychotic would be more fitting. Hasn't your shift ended?"

A man with the ability to pick on himself. How refreshing from his usual arrogance. I turned my wrist to check the time. Is he by any chance psychic?

"Five minutes ago actually."

I've made up my mind. I'm not going to trust him. He shouldn't be able to know when my shifts end or not. My uncle Patrick thinks I'm too paranoid and suspicious for my own good. In my defense those same qualities have proven to be helpful in the past.

"Lucky you. I'm stuck here all by myself for another hour"

Cho tiredly said picking up the empty cardboard box. Oh no she is not going to make me feel guilty. Mum double grounded me last time I came home late. It never occurred to me that it was possible. Since I already was grounded I thought it couldn't get any worse. Wrong! Parents are masterminds when it comes to punishing their kids.

"Mildly psycho boy here can keep you company. I really have to go."

I gave her a quick hug. Cho sighed a little before letting me go. Why is she so gloomy? I'd love to be stuck in a bookstore. All these wonderful books to keep me company and like minded customers. Thomas gave a small cough. Uhm was I supposed to hug him goodbye?

"I wanted to walk you home."

The way he said it makes one believe he is a gentleman. Or maybe this is all some sort of scheme to find out where I live? Why he would be interested in where I live is beyond me. Perhaps it's all a part of some evil master plan?

"Oh that's uhm…"

I shut up not knowing how to respond to that. Really there's so much a person can say for the sake of being polite. Like a limit to how much you can lie your way through a conversation before you call it quits.


Cho quipped trying to be helpful. I put a hand to my face rubbing my eyes. So not helping Chang!

"She means creepy in the nicest way possible."

I threw an arm around her shoulder and gave a cheery smile. Apparently bending the truth a bit does not constitute as a lie. Why? Because you are essentially telling the truth in more uh colorful terms.

"No, creepy like Tom Cruise. Does Hollywood really expect us to believe an American became the last samurai of Japan?"

Both Tom and I kept our mouths shut as she ranted on about Japanese history. Finally her ranting came to a halt. Cho looked at him then at me then back at him. She shook her head in disappointment.


Was all she said before bending down to pick up the empty cardboard box.

Later on

"So you and Harry."

I was walking alongside Thomas. The wind stung my cheeks as we passed Joe's. I wrapped my coat tighter around myself.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

I said making it a point to stare ahead and not sideways. I could feel his gaze on me before shifting towards the shops. My fingers were numb from the cold. I really should remember to put on my gloves.


Was his reply. I snorted only to wish I hadn't. My nose was starting to run because of the horrible weather. I dug my pockets for any old tissues I might have stuffed in them.

"He just doesn't seem your type."

Thankfully I found an old Kleenex. Not even bothering to sound ladylike I blew my nose. Thomas cleared his throat in disgust. Eh to hell with weird acceptable social actions. I'm cold, hungry and not even close to the bus stop. I'll damn well blow my nose as loudly as I want to.

"Are you happy with him?"

The question threw me off guard. Cho was right. He is creepy. What's it to him anyway if we're happy or not? It's none of his business.

"I'm having dreams where I get married to him so yeah. I think I'm happy with him since subconsciously I'm already planning our wedding."

Aaand breathe! Phew that was one of the longest run on sentences I've ever said. To my surprise he laughed. Not in the evil genius way I was expecting, but an aristocratic laugh. How disappointing really. I had been looking forward to hear an evil genius cackle insanely.

"Fair enough."

Getting into awkward situations has become the cliché of my life. Don't you just hate being alone with someone and having nothing to say? I mean there's this horrid invisible space you have to break through with words. Failing to do so makes me all nervous and jittery. Between Cho and Ron there hasn't been a second where either one of us hasn't said a word. It suits me seeing as I hate not talking. Or people that don't talk which basically is the same as me not talking since someone has to start the conversation. The point is none of us were talking making the whole walking me home thing unnerving.

"So you and Ginny huh. You lucky boy."

Could I have sounded less moronic? Apparently not.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

He retorted smugly. I did the fish impression. You know the open and close mouth several times. At least Thomas isn't as infuriating as Harry was when I first met him. We were finally getting close to our destination. Stupid boy somebody should teach him you do not use Hermione Granger's own lines against her. At least have the decency not to sound so smug while doing it.

"We're going about this all wrong Thomas darling"

I said doing my best to sound and act haughty. Another snort this time from him. Nevertheless I plowed my way through this dreadful experience with the spirit of an Alanis Morisset song. I've got one hand in my pocket Alanis and the other one is failing miserably at getting a responding high five.

"You and I are supposed to exchange tales of our childhood and complain over our mothers mutual obsessions with pricey unpractical handbags."

Okay I was acting tougher than I felt. Babbling unnecessarily and overly exaggerating. That's what I do when I'm nervous. Scratch the babbling since I do have the tendency to babble regardless of my emotional state.

"Not much to tell really. My dad is an aspiring politician. I grew up in London."

Erm… Yeah… A part of me wanted to ask him what kind of politics his father was into. The genocide kind? It wouldn't be the smartest thing to say since I'm trying to maintain a cover. Stupid Harry dreams. It's not fair that liking someone fuzzes up your brain so much. Drinking Pepsi through the nose using a straw while watching comedies does less damage than having a boyfriend.

"What about your mum?"

I cast a quick glance in his direction. Thomas' face had turned into stone. Harry had walls to keep people from breaking in. Thomas had a different approach.

"She lives in France. We have a vacation home there."

His tone was flat almost comically so. You'd think he was reciting historical dates or something equally impersonal.

"Brr it's cold."

I blew some hot air on my hands to no avail. At this rate my hands will freeze off until I get home.

"Here "

Thomas walked in front of me. I stopped wondering what he was going to do and why he had stopped me. I watched as he slipped off his gloves and took off his hat.

"I'm not going to wear that! You'll freeze!"

He ignored my objections pulling the hat down my head. The world went momentarily dark as the fabric was pulled over my eyes and ears.

"Your constant sniffling is annoying. I'd rather you not make it worse by coughing."

I pushed the fabric up to my forehead. The material itched. I can see! I'm cured! It's a miracle!

"Thomas darling I thought you found it endearing. And at least I have the social skills needed to carry out a pleasant conversation for the both of us"

The retort made the corner of his mouth twitch. Oh smile you evil bastard I know you want too. He grabbed my hand and tried to tread the leather over my frozen fingers. It would've been sweet if he wasn't so adamantly forceful.

"Kiss me Kate and end your life as the shrew."

The line threw me off guard. I looked up from my now leather clad fingers to his face. His blue eyes twinkled in amusement. Oh he's being friendly. For a moment there I thought oh never mind. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. Yes Sir Hermione Granger has a boyfriend whom I'm faithfully devoted to. Then why had my stomach done a somersault?

"I fear Petruchio here only wants to tame you. I however like you just the way you are."

Harry had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Thomas let go of me and his stony expression returned. Darn I was just about to crack the surface of this emotionless boy. Nervously I checked to see if Harry had noticed that somersault. Nope he was all smiles and dimples. Oh for Pete's sake Thomas is fairly attractive and given the situation it was a completely natural response. It's not like I slept with him or anything.

"Did you indirectly call me a shrew?"

Harry stuck out his tongue at me. Thomas rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath something that sounded like kids or children.

"Is there a reason you apar-appeared out of nowhere?"

Thomas crossed his arms and made it a point to stare at Harry as if he was an American freshman and Thomas himself a superior senior. He wasn't even phased by his almost slip of the tongue.

"Cedric never showed up for football practice. I thought maybe he was with you."

In an instant the situation turned serious. I could sense an unexplainable fear and anxiousness washing over me like gigantic tidal waves. I knew these emotions weren't mine. Harry was chewing on his lip eagerly waiting for a reply. Was this a side effect of the phoenix tattoo? That I would randomly generate feelings that weren't my own?

"Don't reassure yourself Harry. You know what kind of person Cedric is."

They were talking literally over my head. Yeah I know sucks to be shorter than people. I personally didn't know Cedric, but from meeting him I got the impression he was a bit of a Mr. Perfect. Not annoyingly so as Ron's older brother Percy though.

"Maybe he's just sick?"

I interjected. The both of them shook their heads returning back to their discussion. Fine ignore me then. See if I try to help in the future.

"Cedric doesn't get sick. Even if he does he still shows up to his classes."

Thomas said to Harry. It'd be easier if someone could come right out and tell me I'm not a part of their conversation. Maybe I could you know actually make it back home on time. So that my mother you know doesn't lock me up like Rapunzel in a tower. Hate to break it to you folks but my hair isn't blond and it only reaches my shoulders. Rescue or no rescue I will not have another human being climb up a tower using my hair as a rope. Can you say ouch? I know I can!

"That's the thing. He hasn't shown up to his classes or any of his extracurricular activities"

Harry replied concerned. For god's sake instead of standing here all day cant they start a search party for Cedric? If something happened to me I wouldn't want Ron and Cho to stand around all day talking about me. I'd want them to move their lazy arses and come look for me.

"You could oh I don't know go look for him?"

While I spoke it was as if Harry noticed me for the first time. His eyes were fixated on my head and not my face.

"Hermione's right. I'll visit his parents to see if they know anything. In the meantime let's not go off half-cocked on a rescue mission like last time."

Harry clenched his jaw. Thomas had struck a nerve. It was unusual to see as Harry most of the time appeared unaffected by verbal comments. I waited for Harry to answer, but he kept his mouth shut staring hard at Thomas.

"That settles it. Now if you'll excuse me boys I have a curfew to uphold"

Thomas nodded and shook my hand. He had a pretty firm grip. He left us standing next to each other. I started to walk again knowing it was no use to stand in the middle of the street. Harry followed suit.

"Since when were you two on a first name basis?"

Harry asked nonchalantly. Can't he just outright ask me about the gloves and the hat? Instead he has to act indifferent. It would be so much easier if he asked me what he really wanted to know instead of tiptoeing around the subject fishing for information.

"It is my name Harry so you should be aware of the fact that people are going to use it."

Are we indirectly having a row? I mean sarcasm and witty banter put aside are we arguing? He took my hand and held it.

"Forget it. I was a bit surprised that's all."

Uhm okay. I'll let it go for now since I'm exhausted from work and everything else. The last thing I want to do is engage in a fight at this point I might be too tired to win. Plus Harry is one of those confident charismatic types. Surely he wouldn't jump to conclusions and get jealous? Maybe there's something else that's bothering him...

"I'm sure Cedric is fine."

I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. It was nice to hold his hand. Sitting down and doing it wasn't the same as doing it publicly. Despite the Cedric situation it was nice to just be with Harry like this. Showing the world we're together and content. Affirming what's already there between us and acknowledging the fact that this isn't just one of my crazy Ally McBeal dreams.

"Yeah he probably has a sick aunt or…"

"If not he has a great friend like you to save him."

"Thank you Hermione for your oh so comforting words."

I smiled as he put his arm around me and drew me to his chest. To his heart where I knew I already had a place. If it is a permanent place or a temporary one only time can tell. Right now I'm content with just being happy and in that euphoric state that is the beginning of a relationship.

"Harry Potter is it true you'd like me even if I was a shrew?"

I teased recalling his earlier comment. Harry darted his head and pecked my cheek. An older couple smiled at us before passing us by. Gosh why don't I just put a sign on my head?

"Hermione Granger I like you because of it not despite it."

Does he practice these lines in front of a mirror every morning? Right before he perfects his sexy messy bed head hair and brushes his teeth to a state of blinding whiteness I'm sure. But I like it.

"I guess this Shakespeare play ends up with Kate dumping Pettruchio's ass"

I said finally and I do mean FINALLY seeing the bus stop ahead. My mouth is practically watering thinking about getting home and fixing a cup of hot cocoa.

"You forgot the part where she gets together with the dashingly handsome new boyfriend"

Harry whipped his imaginary long hair and batted his eyelashes. I can already see this relationship is going to have major issues.

"Harry I'm going to have to break up with you."


Harry whined in a way that reminded me of a kid. I hate adorable people. They're so friggin' good at being cute. Do you know what other people do to cute people? They go mushy and do anything they're told. That's why I never babysit. Those little gremlins charm their way to get anything they want. I learned the hard way that resisting although not futile only further develops their gremlin behavior. Or maybe it's just Mrs. Connelly who has the demonic kids. Huh note to self never babysit Mrs. Connelly's kids no matter how much you need the money.

"I need space. Your ego is suffocating me."

Drat! Those pouty lips are having a stronger affect on me than I originally anticipated. Must come up with a better plan.

"Come to think of it Thomas is pretty attractive."

Harry stuttered realizing I was joking only after I had doubled over laughing holding my stomach. Well then guess I don't have to breakup with Harry seeing I just deflated his ego. Go team Hermione!

"I've been told I have mesmerizing emerald eyes."

Is he serious? Apparently so since his face is sober and there's no trace of alcohol on his breath.

"Harry your eyes are green. Which stupid love struck ninny told you that?"

I asked finally able to breathe properly from all the laughing. That's when I got a really good look at his eyes. I stopped laughing altogether and stood there like one of those love struck ninnies I had just complained about.

"My mother you insulting shrew."

My cheeks flamed up. Why is it that every time I promise myself to think before I go blurting out my opinions I do the complete opposite? That's when he started laughing and I kicked his leg.

"Hey! You're the one with the shrew complex not me. I recall a proposal being proposed."

I reminded him thinking of the preposterous proposal at Joe's.

"Proposal being proposed? Hermione you can do better than that."

And I did. After Harry's encouraging retort I kicked his leg again. That ought to show him. You know my sister is a sort of dating and relationship expert. Since Violet is or was the queen bee she's had a lot of guys in her life. I'm pretty sure kicking boyfriends is very much frowned upon by her. All the more reason to beat Harry up because since when did I start taking relationship advice from Violet?

"Oh crap my bus."

Later on:

I twisted my keys and unlocked the front door. Before going inside I looked quickly over my shoulder. Harry blew me a kiss and waved. I stuck out my tongue to which he rolled his eyes. It was horrifically idiotic to stand on my porch and do this. Any second now a neighbor could draw back their curtain and observe us before feeding the neighborhood gossip mill. Heaven knows the old cat ladies would love to find something dirty on me. Violet has singlehandedly sustained that mill since we were kids. I however had nothing to contribute other than the old:

Oh Hermione won first prize (insert random contest here). With those two as parents no wonder she's such a gifted child. Though a bit unsocial that one unlike her sister Violet.

Or how about the annoying:

Did you see little Violet Granger? She's grown up to be a beauty that one. Unlike her sister Hermione I'm afraid. Well at least she's got brains.

Or the humiliating:

Did you hear about the oldest Granger girl? Yes the pretty one. Apparently she's dating (insert random handsome socialite here)! It must be hard for the younger one poor girl. Her mother should do something about her hair. She might have a better chance then!

Those comments were always followed up with gleeful laughter. They didn't always say those things. Sometimes they varied the content, but the message was still there unchanged. I shook my head to get rid of those thoughts. That was me then this is me now. Their words don't mean anything anymore. I know now that it never did because I like me. I should have been proud of me too because so what if I didn't date this person or that person or I didn't grow up to be a beauty? I had my books, my intelligence and my opinions. I had integrity and most importantly… I knew who I was and didn't change to fit their status quo. I mean god could you get more pathetic at age forty? Trying to maintain an idealistic cover doing whatever everybody else is doing for the sake of fitting in. Sure everybody wants to be accepted but there are limits to how much I'm willing to give up and change for the sake of fitting in.

"You okay?"

Harry was about to take a step forward before I nodded frantically yes. My mother was inside. She'd kill me if she saw Harry here. He still wasn't convinced because he hadn't done his hokus pokus disappearing act on my lawn.

"Hermione? Is that you honey?!"

Drat! She's on to me.


I shouted back waving my arms for Harry to go. Shoo boyfriend shoo! Go away before I get into even more trouble.

"Why aren't you coming inside? It's freezing out there!"

Good point mum. Why am I not coming inside? Oh well for once in my life there's a boy I care about who isn't a bastard standing on my lawn wanting to be with me and not my bloody sister. There's a guy who cares about me and knows me more than my best friends and family put together. And the whole thing scares me because I haven't known him as long as the rest of you yet I feel like I know him. I feel like there's a connection between us that goes beyond all reason and logic and it scares me. Because I AM NOT BELLA FREAKING SWAN!


Maybe I shouldn't have screamed so loud. I know she's going to check up on me. Of all the things I could've said I haaaad to go for the mailbox. I quickly threw Thomas' hat at Harry. He caught it with ease and then… He was gone. It was as if he never was there in the first place.

"Darling I've already collected your mail. I put it on your desk."

My mail? Since when did I receive any letters? Most of the mails I get are emails. Oh now my mother chooses to speak to me. Great timing mum. Patch up your crappy relationship with your daughter while she's busy crossing you and ruining your wedding. It'd be easier if I didn't have such a strong moral compass emotionally beating me up every time I took a wrong turn.

"Were you talking to someone?"

She asked peering over my shoulder. It's times like these I'm grateful my boyfriend is a magician.

"No one mum. Just having a pleasant chat with our faithful mailbox."

A while later I sat down by my desk. Neatly placed atop my schoolbook was a thick white envelope. Trust mum to put my mail where I would notice it immediately. That woman knows me too well. With now warm fingers I ripped the top of it off. My eyes widened as I recognized the handwriting.

Dear Hermione

I hope this letter finds you alive and well. I bet you have all sorts of questions regarding your newfound abilities. Since you are reading this letter and not asking me in person; I shall assume I am dead. You are a witch. An exceptionally talented and bright witch. You made amazing things happen at the tender age of one. That is why I asked a dear and close friend of mine Albus Dumbledore to bind your powers. Hermione I know you are strong and independent, but at the time I felt like I had no choice. No one in our family has your gift. It was a dark time for those who were magical in families that had no trace of it. I did what I did to protect you and give you a chance to grow up before being thrown into a world of faeries and dragons. In hindsight it was selfish of me to hold on to you and to keep you from a part of who you are. Go to Neverland and ask for the black lady. She will teach you the basics. From that point on it will all be up to you where you will let this gift guide and take you to. Witch or not my dear granddaughter you are still Hermione. That is the only constant in the great mathematical mystery that is your life. I have left you most of my assets because financially all of my children have done well for themselves. You do not need the money, but I know you can do a lot of good with it.

I love you


Questions? What is she on about? I am not a witch! The whole thing is absurd. To even think that I can wave a wand around and and and...

Oh crap. That's why I felt that little shock form Harry's wand. That's why I could see all those magical parts of Hogwarts with the portrait and everything. I ran downstairs towards the coat rack.

"Hermione you're grounded."

I turned around my arm halfway in my coat and a shoe put on the wrong foot. Violet raised her eyebrows as I kicked off the shoe before I stuffed my foot in the right one.

"Really? I thought mum had locked me up in my room for sheer amusement."

I snapped buttoning up my coat. I need to get out and get out now before mum realizes I'm gone. To hell with it I need answers. Stupid gloves I don't even wear leather gloves. I prefer the knitted type argh!

"These aren't yours."

I dropped to my knees mentally exhausted from my fight with evil black buttons and leather gloves. I admit defeat on the grounds that I simply cant get dressed without fighting my clothes. I should just go naked instead of wrestling on my garments. Violet turned the glove inside out. Eh Tom can magically fix it if she ruins it.

"Why are you wearing..."

She paused and read the sown in inscription.

"Cedric's gloves? I thought you were dating Harry."

Cedric's? Those are Tom's gloves not Cedric's. I stood up and snatched the glove back. Yepp there it was in yellow stitches. Cedric Diggory. If this was Cedric's gloves then why had Thomas been wearing them? It lead me to my next pressing question. Why had Thomas left out such an important detail when Cedric had gone missing? That is to say if Harry is wrong and there isn't a sick aunt. Or maybe I'm jumping to conclusions... He did offer to go check up on Cedric's family. Unless he only offered to cover his tracks or mislead us...

It doesn't matter. The real issue here is the freakish letter I got from my dead grandmother. My very much dead and buried grandmother. How is the mailing system in the afterlife? Apparently very good seeing as I received a letter from my dead grandmother informing me that I'm a witch. As far as I'm concerned I should be freaking out way more than I am now.

"Hermione phone!"

Mum emotional and mental breakdown here. Now is not the time for bloody phone calls!

"Who is it?"

I weakly shouted feeling sorry for myself with only one shoe on.

"It's Cho!"

That lovable girl with the world's worst timing. Oh I could practically cry right now. In fact I did a little out of sheer relief. I need my best friend.


Only to hear her voice would be heavenly. The voice of something familiar to ground me in all this gravity defying madness.

"He's a vampire!"

. . . This certainly wasn't what I was expecting.

"What in the world are you talking about?"

"Mr. Self Proclaimed Mildly Psychotic boy of course."

She said this like it was the most obvious thing in the world. So much for heavenly grounding voices and all that. I would've been better off screaming into my pillow. In fact I'm tempted to do just that.

"Cho I'm in the middle of an existentialistic crisis. Mind showing a bit of sympathy?"

"Hermione has there been a single day you haven't been in the middle of a crisis?"


"Look all I wanted to point out is Thomas is a bit more vampire than your average mortal."

"Is this one of your conspiracy theories again? Because for the hundredth time already Disney isn't out to get you or your future would be kids."

"Hermione he has fangs! Either it was passed on to him from his great grandfather Dracula or inherited from his adoptive vampire father"

"Fine he is a vampire. Bring out the crucifix and holy water. I hear there's a discount on garlic at the local deli."

"Hermione what's wrong?"

"It's one of those days where all I want to do is listen to Daniel Powter and feel sorry for myself."

"It is my duty as co-best friend to inform you that you never ever should listen to Daniel Powter when you're having one of those days... Listen to Jamie Walter hold on instead."

"Thanks. I think I'm going to go lay down and hold on."

"Good girl. Remember what Bono said."

"Yeah yeah it's just a moment and this moment will pass."

"Wise man that Bono. Now go cuddle up into a ball and try for my sake not to die"

"For the record I pity the man that marries you."

Friends... What can I say? They have the most unusual ways of cheering you up and showing you that they care. It wasn't until I was safely tucked in my bed that I realized how stupid I had been. Harry would know what to do. Am I really coming to terms with this whole thing? Me, a witch that's just beyond my comprehension right now. If I really was one then why haven't I done all sorts of tricks? I mean I would've turned Holly into a toad ages ago and left her in a slimy pond.

Okay I wouldn't do that, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have thought of it. Why is it that at the end of the day when you are about to sleep you have a million thoughts running around in your head? Like your brain forces you to analyze every single event during the day. Take my mother for instance. If she's eloping the logical thing to do would be to shut up about it and do it. Not tell your daughters over breakfast and give them invitations. I don't see any hope of her and dad getting together. Why should she? I for one wont take back a cheating lying bast- he is my father. They did divorce each other shouldn't that have been a long enough time for him to regret and repent his actions? Technically she wouldn't be taking him back after the cheating lying bastard part. She would be err marrying him all over again which would mean they would be starting all over.

Yeah that didn't sound as convincing as I thought.

I should probably make an effort to reconcile with mum. I did give her a pretty hard time after the divorce. Thinking back on it now I should have known there was a reason behind it all. If only she could see how happy I finally am.


"Did you see last night's episode of gossip girl?"

Violet asked gleefully next to me. The four of us were walking to school facing whatever scary monsters the public school system threw at us. None of us knew how Violet Granger managed to fit in our daily life. My sister appeared one day and never left. Like an annoying mosquito that you cant squat no matter how hard you try.

"Ron and I were busy working on our school project."

Huh I didn't know Cho and Ron were doing a school project together. Odd no snide remarks or sarcastic replies were made at the mention of that TV show.

"But we'll be sure to catch the next episode."

There it was the sarcastic comment made by none other than Ron mister wise guy himself. I knew I could count on my friends to keep me grounded. Cho tried to suppress a snort, but failed horribly.

"I have the first season on dvd so we can like watch it together?"

Yeah okay fine she's my sister, but that doesn't mean I have a responsibility to help her out every time she gets her foot stuck in her mouth. Which I'm pretty sure she physically can after seeing one of those yoga videos she and mum use.

"That'd be great Vi."

I replied a forced smile on my face. She used to be good at this. You know the whole social thing where instantly everyone wants to become her best friend. Now it's like painful to watch her being insecure and un-Violety.

"Hermione what are you doing tomorrow?"

Ron asked holding the glass door open for me. Let's see tomorrow is Thursday the day my mother gets married to my boyfriend's dad. My boyfriend is busy looking for his friend and seems to have completely forgotten our previous agreement. Not to mention I haven't talked to him since he walked me home. So I'm pretty sure I'll be busy ruining a wedding all by myself.

"Nothing. Why do you ask?"

Ah to be young and whispered about. I kind of like it. Makes me feel like some famous celebrity. The janitor had tried to wash the slag comment off. It didn't wash out so easily so now I have a pink slg sign on my locker. Wonder if I should put the a up myself seeing as I hate misspelled words.

"Hey losers. How's the exile treatment going for ya?"

Ugh Holly. Just what I needed right now the day before doomsday. Ron hummed something that suspiciously sounded like a Blink 182 song. Holly gave him a short glare before returning her focus back on us. Cho was about to reply before Holly cut her off.

"Did you hear about the little get together at Oliver's?"

Her smile widened at the sight of my confused face. How does she know Oliver?

"No? Well it is a private party. I thought you were Harry's girlfriend. Usually that means you get the first invite. Even Cho here got hers and we all know she's just a temporary shag for Wood."

I could punch her right now. Punch out every little bleached tooth in that little mouth of hers. A hand grabbed my arm. How dare she say that about Cho!

"I'll see you there Chang. Oh and Hermione don't worry I'm sure Harry can text you the pictures."

Holly turned around and walked away. Her hips doing that ridiculous swaying where they boomed from side to side. Honestly Amanda from Ugly Betty would be envious.

"I'm not going. It's one of those couples things."

Cho hurriedly explained. I opened my locker and got out my books. Ron held out his hand awaiting my heavy textbooks my poor shoulders couldn't carry by themselves. Violet was keeping unusually silent.

"Was this the thing you screamed about the other day?"

Violet looked up from the linoleum floor. Her face the magazine cover perfection it always is. What I would give to see her show up at school a mess. Heck I'd give a limb to see one strand of hair out of place.

"You wouldn't like the other girls. They're total bitches."

Yeah well I might have liked them if I got the chance to meet them. I'll never get to know since I wasn't invited.

"Like you?"

Violet narrowed her eyebrows.

"Oh come off it Violet. The moment those girls take you back it's goodbye good girl Vi and hello queen bitch."

Violet wasn't going to take my comment sitting down. That's the difference between her and Holly. Violet has been the queen ever since she was a little girl. Unlike Holly who got her title by dethroning an old dynasty. My mother was a high school queen go figure.

"I'm sorry you were bullied Hermione, but do you think you can get over it by now?"

Excuse me? She did not say that! Screw her previous amends because quite frankly she's still the same Violet I always knew her to be.

"You and your fucking friends made my life a living hell."

Ron and Cho embarrassedly looked away. Oh who cares I've gotten used to the public scenes thing by now.

"Just because Harry didn't invite you don't take it out on everybody else! I'm done feeling guilty over you."

After she said that she stalked off in a more fashionable matter than Holly. Why I never! She had no reason or right mind you to say that. Since when has she ever felt guilty over me? And if she did good for her. It only proves that there is still an itty bitt of humanity left in her. It's not like it's my fault that her conscience chooses to act up over me. For all I care she can go be guilty over using real fur or going on a diet when she's already a size zero and the rest of the world is dying of starvation. Let her go be guilty over global warming or over being a die hard capitalistic bitch!

And I am not taking anything out on everybody else!

"You're going to go to that party and have a fantastic time."

I said to a scared Cho before stalking off myself. Albeit in a less hip swaying manner and more in a stomping my feet in anger fashion.

Sitting down alone during lunch gave me time to clear my head. Cho and Ron had wisely kept themselves far away from me as possible. Violet was nowhere to be seen. Neither was her former pal Scott. Bet Scotty dear doesn't know my sister finds Ickle Ronniekins interesting. Huh they're both probably plotting Violet's return to her former throne. Good for her because she should know when she's outstayed her welcome...

Fine I admit it. I am taking the invitation thing out on everybody else. I jumped as I felt a tickling sensation on my shoulder.


I glared at the person who said that. The person turned out to be Blaise Zabini sitting next to Draco Malfoy. Does this day get any better? Yes it does because sitting in his lap was Holly. The tiresome threesome.

"Riiight. Let me guess you think you're the epitome of cool?"

Blaise turned around to check if I was actually talking to him. Yes you idiot I am talking to you. Here I thought making eye contact and talking directly to a person was a dead giveaway.


I grabbed my lunch tray and stood up.

"The only pathetic person here Granger is you."

A few laughed at this. Sighing I made my way to the garbage disposal and threw my tray in it. I lost my appetite. Listening to Holly and Blaise can do that to a person. On my way I out I came face to face with Violet.

"You were right I was wrong. They're total bitches."

Vi drew me into a hug which I happily sunk into. She smelled like that horrible flowery perfume she uses. Fine it isn't horrible per say, but very girly and feminine. I don't know why really, but I've always liked male perfumes more than those for women.

"Of course I was right."

She whispered in my ear and I giggled. Trust Violet to carry on the miss know it all genes we have from mum.

"Sorry about what I said earlier. I should have been a better sister..."

She added as an afterthought. I let go of her and gave her a reassuring smile. Sisters. One second we're about to kill each other and the next we're hugging and apologizing. I'm glad that I'm not an only child. It's nice to have a family member that's your age and understands you without having to say a lot. Or to simply annoy the hell out of depending on your mood.

"Now if you'll excuse me sis; I have a bitch to dethrone."

The way she said it made me almost want to laugh if she wasn't so scary. Violet squared her shoulders and made her way towards Holly's table. Uh oh showdown three o'clock. Scott trailed after her like a faithful puppy. I shouldn't use that term speaking of Scott. The boy is huge! An overgrown puppy on steroids is more fitting. Since this was about to get ugly I got out of there as fast as I could.

End note: Only three or four more chapters to go! Stay tuned kiddies one never knows what's going to happen when I'm the author.