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The next three months and a half months were a blur. Foreman and Chase were offered permanent jobs by House. Sure Foreman had a lot of animosity towards House and Chase couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it but who cared? They both took the offer because the cases were interesting.

Allison was two weeks past her due date and surprisingly enough, everyone feared her more than House during that time. It didn't help that she was the size of a small House (no pun intended) either. It also didn't help that her stomach was under constant attack from limbs. She spent most of her time doubled over from the gymnastics routines so it was a blessing to be able to go to bed. Until even that became a problem.

She rolled over, unable to get comfortable. House was fast asleep; soft snores echoing on the walls. She shot up suddenly as a bolt of pain ripped across her abdomen.


He grunted and rolled onto his side. She rolled her eyes and shook his shoulder urgently.

"Greg," she said more insistently.


"It's time."

Groggy, he replied, "Time for what? No more clinic hours."

"You have to take me to the hospital."

"Why? The patient was cured and was discharged earlier."

"I had a contraction."

He opened his eyes and sat up.

"Are you sure?"

He moved to get off of the bed and swore as his leg hit something wet. Moving the covers over, they stared at the bed. Her water had broke.

"I'm sure."


Fourteen hours later, Cuddy, Wilson, Chase, and Foreman were sitting in the waiting room. Cuddy had received the hurried call from House explaining what was happening and to call everyone else. The entire hospital was buzzing with the news and a nurse was sent every hour for updates. The maternity doors opened and all four stood as House came out wearing scrubs. They wouldn't let him in without them.

"Well?" Wilson asked eagerly.

House grinned proudly.

"A girl."

Cuddy cheered. She had won.

"And a boy."

Wilson stuck his tongue out at Cuddy. He had won.

"How's Allison?" Foreman asked.

House motioned them towards the room. "She and the babies are fine. They're going to allow all of you in at the same time for some reason. Something about not wanting to be fired."

No one noticed Cuddy's guilty look as they rushed in to Allison. She was holding both babies in her arms. She looked tired but she smiled at them as they crowded around her bed.

"Meet Emma and Nathaniel House."

Emma was fussing loudly so Allison handed Nathaniel to House so she could rock their daughter. Wilson went around to House and they looked at Nathaniel. He smiled at what they saw.

"They have your eyes."

House fixed the blanket around Nathaniel.

"He has my bone structure but Ally's personality. Emma has her features but my personality."

They both looked over at the now calmer Emma. No one could believe the set of lungs she had on her. Wilson shook his head.

"Oh yeah. Your personality has taken a new form."

House just smirked and held his son a little closer.


A few days later, Allison was in a barrage of nurses. She had been released from the hospital with the babies and was now trying to surprise House at work. She was still on maternity leave and shouldn't have been up, but she had seen the way he had tried to hide how he felt about leaving the twins. She had thought that a little surprise was in order but the second the nurses had caught wind of the twins, it was a rush to see the little faces and they wouldn't stop cooing over the outfits.

Cuddy and Wilson had thought that it would be funny to let the kids play dress up. They had bought Emma a little blouse, little dress slacks, and a tiny lab coat. Cute pink socks graced her feet since she screamed anytime someone tried to put normal shoes on her. Her little reddish- brown hair was even pulled back into a barrette. Nathaniel had on a little rock and roll t-shirt, little jeans, and a little leather jacket. After seeing what his shoe size was, House had promptly gone out and bought a miniature version of his own tennis shoes. Nathaniel seemed to love them and when Wilson saw this, he ended up choking to keep from laughing. To apologize, Wilson had gone to a friend he had that whittled wood and had a tiny cane made up to complete the outfit. When the friend heard who it was for, he added a pacifier on the end of the cane so Nathaniel could suck on it. Like father, like son.

"Okay ladies. I need to deliver the twins to Dr. House asap."

One of the nurses nodded. "You'd better hurry. He's been extra cranky today and I think this is why."

The nurses parted and Allison pushed the stroller to the elevator. Just as she was about to get off, Wilson joined her. A quick look at the twins and he was a blubbering mess. They peeked into House's office and saw him whipping his soft ball at the wall. He paused when he noticed them in the doorway.

"Hey. You shouldn't be up yet."

Allison smiled at him. " I couldn't stay in the house anymore so I thought that I'd come visit. But if you want me to take the twins homeā€¦"

"No, that's okay," House quickly objected.

Wilson and Allison smiled at each other. He was such a softie for the kids. Since Nathaniel was sleeping, he picked up Emma. She gurgled and kicked her little feet. A quick hand grabbed his tie. House smiled and shook his head at his daughter.

"Are you being good for your mom? Huh? Are you causing a lot of trouble for her?"

Cuddy poked her head in to his office.

"I heard a rumor that the twins were here."

Wilson grinned. "You heard right. Those nurse travel fast."

"It's a good thing you came, Dr. Cuddy. Greg and I have something to ask you and Wilson."

House sat in his chair with Emma while Cuddy settled herself down in an extra chair.

"We would like you two to be the twins' god parents."

Their mouths dropped.

"You're kidding!" Wilson screeched.

Cuddy just sat back. "It would be an honor."

House smirked at her.

"This means that you have to baby-sit. And change diapers. And clean spit up. So you should probably start wearing higher cut tops so the puke can't get down your shirt."

Cuddy glared at House who just ducked his head down to play with Emma's tiny feet. The two men began talking about a lacrosse game that was on TV the night before. Allison noticed Cuddy looking at her and the two shared a private smile. Stacy was gone, House was broken, the twins were healthy, and things never looked better. Love really did manage to conquer all. Nathaniel woke up and started crying. Allison made a move towards him but Cuddy stopped her.

"I might as well learn now."

She cradled Nathaniel to her and cooed at him. Suddenly, he threw up right onto her chest. Small chunks dripped down between her breasts. She glanced up at everyone and saw House shaking with laughter.

"Don't you dare laugh."

When he managed to control himself, he looked at her.

"Well I did once call them your fun bags. I guess it's fun for the whole family."

Cuddy screech of annoyance and Nathaniel's cry of terror rang out around the hospital. Just another normal day at PPTH.

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