Reflection by henriette

Just a small short story I wrote at school, hope you figure it out.

Own nothing.

He stood by the mirror, blond locks resting on his shoulders. The black shirt was tailor-made for him and the trousers had a nice cut. The clothes made him look taller, older and more beautiful. More like him. His eyes were ice cold, two teal ice crystals which made people look away from him, afraid of gaining his attention.

"He has his fathers eyes, so alike the father."

His face was pale, like porcelain, the jaw strong and the cheekbones high. His nose had an aristocratic crack and full lips framed his perfect teeth.

"He's very handsome, just like his father."

He stood and stared at his own refection with sharp eyes, "So alike." He barely whispered, "So alikeā€¦"

He lifted his hand and stroke slowly it over the cold mirror. He gave his father a bitter smil before he sent his fist towards him. The father just sent the same bitter smile back at him as he fell towards the floor, there he lay immoveable and just as cold as before.

"Why can't you be pleased? WHY AM I NOT ENOUGH?"

His fair face was twisted in depression as he sank down on his knees besides his father. He reached out his hand and meet his father's cold fingers. The fingers were strong and chilled, they wormed themselves around his hand and pushed hard against his wrist. Deeper and deeper, they broke the skin, and made him weaker, dizzy. The pushed him down, towards the floor.

His blond locks lay by his fathers blond locks. His father released his wrist, he was free now.

AN: Don't worry, not going to start a new story, though I have the most wicked plot linethought out. Going to post that one on my LJ (you find the link on my Bio) if anybody is interested in writting a new story.

Planing on witting a new chapter for each of my stories thisholiday, so watch out for updates!