Sweet Surrender

Chapter 5: Freedom

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Danny awoke to the sound of evil laughter and a hushed whisper of his name. He turned his neck to the side, spotting Ember hanging out of the window, then dropping to the floor silently. How she could do that with chunky skull boots he would never know. He tried to warn her of a most likely trap, or gesture to her, but he found he was quite paralyzed and he couldn't speak. He kept coughing till his tone was at least audible.

"Ember," he cringed at how croak like it sounded.

She stayed a few feet away from him, knowing the cameras were centered on him, but they couldn't pick up sound.

She went intangible and overshadowed Danny. She rolled his eyes into the back of his head, grabbed at his throat in a very showy way, and flopped down as much as the chains would allow her. As she expected, she heard shouts from above.

She flew out of Danny, unlocked the chains with a hair pin and led him out through he window having to carry him. When they returned tot eh human world, she lay him on a bench in the central park.

After ten minutes, the paralysis finally wore off.

"Ember, do you know where Dash is?"

She gave him an incredulous look.

"We have to save him, too? Come on, Danny. He's the guy that attacked me!"

He almost started to protest when he realized what she'd said.

"Wait… I never told you Dash was the one that attacked you."

She smiled broadly.

"Guess who has her memory back!" she sang.

"Ember, that's great!" he exclaimed happily, throwing his arms around her and swinging her around. "But we still have to save him."

She pouted. "Then you're going alone."

He chuckled at her stubbornness, and kissed her for a good long minute. He was the only one that was panting because he was still a human. She was a ghost; she didn't need to breathe.

Danny flew off to save Dash. For once, he didn't yell out "I'm going ghost!"

He found Dash lying on a metal table in a hospital looking setting. Or more like a crazy scientist's lab of outrageous experiments. He was unconscious. He floated a little bit closer… and a laser nearly beamed him.

"Walker, get your worthless self down here!"

He heard sinister laughter as Walker appeared before him.

"Let Dash go now!" he demanded, standing protectively in front of Dash.

"You are in no place to make demands! Besides, how are you supposed to protect little Dashton here when you can't even protect yourself?"

Before Danny could comment on the name he'd given Dash, he got the breath knocked out of him as he was slammed into a wall.

He cringed, trying to ignore the pain throughout his whole body as he stood up to fight.

He got knocked around a couple of times; by now he was sure Walker had broken or bruised a few of his ribs.

He got up again, dodged the nest attack, and with a last burst of strength, slugged Walker in the stomach.

Immediately when he hit the ground, Danny shot him with a green blast of ghostly energy. He continued this onslaught until Walker was out like a light.

He stomped over to Dash's body, panting and exhausted, reached in with an intangible hand and dragged out the puppy spirit.

Dash immediately woke up, sitting upright, and getting off the table. He smiled. He was free at last. Danny blinked.

"Why did that work?"

"Because Shadow wanted to be free, too," Dash answered. "Goodbye Shadow."

The puppy barked twice, and floated through the wall, off to the ghost zone to start his afterlife right.

"Let's go home," Danny said. "I think I've had enough ghosts for today."

Dash gave Danny a grateful smile. He unexpectedly slung an arm over his shoulder.

"Yeah, me, too. I'm ready to go back to the land of the living."


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