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Kori Anders: Starfire

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Victor Stone: Cyborg

Rachel Roth: Raven

Roy Harper: Speedy

Bethany Beaker: Bumble Bee

Aaron Aqua: Aqualad

Katrina Moth: Kitten

Just to let you know that Aqualad and Speedy r not the titan's friend in this fanfic and not all of the people listed above will be in my fanfic or they might be it depends on what the mood takes me.

The Gangs all here for Christmas.

Let School Begin Again.

Richard groaned as he lifted himself up from his bed. He slammed his hands down on the racket that was coming from somewhere under all his papers on his desk to stop the infernal beeping of his alarm clock. He had a shower, and changed into a pair of jeans his newest FCUK t-shirt, pair of normal trainers then gelled his hair to perfection. He then whipped out the sunglasses that he always wore to hide his giant pools of blue ice that nobody but family had ever saw, not even Kori. Then he went downstairs to be greeted by Alfred. Alfred served Bruce and himself but neither of them saw him as a butler. He was a very close friend to both of them.

"Morning Master Dick. May I require what you would like for breakfast?"

"Morning Alfred, just some toast please."

"Very well."

Kori Anders was a very beautiful girl. Very tall and thin, long red hair like rubies while her eyes shone like emeralds. Her sweet smile could melt even the toughest heart. She was extremely bubbly and gets excited over nothing but if you get on her wrong side, you better watch your back. Kori had been Richard's girlfriend for I don't know how many years. They have known each other from birth and the relationship grew until you had them as a couple. It was the first day back at school again for the last year. All her friends had decided that they would go out of Gotham High School with a bang and leave a mark so that everybody would remember them. She was getting a lift to school today like always from Richard and Alfred. She took a quick shower and changed into her new clothes that she bought yesterday. A white tank top with a sparkly pink playboy bunny sprawled onto the fabric above her chest. A tiny black pleated skirt with a white border going around all the edges and two giant white buttons on her right hip. On her feet was her favourite converts. Again black and white with bright pink laces. She brushed her hair and applied little to no make-up then grabbed her pink and black bag from under her bed when she heard her doorbell ring. She rushed downstairs to meet Richard who was waiting outside her door with a big smile across his face.

Rachel had just been woken up by her roommate/boyfriend Garfield. She opened her eyes to see him standing right over her, his face only centimetres way from her own. He had forest green eyes and cute little smile. She smiled back and pushed him away playfully. Rachel was a goth so it was rare that anybody saw her smile but Garfield always had a way to make her. Garfield being a full time vegetarian, they only had tofu, fruit and veg for any meal of the day. Rachel didn't mind this, she had got used to it and respected that he was a vegetarian. Garfield stepped out of her room to give her privacy while she had a shower and got changed.

When Rachel had finished Garfield wolf-whistled when Rachel stepped into the living area of their flat. She was wearing a black top with 'My idea of fun won't be the same as yours.' And picture of a little psycho bunny. A pair of black combat pants teamed with some black vans. On her face was white powder to make her complexion seem paler then it actually is. Black mascara and black eyeliner was put in its place perfectly. This was normal make-up for Rachel and in her eyes were purple contacts that she always wears that matched her violet hair. Rachel was the only one that Garfield has ever known that could get away with purple contacts without looking like a moron. Garfield on the other hand was obsessed with the colour green. He was wearing green long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans that had a green tint in them. Once he had dyed his hair green too for a joke but he could never get all the green from his hair. So his once short brown hair had turned to short green hair but somehow he got away with it. It looked so natural on him. When they had finished breakfast they rushed outside to catch their bus to school. When Rachel forgot her bag she had to dash back quickly to get her dark purple punky fish bag and sprint back to the bus stop. After all that, the bus was late anyway so she could have quite easily walked.

The last of this group was Victor and his girl Bethany, that everyone called Bee for some reason. Bee and Victor had already arrived at the coffee shop where they all meet before school; they always were earlier to sneak in an extra cup of coffee each before they had to face the day ahead of them. Bee was just in a yellow turtleneck jumper and black flare jeans with sequins stitched onto the back pockets. On her feet were black boots. Her chocolate brown skin matched her big brown eyes. Victor who was into every sport you can think of, so he was wearing a basketball vest because he didn't seem to feel the cold like normal people, yes he was very broad but not an inch of fat it was all muscle. And he was wearing long shorts and some nike trainers. His bright blue eyes were a nice contrast from his brown skin.

Richard and Kori just stepped through the door of the Costa Coffee house and looked around to find their friends. They had just spotted Bee and Victor in the right hand side corner of the café. Kori nodded at Richard then walked towards her friends. When Richard saw Kori nod her head he knew that meant she wanted her normal- cappuccino with extra froth on top.

"Hiya Bee, Victor how are you?" Kori said as she walked up to them and gave them each a hug.

"Hey Kori im fine you?"

"Great, like always"

"Good to hear it girl!"

They had just started up a conversation when Richard butted in with a tray in his hands.

"Don't I get a hello?"

"Hey man, how you doing?"

"Fine, you? And of course how are you Bee?"



"Good, glad to hear it, here you go Kori your cappuccino with extra froth."

"Wow, you still remember. Im impressed Richard, I really am," she said with a smile on her face.

"HEY DUDES AND DUDETTES RACHEL AND GARFIELD HAVE ARRIVED" they all turned to see Garfield burst in through the doors with a very quiet Rachel behind him. When they had got to the table and sat down. Victor went to order their drinks.

"Can you be any louder Gar?"

"I can if you want me to show you?"

"NO, just be quiet"


"Good, anyway how are you all?"

She got the same response from everyone around the table saying they were fine or great or in one case glorious.

When everybody had just settled down they were interrupted by two of the most annoying people in the world.

"Hiya Kori, how have you been over the summer, missed me?" said the first one. He was tall with short orange hair. He had been pestering Kori since primary school. You should of seen his face when he found out Kori was going out with Richard, but that didn't stop him he still wanted Kori and he just didn't seem to get that Kori didn't like him. His name was Roy Harper. The second boy wasn't after Kori he was after Rachel.

"Hey, Rach, you look great actually no you look hot today."

"Don't call me Rach my name is Rachel and go away Aaron" the second boy was called Aaron Aqua. He was very good looking but not Rachel's taste and he was too clingy and annoying. He had long black hair and deep dark blue eyes. He always wore a blue t-shirt or jumper or jacket or coat. And swimming was his speciality he was very fast and extremely fit. He all nearly all the girls after him but the ones he liked didn't like him and the one he loved, Rachel, hated him.

They both laughed stupidly and walked away. Both girls shivered and looked at them as the sauntered off towards the counter.

"Those two are the worst people I know for not taking a hint"

"I agree Rachel, I wish Roy would just leave me alone he is sooooo annoying and that's just the start of it."

"We had better go, schools going to start soon"

"You're right Victor, lets go."

So the six inseparable friends head off towards school with the most adventures in a year that they could ever expect.

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