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The Gang's all here.

Never judge a book by its cover.

Lilly remembered her week with her friends. She had such a good time in America, she really didn't want to leave, she especially didn't want to want to reveal her dark secret, and they would never forgive her. EVER! So she sighed and went to the school car park where Miss Bates was picking her up and where she told her friends to meet her. She had her suitcase and two bags full of the presents she bought them. She nearly started crying when she saw all her friends in a huddle in the middle of the car park. Miss Bates was by a large black car, the company car. All her friends turned to look at her as she slowly walked up to them.

"Why do you have a suitcase? Are you going on holiday?"

"Sort of Gar, sort of." She said while plastering her fake smile across her face. Garfield looked smugly at Rachel who just gave him a 'shut the hell up' look.

"What's the matter, why is Miss Bates here?"

"I have a confession to make." Miss Bates stepped forward and lowered her hood; her long bright purple hair fell down to about her elbows, in gentle waves. They all looked at her, in her baggy jeans and a black vest top.

"I am not a teacher, I am Fran Long, nice to meet you." She said while sticking her hand out to all the people. They shook her hand but still looking confused.

"Okay, we had a really groovy teacher and didn't even know about it." Garfield said while shaking her hand.

"I told you, I am not a teacher." She said in a response.

"Okay, so how do you know Lilly?"

"We knew each other in England. I will take it from here Fran thanks, go get a coffee or something." Fran nodded then walked of leaving Lilly and her friends stood in the middle of the car park.

"She is cool, I thought she would be really strict."

"Who Fran? Nah she is a real push over. But she is really kind, a good friend." Lilly replied but she saw that her friends needed to know now. So she took a deep breath to start explaining.

"I am a part of the FBI, I am the youngest member used for such things like this. Your school is suspected for illegal use, that's why I got put in your form. The main suspect is Mr. Wilson. Also known as Slade. The code is a special code we use in the FBI. Only official members know it. I have been doing searches and observations of the school and Slade. I had to act like I am so shy, no one suspects me then. The whole thing with Miss Bates was an act. I wasn't supposed to make friends but you guys are too nice so I couldn't help myself. I get paid a lot of money so that's why I could afford that dress in the end. I am afraid that the whole of me was just an act; apart from that I am obsessed about my weight I can't cover that up. You basically know nothing about the real me. Well that's what it is supposed to be like, but I couldn't lie to all you guys so you do actually know me quite well. I didn't like keeping this secret away from you, but I had no choice. I am leaving for England in about half an hour, and you will never see me again. I can never come and visit you, never come and try to find me in England. Just forget all about me. But so I don't get forgotten all together I bought you all a special present. Don't tell anyone of anything about me. The school just thinks I am going back to England. I'm so sorry, that I am just a fraud, but I guess that is always 'Never judge a book by its cover.'" Lily said then she looked at everyone who all had his or her mouths wide open. She tried to smile but she couldn't.

"The whole time you have been here, it had just been an act?" Chris said, his eyes looked hurt. Lilly looked into them and nodded slowly.

"So you don't really love me? I was just part of this little play? Have a good trip Lilly." He said and ran off.

"CHRIS, WAIT DON'T GO I DO REALLY LOVE YOU! " Lilly screamed but it was too late Chris had run off. She sighed as she watched his figure in this distance. She couldn't go after him.

"Do you guys just want to leave now too?" Lilly said but they all shook their heads.

"Lilly, it's not your fault. Chris will understand that, just give him some time." Kori said while putting her hand on Lilly's shoulder.

"Thanks for being here, and sorry I couldn't tell you."

"It doesn't matter Lilly. Do you really have to go? Do we really have to forget all about you?"

"Yes, but I bought you all a present to help you remember me, but don't tell Fran." She said before she rooted in her bag and brought out Victor's present first.

"Here Victor, I hope you like it." She said while giving him a hug. He hugged back then stepped back and began to open the present. Inside was the missing part to up grade his car.

"Thanks Lilly, I can finally up grade my car, but I won't have you to help me!" he said while checking out the shiny material. Lilly smiled and brought out Bee's gift.

"See you Babe." She said while hugging Lilly tightly. Bee opened her present to find a large box full of 'Toni & Guy' hair stuff. It had stuff that would last Bee a year. Mega expensive.

"Thank you Lilly."

"No problem, here you go Garfield." She said, Garfield gave her hug and ripped the packaging off.

"WOW MEGA MONKEYS UNLIMITED! THIS HAS ONLY JUST HIT THE SHELFS!" He screamed and gave Lilly another hug. Lilly just smiled and beckoned Richard forward.

"I didn't know what to get you Richard, I don't know you that well, but when I came round to your house I realised that you only had American fitness machines. I have shipped some England fitness machines straight into your gym, when you go back you will find them. They are great!" Lilly said, and gave Richard a brief hug.

"Thanks Lilly." He said, he broke away and was about to walk away but she grabbed his arm.

"Can you give this to Alfred please?"

"Sure." He said when Lilly passed him a snow globe that had a set of London in the middle. Richard raised his eyebrow at it but Lilly just smiled.

"He will understand, just give it to him from me." Lilly smiled then Rachel stepped forward.

"I really enjoyed that day with you Rachel. I looked at your books and realised you didn't have the main book."

"I could never afford it!"

"But I can for you." She said while passing her a heavy package. She opened it slowly and gave Lilly a hug when she finished.

"The Book of Azarath. I have always wanted this, but it was way to expensive and really rare!" Rachel said.

"I knew you would like it." She said as Rachel went back and Lilly got Kori to step forward.

"You were like my best friend Kori, you were the one to try and make friends with me first. And thank you. Here." She said passing her a bag.

In the bag was everything that when they went on the shopping trip, Kori couldn't afford and she refused for Lilly to buy them on the day. So Lilly went back and bought it for her. There was a selection of tops, skirts and trousers and two dresses.

"You spoil me!" she shouted and hugged onto Lilly. Lilly just hugged back and smiled.

"You deserve it Kori. Just don't forget me. But pretend to, I mean to everyone else."

"I could never forget you Lilly, nobody will. No matter how many times you tell us to."

"I bet Chris has forgot that I even exist. If he comes back, give him this. He might burn it or something. But at least I gave it to him."

"If he burns it, I will burn him." Rachel said while holding a new book underneath her arm. Lilly smiled and her eyes began to water as Fran started to walk back towards them. Lilly was leaving.

Chris ran off, he didn't know where to, but he just kept running. He heard what Lilly shouted after him, but he was too upset to register it. In the end he found himself sitting on the bench that he took Lilly to yesterday. The place where they took the photo. He sat down and stared straight ahead. He had flash backs of everything he did with Lilly, how much fun he had with her. He sighed, he missed her already. And she was probably missing him as well. As he was deep in his thoughts some one patted him on the shoulder. He looked around and there was the little old woman who took their photo.

"Excuse me deary, but where is your pretty girlfriend?"

"She is going back to England."

"Why aren't you with her now?"

"Good question."

"I can tell that the girl loved you with all her heart. I can tell these things"

"But she is leaving me!"

"Is she leaving you? Or just the country? Will she not be in your heart?"

"You know what, you are right."

"I am always right, go tell her that you will never forget her, before its too late."

"Thank you."

"Young love, the best love ever."

She smiled at Chris before walking away from him again. He smiled got up and ran back to the school. When he arrived he saw the black car just pulling out. He ran to the window but he was too late. By the time he got there, the car had pulled out onto the road. Taking his Lilly away from him forever.


"You are too late Chris. Now she has left thinking that you hate her." Kori said while walking towards him.

"But I don't hate her, I love her."

"Here, she told me to give you this." Kori passed him the present, he opened it slowly and it was a 24-carat gold love heart photo frame. In the middle was the picture of him and her on the bench that they wise old lady took of them. He smiled at the picture but his eyes watered that he will never see Lilly again. Lilly was gone, never coming back. All seven of them looked into the distance some with water in their eyes and some just looking blankly into the sky. They would never forget Lilly, for as long as they live.

(Future) The End of the year, the Leavers Prom:

Chris sat down on his own, he had never dated anyone since Lilly left him, so many girls had asked him out, but he refused them. Slade or Mr. Wilson got arrested, when he did, they all thought of Lilly, but didn't say anything. Kori and Richard were dancing like Rachel and Garfield and so was Victor and Bee. So many girls asked to dance with him, but he couldn't get Lilly out of his head. He had the picture up on his bedside table, his MSN picture was that one, and he never forgot her, he hoped that she didn't forget him too.

Lilly was sat on her bed; she had all the pictures of her friends and lots of Chris, all up on her wall. She would often meditate and think about them. She would always have a bunch of lilies in her room, she got better at playing videogames, she went on regular shopping sprees, and she could now fix her dad's car whenever it broke. And she was the best at doing Fran's hair. She had even convinced her mum and dad to get a gym, and she filled it with American machines. She always thought about them, she often asked her boss, whether she could go and visit them.

"Please, just to say hi?"


"Just a couple of days?"



"Lilly, this is why you can't make friends like this. You agreed that when you took this job."

"I never knew I would actually meet someone like them did I?"

"It's all in your job."

"Not any more."


"If I can't see my friends then I quit. I will see them any way."

"But your were such a valued member, you won't get paid!"

"I want to lead a normal life, and not here! I want to go back to Gotham, with my friends and live normally. No secrets! No codes! No spying just living like a normal teenager."

"If that is you final word, then you are dismissed, good-bye Lilly, you were a good agent."

"Good- Bye" she said storming out of the office, she gave a hug to Fran and knew that she could never speak to Fran again, but she was willing to do that.

"Good-Bye and Good Luck Fran. Miss you" Lilly said while giving her hug, then she left the tall black building forever. She went back into her house; her mum and dad were out. She packed her suitcase and left a note and poem on the side. She had written this poem on her last day with Rachel, and she felt like this was a good time to use it.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I am leaving for Gotham City in America. I miss my friends and Chris too much, I quit my job, and I will write all the time. Don't be too mad, love you:

'Why do I live?

I never give,

I never learnt to be filled with glee,

You made love never really happened to me,

I had the smart

I left the heart to heart

I was clever,

You stopped me from getting together

I had the money,

But no one now to call me honey

Every time I tried to laugh

People just said don't be daft

No one else could make me feel good

Only Chris really could

I could have had that special guy

But I chose all the things that money could buy,

Well I wanted to choose Chris to be my king

But you made me choose the other thing

I can make up my own mind

I wanted to be gentle and kind

But look at me now

I will finally disagree and say no

Because that was my last show

For now I have to go

To make love rehappen for me

I will be wanted, I wanted to be

Truly Happy'

I will come and visit sometimes, promise you are not mad? That's my true feelings in the poem, see you soon! Lots of Love Lilly XxX

She wrote it down and left it on the side, and then she called a taxi to take her to airport. If she calculated it right, she would be back in enough time to get ready for the leavers prom. She put her stuff in the boot of the taxi and then it whisked her away to the airport. She got tickets because she phoned Fran to ask for one last favour, to get tickets for her. When she arrived Fran was waiting for her. She wasn't supposed to see her but they were such good friends.

"Are you really leaving?"

"Yes, I need to go back to where I belong"

"Where will you live?"

"Where I can find."

"Well, write to me, remember the code?"

"Yep, and of course I will write to you. Try and comfort my mum and dad please?"

"Of course" Fran and Lilly hugged in the middle of the room before Lilly dashed off, her plane was leaving any second. Lilly rushed off; soon she will be back in America, with her friends, Back with Chris.

There was an avaible flat in Rachel and Gar's block. She quickly agreed to it, and used up some of her wages to buy it. She rushed upstairs and got showered and changed for the ball, she only had the dress she wore to the Christmas Ball but it would have to do. She dried her hair and brushed it, it had grown slightly longer over the months, and she has had it feathered. But it was still the same colour and still pin straight. She applied some lip-gloss and mascara and walked quickly from the block and to the bus stop. She got off at the school, she got to the doors, and she felt happy that she could see all her friends again. But she didn't buy a ticket; the doorman wouldn't let her into the hall.

"But I used to go to this school"

"No ticket, No entry unless your partners with you and he has a ticket?"

"But my partners in there!"

"No luck little lady, just leave." He said before turning away. Lilly sighed and let her legs take her some place else.

Chris was really bored, he refused to dance with anyone else, and he wanted to see Lilly. Tell her that he understands. He got up slowly and waved his hand at Richard to tell him he was leaving early. He couldn't go home, because they were sleeping at Kori's. He would go and come back later. He walked past the doorman and walked down the streets.

Lilly found herself sat on the last place where Chris and her were friends. On that bench, but it was in the dark. Nobody was around, just Lilly and the stars. Lilly began to cry to herself.

"I never thought, what if they don't want to see me." She moaned to herself, she dried her eyes and told herself that it was stupid to cry, and that of course they would want to see her. Well Chris might not; he might still be against her. She sighed into the night and looked at the stars.

Chris wandered to the park, he was going to sit on the bench, but as he came up behind it, he saw that some one was already occupying it. He stared as this girl began to softly cry to herself, she was wearing a prom dress, so her date must have ditched her. Her hair reminded him of Lilly, but at the moment some crisps remind him of Lilly. She had the same coloured hair; it twinkled and sparkled in the moonlight. It was longer than Lilly's hair, but still as straight as she had hers. He watched from the shadows, she stopped crying and stared into the stars, when she sat up properly, he noticed that she had the same sort of dress as Lilly wore. But it was too dark to tell if it was the same dress. She looked back down at the floor and began to softly cry again. Chris walked towards the bench and sat down next to the girl. She had her hair swung in front of her face, just like Lilly did when she first came to this school.

Lilly looked back down at the ground and began to cry again, she missed Chris, but she was sure that he didn't miss her. She swung her hair in front of her face again, she felt someone sit beside her. But she just ignored them. She heard them clear their throat but still she continued to cry.

He sat down and cleared his throat to try and get the girl's attention, but she just ignored him. He reached out with a shaky hand and drew back her soft curtain of hair. He gasped as he saw the face come into view. Even when she was crying he could see her grey eyes.

"Lilly?" he whispered, the girl turned to look at him, with a water stained face, he saw that it was defiantly Lilly. He was overcome that she came back but she looked into his eyes and just carried on staring.

"Lilly, it's me Chris! You're back!"

"I know, I understand if you never wanted to see me again when I left." She said while putting her hair back in front of her face and carried on to mumble

"But I am living here now, but I won't see you. Maybe we will bump into each other at the shop but that's not my fault. Sorry Chris, but I have to go. Tell no one you saw me. Forget that you saw me!" she whispered, she tried to get off the bench but Chris's grip kept her sat down.

"Lilly? Please listen"

"I'm listening," she said quietly, still behind her curtain of hair

"I do love you still, I understand. Please don't ignore me. I love you Lilly, I am so happy that you came back." he said and he grabbed her hair and swung it over her shoulder so her face was in view. He pulled her closer and slanted his lips over hers. They shared a long kiss under the stars. Chris smiled as they walked back to the prom. The doorman let her in this time.

"Look who I brought." Chris shouted to all the gang.

"LILLY!" they all shouted together and dashed towards her, and gave her hugs.

"I guess that The Gang's All Here." She whispered, and her friends laughed.

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