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Warnings: Blood, torture, insanity.

Merry Christmas

The whole reasoning behind Christmas is pretty simple; it's the birthday of a savior.

Jesus, was his name?

He sacrificed his life for his people.

Well, so did he.

Just not this time.

He is sprawled on a cross made of Hell's Wood, hands and feet pinned with long stakes of metal.

I had fun putting them in.

He screamed so loudly.

As he bled, I watched as he slowly withered, thirsting and hungering.

I waved food in his face, just to watch him go insane.

I knew he wouldn't die.

He was already dead; he couldn't die.

It was fun to try, though.

His head raised, eyes as dead as I wished he were, his spirit broken.

"I have one thing to say to you, Pharoah," I murmur softly as I draw my lover's dagger down his jawline.

I savored the line of crimson.

"What, Ryou?" he asked dully. "What do you have to say?"

I smiled cheerfully. "Merry Christmas."

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