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The infirmary was dark as Cagalli stepped inside. Athrun was sleeping, his head turned to the wall. She smiled sadly. Right now, he was neither the soldier she'd met on that island so long ago, or the boy who'd cried over 'killing' his best friend. He was a broken child, and, though she knew it hurt him to know, she pitied him.

She did love him though. Whenever she'd felt down or lost, she'd remember him, in his funny little sunglasses. Remember his way of smiling, of always knowing just what to say.

But now he seemed stuck for words. Now he always seemed to turn away from her. She wanted to see his emerald orbs, watch his emotions dance across them, like some complex ballet. The wall got that display now.

There was no point in staying, he wasn't going to wake. She walked to the door. As she was about to leave, she heard him cry out in his sleep. He cried out for someone, and as much as Cagalli wanted it to be her, it wasn't. She fled from the room, trying to hold back tears.

Athrun didn't want her anymore. He wanted someone else. He wanted that cute redhead.

He wanted Meyrin.