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Meyrin glanced up at the sound of the door opening. Athrun had gone back to sleep, his breathing still a bit fast. She flinched when she saw who was framed in the doorway. Cagalli merely stared at them, stunned. She wished Athrun would let go of her wrist, he was clinging to her like a frightened child, afraid of being lost. Cagalli smiled sadly at her. 'So, I guess he's decided.' Meyrin stood, staying still for a moment, then nodded. She could see the tears in the princess' eyes, but the older girl refused to let them fall. 'For what it's worth, I thought he wanted you, Cagalli.' The older girl shrugged, 'I saw it the moment he first layed eyes on you. He saw someone he could trust and I guess he learned to love you. I'm happy for you.' Meyrin reached out and touched the older girl's hand. 'You'll always have a place in his heart.' Cagalli nodded, 'Yes, but it belongs to you.'

Meyrin was overjoyed that Athrun had fallen in love with her, but she wished there was some way to ease Cagalli's pain. She and Athrun had nearly died together, he valued her life above his, he had stolen her heart as she had his, but in doing so, they'd broken Cagalli's. Did love ever come without a price? Without warning, Cagalli seized her hands. 'Just promise me one thing, Meyrin. Promise me you'll take care of him. Promise me you'll make him Athrun Zala again. That you'll eliminate Alex Dino from his being. Please, just promise me that.' She stared at her, unsure of what to say. Throat too tight to speak, she nodded.

Cagalli smiled at her, then walked to the door. Before leaving, she looked over her shoulder and said: 'If you fail him, I will kill you.'

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