Harry lay in his bed at the Burrow and felt the strangest feeling inside him.

He didn't know what to do with the rest of his life. He didn't expect to have one. There was auror trainingor going back to Hogwarts to complete school, Hermione was all for that plan herself, but he just didn't know what he wanted from his prophesy-free life now. He had no mortal enemy and didn't really remember how to conduct a life without one.

He chuckled at this thought and turned over to face Ron's empty bed.

Ron wasn't supposed to be with Hermione in her room but he was. She was much better now, she still reached out for him whenever he was close enough to touch and tried to keep him in her sight as much as possible but she was allowing him to have time away from her without nearly as much anxiety as she had been displaying at first. She had done exactly what she had said she was going to do and destroyed the bond of blood forever in the twin's stone chest. She had told them all about the final battle and they had come to St Mungo's with her to visit Ron.

Ron had one hell of a fever, Malfoy hadn't held back when Ron had explained to him that the sicker he was the more power Dumbledore would be able to channel when he possessed him, and he had been unconscious for a whole day afterwards. When he eventually came round he was pretty much drowned with feminine affection and smothering as first Hermione, then Mrs Weasley and then Ginny began to war over which of them was going to be his primary care-giver. Ron had even become so annoyed with this behaviour he went back to the Lavender defence he had used after his poisoning the previous year, pretending to be asleep!

He had even gone to visit Snape one afternoon to see how he was doing with his magical false arm. He had made some comment about it being like Moody's fake eye and wondered aloud if students would start calling him 'Scary Arm Snape'. Snape had given Ron one of his coldest looks of disapproval at this and Ron had made his apologies and left, only to find Draco Malfoy doubled up with laughter outside the door where he had been eavesdropping.

They had come back to the Burrow, where a huge party was in full swing, and finally the three of them were safe and sound back at home...yes it was Harry's home now...for the first night in a long time. Harry and Ginny had even talked about resuming their relationship when Ginny got back home from school for the summer.

Harry sighed deeply and settled into his soft pillow, closing his heavy eyelids and letting sleep take him over.

Then he heard the door creak and squinted over to the two figures silhouetted in the doorway. Harry put on his glasses and reached for his wand, lighting the tip and mumbling when he heard Hermione's sob.

"Oh you two can't go one night without upsetting one another? Why do I have to be woken up just because you've had a fight?"

Harry pointed his illuminated wand at Ron and Hermione, still framed by the open door, and felt suddenly sick to his stomach.

Hermione was dangling about a foot off the landing, her feet desperately searching for something to put her weight upon, while silently pleading to Harry through her rapidly purpling tear-stained face as Ron held her up off the ground by the throat with one hand.

"Ron what are you doing? Put her down you're killing her!"

Harry suddenly saw what Hermione was trying to warn him about through her bloodshot watery eyes. Ron's eyes weren't glazed though, he wasn't sleepwalking, but he wasn't Ron either.

"Dumbledore's not the only one who knows how to use an oracle Potter," Ron smiled cruelly as his eyes flashed red, "we've got some unfinished business to attend to."


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