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Losing you, and Everything in Between

Chapter one: Desolate look at Life

Tony walked into work, looking at the empty desk that used to be Kate's. Past tense, as in never going to be there again. His partner, his friend, his sister, the woman that he loved in secret; she was gone, and there was and had been nothing that he could do to stop it. She had been standing there, breathing, alive; and then in an instant she was on the ground, dead.

He was drawn out of his trance by a tap on the shoulder from McGee. "You okay Tony?" He asked, his face, a mixture between hurt, lose, and concern.

He gave a curt nod, and went to his desk. When he sat down, he noticed there was a white envelope next to his mouse pad. His name was scrawled on it, in a script that he thought he would never see again. "Kate." He whispered and opened the note.


So you're reading this. That means that I'm dead, and never told you how I felt. I have loved you for quite some time, and the little teasing was to keep you away. I was afraid that if we got too close someone would get seriously hurt, either mentally or physically, especially considering our jobs.

So here it is, I love you, and I am so sorry that I was too selfish of my own feelings that I couldn't tell you that.

That's all I can say, and all I can do to explain why and how I feel the way I do.

I love you Tony, take care of yourself.


P.S. Here's something to remember me by.

Tony's face went white, as he pulled out a leather bracelet, that was about an inch wide. There was an inscription on the inside, reading; 'Love you, Always and Forever.' He stood up from his chair. Checking to see if Gibbs was there, he grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair.

"Where are you going?" McGee's voice yelled after him.

"Tell boss that I went out Probie, and I probably won't be back for a while. I have a date with a bar." Tony said, and finished walking the rest of the way to the elevator. He pressed the button, and leaned against the wall, closing his eyes.

He took the bracelet out of his pocket, and tied it around his right wrist, intending to keep it there, forever; no matter what happened.

The elevator doors opened and he walked out, in a daze. He bumped into something, and when he looked up, he found himself face to face with Gibbs. Not noticing that he had dropped the envelope to the letter the Kate had sent him, he kept walking. The letter was still in his hand, and that's all that mattered to Tony.

"Where are you going, DiNozzo?" He heard Gibbs ask.

"Out." Was the only answer he gave, angering the older man.

Gibbs bent down and picked up the envelope that Tony, and dropped, and looked at the handwriting. His heart almost stopped as he recognized the script. "Kate." He said, mimicking Tony's reaction.

He went to his desk, and straight to his phone. When he was about to dial the number, he put the phone down, and decided to give Tony about an hour to himself. He walked out of his office, and over to McGee's desk. Seeing the agent look up at him, a scared look on his face, Gibbs almost wanted to laugh.

"B-boss, To-Tony left." He stuttered out, and Gibbs laughed.

"I know, and I know why, so keep working McGee, you're not in trouble, I was just wondering if you wanted any coffee." Gibbs said, and McGee nodded almost mechanically, his face full of fear. He laughed again, and walked over to the elevators. He was going to take a walk to clear his head, get some drinks, and then call Tony.

Tony walked into 'Black Hope,' a bar that was on the corner of fifth and Crosby Rd. Sitting down at the bar, he ordered a beer, and turned his head to look around.

The man next to him, nodded at the bar tender, and the bar tender put a little white pill in the bottle, before Tony saw anything. He put the bottle on the bar, and Tony turned around, taking it.

Tony looked at the bottle before draining half of it in one gulp. He took another look around, and drained the rest of the contents.

He placed the money for it down on the bar, and got shakily to his feet. He didn't feel right all of the sudden. He walked out the door, and stumbled over to his car, not seeing the man come up behind him, or Gibbs walking across the street.

Gibbs looked across the street, and saw Tony, and some guy following him. He yelled to him, but he just kept walking, and as he turned down the alley, he stumbled, and that when the man struck. Gibbs watched in horror as Tony was hit over the head with a steel pipe, and the Agent crumpled to the ground.

Gibbs was already running across the street when Tony hit the ground. The man looked at Tony for a second, and then picked the crumpled man, and carried him to a car that was only five feet away, throwing him in the back, the man hopped in the front, clicked the automatic locks, and started the car.

He saw Gibbs come around the car, his weapon drawn, and the man laughed to himself. "Go ahead." The man taunted through the glass. When Gibbs pulled the trigger, the window cracked, but didn't break. The man flipped Gibbs off, smiling, and mouthed, 'Bullet Proof.' Before pulling away.

Gibbs looked around, running his hands through his hair. Writing down the part of the liscence plate that he had seen, and then looked down at the ground. He smirked when he saw that the man had left the pipe, but it quickly turned into a frown when he saw all the blood that was covering it.

He called McGee, and said, "Tony's been kidnapped, you need to get down to the corner of Fifth and Crosby Rd." He waited as McGee said something, and answered, "Yeah, the bar, 'Black Hope.' Okay, get here as fast as you can." He hung up the phone, and waited for McGee, Ducky, and Abby to show up.

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