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Live Free or Die...

Abby had tried not to get close to Ziva, afraid of losing her like she had Kate, but right now she needed her, and it was all Abby could do to keep herself from falling apart at the news about Tony. She held Ziva while the woman cried, knowing her pain. Kate had only been gone four months, and it was still hard not to see her when she walked into work. Not to have the fun girl's night out every other Friday, just not seeing her.

Abby led Ziva into Tony's room and gasped at what she saw. Tony lay there; still, the only movement was the steady rise and fall of his chest by the respirator. His eyes were bandaged, and there were bandages wrapped around his wrists where they had been chafed by the restraints. IV's ran out of both hands. One was transfusing blood, and the other was pushing antibiotics and painkillers into his blood stream.

Tony was only wearing hospital issue scrub bottoms, and the stark white blanket was pulled up only to his waist. There were bandages wrapped all around his torso and chest, and spots of red could be seen where blood had seeped through them. Tony's skin was pale almost a true white, and the only thing that kept Abby from thinking he was dead was the steady beep of the heart monitor.

Ziva let out a cry, and went over to him. Abby walked to his other side, and grabbed Tony's hand in her own. She squeezed it, and gently rubbed circles over the side of it with her thumb. There was a small movement from Tony's hand in Abby's after a while, and she jumped. "Tony are you awake?" She asked, her voice shaky, and he squeezed her hand as tight as he could, though it wasn't hard in his weakened condition.

Tony didn't know why it was so hard to breathe, or why his eyes felt as if there was something scratchy over them, and he couldn't see. He reached his hand up and tried to take out the tube from his throat that was blocking his airway, but found his hands being grabbed.

He started to panic, thinking that he was still at the mercy of Davis, but heard a soothing voice that he recognized as he started to struggle to draw in breaths.

"Tony, it's okay, it's only Abby and Ziva. Stop fighting or you'll hurt yourself." He heard Ziva say, and he calmed somewhat, but still had a hard time breathing especially with the tube lodged down his throat.

Abby must have sensed what Tony was thinking, and she said, "I'll go get the doctor so he can take that out for you." She kissed his forehead and walked out of the room. Tony heard the door close, and it made him jump a little.

He heard the door open and close again, and two pairs of feet as they padded over to him. "Stay calm." He heard a male voice warn him, and felt Ziva squeeze his hand. The tube was pulled from his throat and it hurt so badly.

A cup of water was put to his lips and he swallowed some, feeling as the cool liquid soothed his sore throat. Once he felt that he could talk, he asked quietly in a hoarse voice, "Why can't I see?" He was afraid of the answer, but tried to keep his voice as calm as possible.

"There was some damage to your eyes from the blunt force trauma to them when you were being held. That along with the concussion had a severe effect on your eyes. You should regain full use of them within a few days, but you need to keep them from light and other stimuli for now, so no other damage is done to them." The doctor explained.

"Okay, so there isn't a very high chance that I wont' be able to see right?" Tony asked, allowing a little bit of his relief to show through in the statement.

"The odds are in your favor, to keep your eyesight. There is only a ten percent chance that you will lose your eyesight for good. When the bandages are taken off, you will need to wear glasses for at least a year though, to protect your eyes, and help them see better so there isn't additional strain on them." The doctor said, and Tony nodded.

The doctor went on telling Tony what he would need to do to heal right, and Tony kept on his every word. Even when he said that Tony would have to do physical therapy, and would not be able to work for a month or two, and even then it would be light desk duty, Tony nodded. He was just thankful that he was alive, and that Davis was gone.

Tony almost had an outburst when the doctor said that he wouldn't be able to leave the hospital for at least a week, and it only took Abby butting in to keep him quiet. "Tony will be happy to stay until he is well." Abby said, almost growling at Tony with the word, well. Tony shrunk back into the pillows that propped him up on the bed, and the action jarred his ribs.

Abby and the doctor were still talking, so they didn't notice Tony's face twist in pain. It felt as if he couldn't breathe, and as if someone were searing him with a branding iron. Tony gasped, but Abby and the doctor didn't hear him, and Ziva had gone to get coffee, so he was on his own. Talking took too much effort, and he felt as if he couldn't draw breath.

Finally out of options, Tony felt for the call button, and pressed it. Less than a minute later, a nurse opened the door, and went over to Tony. The doctor and Abby finally looked up, and saw how much pain Tony was in.

"Oh Geez, Tony, I am so sorry." Abby said a few minutes later when Tony had been given a pain killer and a nasal canula had been hooked under his nose, pushing oxygen into him. Tony only nodded, and closed his eyes.

"It's s'ok." Tony slurred out, and the door opened. Ziva walked in, handed a coffee to Abby and took her place next to Tony's bed once more.

"I called Gibbs, and he will try and come down to see you later." Ziva said, and Tony only slightly nodded, the painkiller taking effect. "Rest now, and get better. I'll stay here and watch over you." She whispered, and a small smile came to his lips as sleep finally clamed him only seconds later.


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