A/N- This is somewhat of a sequel to I Never Knew You Existed. It's been bugging at me for awhile now so I thought I might get it up here. Reading of that is not essential although some things won't make that much sense. Short first chapter but an update will come sooner than usual. This one will have a happy ending so have no doubts. Well, read on.

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Finding A Way Home

1. The Letter

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Siobhan McKay rolled over in her bed, being slowly dragged out of sleep by the incessant tapping. It was a Saturday morning and she deserved her lie-in. She worked nine to five every week as a receptionist for a respectable firm whilst working twenty-four seven as a mother of three children. All she asked for in return were her late morningsat the weekend. Closing her eyes in hope of getting back to sleep, she found that the tapping got louder.

"If that boy is out there throwing windows at the windows for fun I will…" she muttered dragging herself out of bed. She hated to think what she looked like. Siobhan was never a morning person, and though she had yet to see herself, she knew her hair resembleda birds nest and she would look all pasty, somewhat ill. Slipping her slippers on her feet, she tried to focus on the sound.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

It didn't sound like stones. Whatever it was, she was going to kill it for getting her out of her morning sleep. Walking over to the window, she threw open the curtains blinking slightly as the sunlight hit her eyes almost blinding her. Opening the window to scream at her son for throwing stuff, she almost screamed when a tawny owl flew into her room and perched itself on her desk. It took a few moments of staring at the owl to realise what a room in her owl actually meant.

Feelings of excitement and apprehension filled her. There was an owl in her room. An owl with a letter attached to its leg. There weren't many theories she could think of. It was a bright summer's morning and she knew for a fact normal owls were nocturnal. That just meant that this was no ordinary owl. It was a wizard or a witch's owl. An owl that came from the wizarding world. A world she had been exiled from for years. Ten whole years now to be exact.

Deciding it was probably best if she didn't stand there for a few hours simply staring at the owl, Siobhan edged forwards slowly. It had after all been ten years since she had received owl post. Her own owl Sapphire had gone a long time ago but she had a habit of doing that. She tended to only appear when she was really needed. Reaching the desk, she untied the letter of the leg carefully, almost expecting it to attack but nothing happened. The owl just sat there watching Siobhan as if it might be waiting to also deliver a reply or even food.

Opening the envelope addressed clearly addressed to her, she took out the letter holding her breath.

Dear Ms McKay,

I am writing to inform you that you are no longer in exile from the wizarding world.

The sentence that was passed ten years ago stated that as long as Cornelia Fudge was Minister of Magic and Head of the Wizengamot, you would not be setting foot in the wizarding world. Mr Fudge passed away last week therefore the sentence no longer stands, a sentence that was harsh to an extent.

As the newly elected Minister of Magic, I wish to work to uniting the wizarding community more in this time of peace and want to begin by pardoning many of those trialled and sentenced during and after the Second War, and you are one of the first as you played a significant role.

There will be a meeting on Wednesday 18th July 2007 at 15:00 at which point I wish to discuss with you the factors of aforementioned pardon, and what will come of it. It will be held in my office, and as I am extremely busy, please do all you can to uphold this.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Harry Potter

Minister of Magic

Siobhan was forced to reread the letter several times before she let out a breath. It was good news. It was extremely good news. It was the best piece of news she had had for a long time. She was going back to her world. Her dangerous, prejudiced and ridiculously backward world. Harry Potter was the new Minister of Magic, in her world. And she was going back.

She jumped up and down. She was going back! After ten years she was going back. Hugging the letter to her chest, she continued to jump around the room, not caring that she looked like a mad woman with a bird nest on her head in cow pyjamas. She was going back! She couldn't wait to tell the kids about this. Then the realisation hit her.

She hadn't got round to tell them about the wizarding world.