My story, slightly changed though

Whatever- chapter 1

By Rix Baez

Rin (14) walked up the steps to her boyfriend, Sesshoumaru's (17) house she knocked three times and he answered the door but appeared to be leaving "Oh hey Rin, but can you wait for me I have to go to the doctors office for a while" he said "Sure, but how long?" Rin asked taking her jacket off "about an hour and forty five" he said "Ok then I'll be playing play station in your room" Rin laughed and pecked him on the cheek. She sat in his room and heard him lock the door behind him.

Rin was playing for only a little while when Sesshoumaru's older brother Naraku (18) came in and sat dangerously close to her "Hey Rin, how are you?" he asked "I'm fine" Rin said getting a weird chill down her spine and not the good kind. "Are you a virgin?" he asked this made her uncomfortable but she nodded. "Oh" he said and put his hand on her upper thigh she stood and walked to the other side of the room leaning on a wall. Naraku walked toward her and pulled her small body to his and kissed her shoving his tongue in forcefully she pushed him away and went for the door, she found it was locked and he was holding the key her russet eyes filled with tears.

Naraku grabbed her and threw her on his brothers bed and then got on her sitting on her legs and abdomen so she couldn't get away he ripped open her white blouse his cold hands caressed her sides softly then he reached over kissing her and un hooking her bra and pulled away "Naraku stop this! Please Stop!" Rin yelled tears falling down her face he moved down and cut her skirt off then ripped her underwear downward. He flipped her over and positioned himself at her entrance "Please Naraku, Stop
! Please! Please! I am too young for this! Please" she whimpered then ignoring her he thrust into her he was there for hour just climaxing around four times she lay there sobbing into the bed he left her there after he got up. "Tell anyone and I'll kill you and isn't funny that you lost your virginity to your boyfriends brother on your boyfriends bed" Naraku laughed walking out. Rin sat behind the door wearing one of her boyfriends big shirts.