Title: So Special (6/6)
Author: Vee017 Disclaimer: Not mine, it's all George's.
Spoilers: None.
Setting: Pre-AOTC. Anakin is about 18.
Rating: NC-17 Summary: Anakin attempts to find out what everyone goes gaga over his Master for and makes some discoveries on his own. ObiAni slash

Anakin's world had become one of pure ecstasy. The sweet ache in his groin kept increasing as a shudder rippled down his spine when Obi-Wan's hand slipped beneath his waistband to touch hard flesh.

He grunted and bucked his hips as the hand wrapped firmly around his length and began stroking him slowly. It definitely felt better than his own hand had.

When Obi-Wan's thumb brushed over his tip and come laced slit, he had to grab the older Jedi's wrist to steady himself. He couldn't come. Not yet, he wasn't ready to let this go. He moved Obi-Wan hand off of him and ignored his questioned name, instead opting to place a finger against his Master's lips and a quietly whispered 'shhh'. Replacing his finger with his mouth in a quick, but firm kiss, Anakin reached for the hem of Obi-Wan's shirt and lifted it off.

A shaky breath left his lungs as his gaze lingered on the full expanse of Obi-Wan's bare chest. He was perfect, exactly like the stolen glimpses Anakin had caught in the communal showers. Though now, instead of being slicked with water, he was covered in a light sheen of sweat. Anakin worked his hands through the hair on his chest and stomach, enjoying how coarse and soft it was at the same time. He lowered his mouth to skim along Obi-Wan's collar bone, drifting lower to brush a nipple with his lips before running his tongue over the hardening bud and pulling it into his mouth.

The sensitive tissue quickly lost it's lingering softness and peaked in Anakin's mouth as he alternated bites and sucks. He could hear Obi-Wan's breathy moans and sighs, his hands wandering from Anakin's arms to back to neck and hair. His warmth flushed Anakin as he lifted a hand to roll Obi-Wan's neglected left nipple between his fingers causing his hips to roll hard into Anakin's.

His mouth and hand fell away from Obi-Wan's worried chest, and the Jedi Master found himself pushed down onto his back, muffling a contented groan as their bare chests and covered erections were pressed together.

Obi-Wan groaned as his brain somehow managed to clear enough to push in a weak argument as to why this wasn't right. The words 'taking advantage' flashed through his mind a few times as did the rationalization that he wanted Anakin, and Anakin very obviously wanted him back.

As the boy's mouth latched onto the side of his neck, his hips jerked as he found a particularly sensitive spot. Obi-Wan grabbed a hold of his hips as the spot was licked and nipped by a fascinatingly observant Padawan.

He wanted to give in, let Anakin writhe against him until they both reached completion but top brain was persistent in its denial and righteousness. Anakin thought he was dreaming. Why embarrass him like this when he came back to himself?

But...would it embarrass him? If he was dreaming about his Master, he had to want his Master, right? And lower brain wanted Anakin very, very much and was willing to do anything to get top brain to shut the hell up and enjoy.

Lower brain won as Anakin angled his hips in just the right way to make Obi-Wan gasp and arch into him, effectively cutting off all blood flow to top brain. With the inner debate silenced Obi-Wan pulled the bottom of Anakin's ear into his mouth and brough his hips to meet his Padawan's increasingly random movements.

A few more thrusts, hips grinding together in lost rhythm and Obi-Wan felt himself come apart. He grabbed Anakin's thigh as the boy stiffened and tensed as well, before slumping against Obi-Wan in a boneless heap.

Harsh, laboured breathing slowed until calm. Obi-Wan tried to shift slightly as the wetness between them started to grow cold and uncomfortable. Anakin made a small noise and turned into Obi-Wan's neck, his eyelashes fluttering against his skin.



Obi-Wan could feel the boy starting to fall asleep as his breathing started to even out.

His stomach clenched as his mind started to churn out two different options.

He could either let Anakin fall asleep and think this entire thing was a dream while he tried to sort things out and promised himself that he'd eventually tell Anakin, but never would.

Or secondly, he could shake him back into full awareness and face things like a man, accepting whatever reaction his Padawans had to this. Whether or not Anakin thinking everything was a dream was actually something he wanted from Obi-Wan or...nothing, as dreams sometimes were, or worse yet, Anakin found it disgusting that his Master was so depraved as to take advantage of him.

But then again...Anakin had basically thrown himself at Obi-Wan. What had he said at the beginning...Another dream. This is just a dream. Could he have...

Obi-Wan flushed red. Was it possible that Anakin's...certain...dream the other night wasn't about Padme? Obi-Wan was the one who had brought her up and assumed, but what if...

Steeling his resolve and pushing away his conflicting thoughts, Obi-Wan moved his shoulder that Anakin rested on in an attempt to gain a reaction. When the boy just mumbled and tried to cuddle him further, the older Jedi started shaking his side.

"Anakin? Anakin wake up!"

"Mmmm. I am, m'sleeping."

The boy finally jerked up as Obi-Wan pinched his side hard. Blinking in confusion, his brow furrowed at the sight of his Master half under him. A shift in his position brough his attention straight to his cold, sticky sleep pants.

"I-I-Master, what?"

"You um," Obi-Wan cleared his throat. "You weren't dreaming this time Padawan."

Between blinking and trying to open his mouth to say something, Anakin was lost. Fully conscious, he completely remembered. But there was no way. He had been sure it was a dream, he...Anakin felt the heat creeping up his face and neck as his eyes widened. He had just...with Obi-Wan...and now he was...Anakin's heart constricted.

He...oh Sith...


Obi-Wan watched as Anakin blushed furiously and attempted a weak laugh as he tried to speak.

"Still uh, still waiting to wake up now."

"Still not dreaming Anakin."

Obi-Wan watched as the realization fully dawn on his apprentice as he started to look like a Taun Taun caught in the headlights. Or even worse a Taun Taun about to bolt out of the place. He watched Anakin's eyes flicker to the door and his body tensed so much it felt like he was going to snap. His shields were becoming fragile at best and the most prominent emotion Obi-Wan could pick up, was fear.

He was scared.

Obi-Wan racked his mind for something to come up with, something to say before the boy ran but got nothing.

So he did the most logical thing he could think of.

He kissed him.

Pulled him down and kissed him.


There was nothing in the universe that could have prepared Anakin for Obi-Wan kissing him. There had been no warning, no signals, he just kissed him.

It was surreal.

His body gradually relaxed against his Master's as he gave into the warm lips beneath his own. Soft caresses that lingered with each pass and brush of their tongues.

A few more pressed kisses and they parted, resting their forheads against the other's. Obi-Wan ran his hand gently through Anakin's hair.

"I'm still waiting to wake up," he murmured.

"You're not asleep."

Anakin kissed him again and shifted.

"Ugh." He he made a face as his wet pants pushed against him and rolled onto his side. "Dreams aren't this uncomfortable..."

Obi-Wan moved slightly. "I'd most certainly say not."

It was only then that Anakin noticed the twin stain adorning his Master's sleep shorts.

Blushing and lowering his eyes, he smiled. "Guess I was a little aggressive huh?"

Obi-Wan snorted. "A little? Maybe." He sobered as another thought came to him. "Anakin...about today, this morning, I--" He stopped as Anakin began to look uncomfortable. Maybe he'd been wrong and it was about her. "Second thought, it's none of my business..."

"You want to know if it was about you?...because it was." He said quietly. He could feel Obi-Wan's jealousy through their bond, his Master was probably in a rare moment unaware that he was projecting. It made his heart flutter with something akin to hope.

"Do...do you regret this?"

...because it was. Obi-Wan leant forward and kissed him, childish worries forgotten. "I'm still lying here aren't I?"

"Why do you keep kissing me?"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No. Never. But why?"

He had to know. To really know. This was becoming a reality too good to be true. Obi-Wan was here, with him kissing his residual fears of rejection far, far away.

"I care about you, more than I should."

Any nervousness Obi-Wan had about the admission that bypassed his brain and went directly out of his mouth was erased as he watched Anakin's mouth quirk up into that familiar, cocky grin.

"Does this care involve multiple orgasms?"

Obi-Wan chuckled and sighed. "And here I thought this would be awkward."


Obi-Wan let his fingers linger on Anakin's Padawan braid as the youth slept nestled against him. Once they had finally cleaned up and changed they had settled into Obi-Wan's bed for the night.

Pressing a chaste kiss to Anakin's forehead, Obi-Wan smiled. He hadn't been expecting a lap full of Padawan when he had gone to talk to Anakin. But what had happened had definitely changed something for them. Something Obi-Wan hoped they were both ready for.

He pulled the blanets up a little more over Anakin's shoulders.

They still had a lot to talk about in the morning, but whatever it was, they'd do it together.


Hours after Obi-Wan had fallen asleep and in the early light of dawn, Anakin sat awake watching him. His attention this time was drawn to the little mole on the top of Obi-Wan's right cheek. It was an incredibly sexy little thing and he couldn't wait until his Master let him see if he had any moles in other places.

His mouth twitched into a stupid grin.

Obi-Wan was really all his. Dreams forgotten, this could be the beginning of something so special.



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