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Stupid Mical

Atton was mad. No, he wasn't just mad, he was annoyed too. Ever since Mical joined, the exile, Kianna, had to sleep in the main hold because of space issues.

Stupid Mical. Why did he have to join our group? We were doing just fine until he came along. It's a good thing he's asleep or I'd have some choice words for him … He thinks he's sooo good because he's sooo smart. Even if Kianna trusts him, I don't. There's something fishy about him that I can't place... I wonder if I should go check on her, I mean just to make sure she's okay. You never know anymore with Mical running around the place acting like he owns everything.

Atton slowly got up from the pilot's chair where he had been carefully resting his feet on the control panel. He glanced down at the controls, making sure everything was okay.

Good. We're half way to Nar Shadda. At least when we get there, I can go play pazaak and maybe get a juma juice or something while Kianna goes and find the Jedi Master. Why a Jedi Master would go there, I have no idea, but...

The Ebon Hawk was on auto-pilot, so Atton didn't have to do much. The only real piloting was taking off and landing. Atton walked out of the cockpit, and made a bee-line to Kianna. She looked so peaceful when she slept. Atton noticed that she was slightly shivering, even though she had her robe on her as a make shift blanket. Atton grabbed a blanket, and covered her with it. Why she didn't just usethe blanket in the first place, Atton didn't know.

Pretty as an angel. I wonder if I could give her a kiss. She would never know. And, it's not like she feels the same way about me as I feel about feel her. It's just a kiss, no one will know about it but me. One little kiss…

Atton lowered his lips to Kianna's. Her lips were soft, and tender. How he wished she were awake, kissing him back.

Kianna felt something, or someone, touch her lips. She slowly opened her eyes, to see Atton kissing her. This, at first, shocked her, but then she kissed back. Though the kiss only lasted 5 seconds after Kianna joined, it seemed a lot longer to her.

Atton's wish came true. Kianna kissed him back. Atton had forgotten everything, that they were in hyperspace, Mical,theparty memberson the Ebon Hawk, everything. He never wanted this moment to end. That is, until reality hit him hard. He pulled away (though reluctantly),surpised.

"Uh…. Kianna, look. I…"Atton started, not knowing how to explain why he was just kissing her.

"Atton, it's okay. You don't have to explain. I wanted to kiss you too. But, I didn't know how well that would go with the code and all. Kianna rolled her eyes. "If you ask me, screw the code." She chuckled.

Atton's eyes lit up. So she does like me. Score! Wait… I have to tell her everything about my past if I can let anything happen between us.

"So, uh…. You're okay that I'm not all perfect, like Mical is?" Atton asked. If sarcasm was water, there would have been enough to swim in.

"I wouldn't have you any other way." Kianna said, smiling at him.

"Okay. Well, I'll let you get back to sleep. You'll need your rest if you want to save the galaxy. Good night." Atton said. Not wanting for a reply, he turned on his heel. He heard her say good night. Once in the cockpit, he sat back down on the pilot's chair and put his feet up in their original position.

Well, if Mical hadn't showed up, this would have never happened. I suppose he's not that bad. Wait, what have I been chewing? Mical is bad, but at least Kianna doesn't like him. I guess, I'll tell Kianna everything about my past tomorrow morning.