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Baldy-Potter-wasn't-a-normal-boy-he-was-a-wizard-wit-a-Christmas-tree-shaped-scar-on-his-forhead-or-the-top-of-his-head-I'm-not-sure-which-because-he's-bald... (Inhales) There, we got the monotonous intro out of the way.

Correct me if I'm wrong: In out last story, Baldy was told that he could "Go free" to the circus. As it was, Baldy had worked in this very circus for the greater part of his life training flamingos, so it was nothing new or exciting to him. On the other hand, it was free and the cotton candy was exquisite.

He consumed the fuzzy sweets lazily as he watched the elephants dance a jig. He lapped thecloud-like confections lethargically as he mused over the clumsy clowns. He (Insert synonym for "Ate") the (Insert description of cotton candy) as he (Insert synonym for "Watched") the (Insert circus act of your choice.) It was very relaxing to watch his colleagues make fools of himself while he did nothing because he was already as big a fool as one can find. Yes, very relaxing...

...Until the flamingo act came out. It was terrible! Sure, the trainer was a hot chick, but she had to be simply daft. Bruce, Baldy's favorite flamingo, was in the back of the line! Darryl was in front, while Willis and Lyle suported Gladys on their backs! Couldn't she tell the order was all wrong?Baldy fumed.Fumed so thoroughly that he lost what little wit he possessed and marched down into the center ring, snatched the baton from the new trainer and began leading the act himself. Immediately, the flamingos corrected their order and the book ended.

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