Hello everyone, I'm back! This short fic will be told in Tai's point of view. Please R & R! (I don't own Digimon!)


LOVE...what is love, exactly? Is it that feeling that warms your heart and completes your soul? How can one define love with out reference to some corny cliche like "floating on air?" Maybe love is just an infatuation; one that can control your life and won't let you escape...


Outside Matt's dressing room...

"Wow! This is so exciting; people are already lining up for Matt's concert!" Sora exclaimed with a hint of nervousness in her voice

"Don't worry Sora; we'll be sure to get good seats, especially once you give him these homemade cookies." Biyomon assured her partner, eyeing the box she held tightly against her chest

"I hope." Sora sadly replied

"Sora, wait up!" Tai walked up to her; Agumon on his trail

"Oh, Tai..eh..." Sora slightly turned away trying to hide the gift in her hands

"Something smells good!" Agumon hungrily exclaimed

The door backstage opened, revealing a husky little digimon

"Matt's busy getting ready, but I'll take those to him, mmm..." Gabumon inhaled the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked pastries

"I bet you will! No way, you'll eat the whole thing yourself!" Biyomon harshly declined his offer

"Why I resent that, I'm on a diet." Gabumon calmly responded

"So, um, Sora, are you going to the concert with anybody? I mean, not that it matters to me, just wondering." Tai suddenly asked; ignoring the discussion between Gabumon and Biyomon

"No, I want to be available in case Matt is free afterwards..ehmm..." she nervously chuckled towards the end of her reply

"Oh, I see, Matt huh?" there was clear disappointment in Tai's voice

"Hmm..." Sora now blushed as Tai drew closer

"Uh-" she was cut off

"It's ok." Tai rested his hand on her shoulder

"You're not mad at me Tai?" she innocently asked

"No, of course not." he gave her a slight push towards the door

"Now get in there and say hi to Matt for me!" he tried to lighten up the mood

"Thanks Tai." she stumbled to the door and looked back

"The least you could do is leave us the cookies!" Agumon exclaimed with his hands in the air

"Hmm, tell you what, I'll make some special ones for you." she continued to blush

"I'll be waiting, thanks." Tai sadly smiled as he watched her go inside

"You know what Tai?" Agumon interrupted the silence

"What?" Tai looked down at his partner

"You've really grown up!" Agumom complimented his friend

(End FB)

She's my infatuation; the reason for my depression and hurting soul, yet I don't blame her...I can't. It's true that you never realize what you have until it's gone. I took her friendship for granted. I guess I wasn't ready for love. Hmm, now that's an excuse! Why didn't I go for it? Because "I wasn't ready." Please, what's there to be afraid of?...Rejection, that's what I was afraid of...Matt...how I loath that name and the person who carries it. Ok, ok, I don't exactly hate Matt. He didn't do anything wrong. All he did is love Sora. I have to admit, they do look good together, and they can relate to each other on different levels. They communicate well with one another and that's what makes their relationship strong. Don't get me wrong, Sora and I have the same type of connection, but ours is based on having fun while hers and Matt's is deeper and more heart felt. I was always like a brother to Sora and I guess that's not going to change any time soon. Selfish- that's the only word that can describe me at the time being. Why should I be angry? I only want her to be happy and now that she is, so will I. No matter what, I'll be waiting for her. I will love her from afar and care for her when she is hurting...Smart, fun, caring, perfect porcelain skin, red hair, and ruby eyes...Sora- my heart, my soul, and my definition of love.