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Chapter 1

A thin, dark skinned girl prowled the top deck. This was a 15-year-old pirate girl, daughter of the fearsome Captain Morgan. Her given name was Treasure Island.

Treasure was a slender girl, with long, flowing dark brown hair. Her dark skin offset her bright blue eyes, making it almost impossible to look her in the eye for long.

Her father named her Treasure because he was sure she was a treasure among women.

As she prowled, her sharp eyes kept a look out for any sign of relaxation among her fellow pirates. As her father's first child, it was her destiny to be the Captain upon his death. Under her careful eyes, the whole ship would profit.

Because Treasure had two other sisters, there were usually fights about if Father would change his mind and give one of her sisters, Diamond and Pearl, the position of Captaincy. Treasure was the eldest, and was doing much better than her sisters at the tasks that he gave them.

"Look at tha' beauty stroll 'bout," A tall, handsome man with black hair and green eyes belonged to that voice.

Her father had chosen this man as a possible suitor for her. Treasure liked him. She couldn't help but be a flirt around him.

"You shush up, Elijah," she said with as much scorn as she could muster.

"Just complimentin' yer Ladyship," he said with a flourish.

Treasure giggled. She loved Elijah, but pirate laws wouldn't let her show it. Pride was to be upheld. At least if she married him, she would be able to say it to him, when they were alone.

As always, Captain Morgan watched. His Treasure had talent. Of that, he was sure.

He knew it wouldn't be long until Elijah came to ask for Treasure's hand. He would only give Treasure to this man.

Captain Morgan was right. Naught but five days had passed from that day did Elijah come to him.

"Cap'n, I wish to ask fer the 'and of yer first daughter, Treasure Island. Please gran' my request." Elijah said.

"Elijah, I shall consent afte' I discuss it with Treasure. Go 'bout yer duties."

Elijah left. And Morgan smiled to himself.