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Chapter 6

Treasure stepped out from behind her changing screen. She stopped in front of her mirror.

The sight took her breath away.

The dress was a pale blue, low cut, to reveal her full chest, and tight around her waist to show off her neat figure. Her chestnut hair was swept up on top of her head, in a messy bun. Her eyes were accented with dark color brushed over her eyelids, and her lips were painted a deep red.

Treasure's mother, Ruby, stepped forward.

"My daughter, today is the day you sign yourself to a man. As my gift to you, I give you your grandmother, Sapphire's, necklace."

Ruby swept the sapphire necklace on Treasure's tan neck.

"And here, a ring for your husband's hand."

There was a knock on the door. Ruby rushed to answer it.

"My ladies, it is time."

Treasure walked out of her cabin and into the waiting jollyboat.

It was only a ride of five minutes. But to Treasure, it was two minutes.

She was walked to the 'minister' and Elijah. Treasure took a deep breath and thought, "This is where it starts."

"We are gathered here today to witness the union of these young ones," the minister said.

On it went. The I-do's.

Elijah slipped a ring on Treasure's hand.

"Now you may kiss the bride."

Elijah pulled her into a deep kiss.

Treasure heaved a sign of relief at the dinner. It was over. And there was more yet.

After supper, Treasure and Elijah laughed and joked with their friends, and took presents to the boat. There was so many, Treasure was surprised that the boat didn't sink.