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Gardevoir's POV

Well, another battle won, another chance at alone time. Sometimes, I wonder how it feels like to lose, but that seems impossible knowing I have my trainer. I've been trained respectfully and responsibly; it's really him I should thank. If it weren't for him, I would still be wandering the grassland in search of refuge from negative emotion. But lately, I've been feeling a lot of negative emotion. Is it coming from my trainer? It feels like it's coming from him. I hope he's alright.

Mewtwo's POV

I …I don't know anything anymore. I thought I was unstoppable; I was the ultimate living thing in the universe. But, I've been captured; I now belong to a human, a human. I was free from their grasp, and I promised myself that I will never work for another again. But this promise was easily broken, so easily. Why did I give up at the last minute? Did I hunger their presence? NO! I can't think like that! What is it that makes me think of the kindness the humans may hold? Wait…I sense another mind…one that opposites my thought. Whose is it?

Trainer's POV

It was a rewarding afternoon; actually, this month has been nothing but good. I traded my Abra for a Ralts, my Ivysaur finally evolved to a Venasaur, the Ralts I traded fully evolved into a Gardevoir and I caught a rogue pokemon; Mewtwo, was that it? Anyways, I can't wait to show him to everyone. Once I tell them how rare he is, they'll be very impressed with my skills.

Story mode

"Everyone," he said in front of his pokemon; all of them, "this is Mewtwo," he said as he released him.

The pokemon materialized in front of the hoard of pokemon. He looked as if he surprised everyone, but the trainer swore he saw Mewtwo stare at Gardevoir. They all began to ask where he came from and if he was of this world. He began to tell them of his adventure in Cerulean cave and how he caught the monster with his Raichu. But two pokemon weren't paying attention; Gardevoir and Mewtwo. The two stared at each other; not even blinking. When Mewtwo blinked, Gardevoir snapped out of her trance and looked away. At this moment, Mewtwo realized her green headwear, the red implant on her chest, the wavy cloak-like skin near where feet should be. He concluded she was not of this region.

"I'll just guess that you're not of this region, correct?" he asked.

"Well, I moved here from Hoenn as a child, practically. But even for a pokemon that originated from Kanto, you don't look very normal."

"I was cloned from a legendary, I'm artificial."

"It hurts, doesn't it?"

"What does?"

"The thought that you weren't meant to exist, that you have no purpose to follow."

It looked as if Mewtwo was beginning to cry. Gardevoir saw that what she said was completely wrong for a first impression. She didn't want to see him cry, so she tried to cheer him up.

"But, you exist, as a desire. You weren't meant to, but you were needed to exist. You do have a purpose; it's up to you to find it."

"I…used to serve humans. Against my will and freedom, I did what they wanted me to do. I managed to escape and I vowed never to serve under another. But…that has changed drastically. Will I feel the same suffering as you do?"

"There is no suffering to feel. Each one of us is given our respective rights and, in return, we are loyal to them."

"You mean…it's not like being enslaved?"

"No, not at all. When each of us was young, we had two choices: either remain wandering in the wild, or feel the warmth of another's respect."

"So, we learn to love?"


From this day on, Mewtwo began to respect humans, and especially his trainer. He had a different view of them, but that was changed easily from a pokemon named Gardevior. Both of them equally help the other: Mewtwo is relieved of his emotion problems, and Gardevior's curiosity about Mewtwo's past is quenched. But in between, they fight side by side, and grow stronger, but so do the awkward emotions they feel when they are around each other…

Gardevior's POV

Why do I get this strange feeling? Every time I see Mewtwo, I've been feeling a little embarrassed. My face gets warm, I get nervous around him, and I stutter whenever he talks to me. Why is this happening? Am I sick? Does Mewtwo have a contagious illness? These questions…I don't want to think about them, I want to think about…Mewtwo…

Mewtwo's POV

Is something wrong with me? Today, when I tried talking to Gardevior, she began to stutter. I don't get it, and I could've sworn there was something red on her face. Is it me? I thought she wanted to talk to me but can't seem to do that when she doesn't even know what to say. But, if this is a sickness, am I the only one getting it? When Gardevior tries to talk to me, I seem to be a bit impatient around her. My paws seem to feel wet, and I don't want her to be there whenever she is. What is this awkward emotion? I think I should ask Gardevior about this; she helped me with my will of freedom from humans, so why not this?

Story mode

Gardevior stared out at the lake. She sat on a log and watched as the Volbeat and Illumise danced in the sky as the Surskit skated across the water's surface. T'was a beautiful sunset out there. Mewtwo spotted her and told himself to leave, but he wanted this problem fixed, and he needed Gardevior to do so. He walked, well, floated over to Gardevior, being sure not to be detected. But as the saying goes, great minds think alike.

"You're here," she said, already feeling uncomfortable.

"Um, yeah. Gardevior, I have a problem that has something to do with my feelings."

Gardevior was silent, until she spoke.

"Well, let's talk about it. Sit down," she said; patting the unoccupied portion of the log she sat on.

He sat down and began.

"I get a strange feeling that seems to happen at certain aspects of time. It seems to occur every time."

"How so?"

"Well, whenever I'm thinking, alone, or with you."

She found herself blushing at that moment. She too had been getting that feeling, but only whenever Mewtwo was around. She knew this feeling wasn't new, and she wouldn't let herself accept the answer.

"…What are the symptoms?"

"My heart begins to beat rapidly, my face feels warmer, and my paws become sweatier. Is this anything normal?"

She knew the answer well and thoroughly. She never thought her friendship with him could ever become more than this, didn't even cross her mind. But now, it was the truth; the cold, hard truth. It was either she accepted it and let it out, or keep it forever away from him.

"No, this is normal, alright. It's…a good feeling, but is painful if kept to yourself. This feeling is an extraordinary kind. If you want it to go away, someone else has to do it. If you want it accepted, you have to use words on someone, and this person must be the one whose feelings belong to. But if you don't want to tell them and let that person slip from your grasp, this feeling will become a painful stab to your heart and will never stop twisting, until you have either told the person of your feelings or find a new, guaranteed love."

"…is there a name for this feeling?"

"It is called…love."

Mewtwo immediately was surprised. He thought this feeling was impossible, and unnecessary for him to have, but it seems that fate has smited him so, and was crushing him in the grasp of it's hand.

"Well, can love be different from person to person?"

"No. It is same all the way. Being in love with someone means you're liking them for who they are, and the thoughts of wanting to hold that person close and never letting go means that you want to confess to that person and forever be together."

"Like this?"

Mewtwo held Gardevior in his arms and surprised her. Mewtwo held her close, and seemed like he didn't want to let her go. He closed his eyes as Gardevior's remained shocked throughout the entire scenario. She began to wonder, why was he doing this? He was doing everything that means that he's…in love…with her. Is he confessing?

"I don't want to let you go, I want you safe and never in harms way. I care for you more than anything else, and to a point of obsession. Thank you for helping me resolve my internal conflict," he said.

Her mind was a mess. She didn't know what to say. He had confessed, but didn't use the right words. But words didn't matter; she had him, and he had her. She hugged back holding a smile and eyes full of sanctity. She, too, didn't want to let him go.

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