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Warnings: Semi-explicit femslash. That means lesbian sex. You don't like, don't read.

Summary: There's a thin line between love and hate. When it begins to blur, how will Hermoine tell where the boundaries lie.

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Taking Over Me

Whimpering, Moaning, Gasping...

Her mind was a flurry of burning emotion.

Panting, Groaning, Growling...

She moaned loudly as sharp teeth bit into her shoulder, breaking the skin.

She whimpered, as she felt fervent sucking on the bruise.

She could feel the pressure inside of her, skilled fingers pushing her and pulling her towards the edge.

Pleading, Murmuring, Biting...

Her fingers dug into shoulders, pulling the body above her close. So close…

"It's okay…" A velvety voice whispered into her ear." …I'm right here."

Another finger entered her and she cried out, wrapping her legs around slender hips. Her back arched, her body aching to make contact with smooth skin.


"Shhh" was whispered as fingers slowed their movements.

"Please" she whimpered, on the verge of tears. "Please…I…I…need…"

"What do you need?" A hot and wet mouth latched onto her earlobe. Long fingers began moving again, her eyes squeezed shut as the fingers moved harder and faster.

She couldn't breathe. Her hypersensitive body was going to explode and her lover was being merciless. "I need you…" she gasped.

"And who am I?" The voice moaned as her inner walls clenched around the pumping fingers. She was so close. She had been balancing on the edge and was on the brink of sanity. She wanted to beg her to let her come. She wanted to say who had kept her on the edge for what she could only imagine were hours, but the words wouldn't come out. Only guttural moans and short gasps.

"Who am I?" The voice asked again, this time followed by the curling of fingers just so…

Her eyes shot open and locked with beautiful emerald eyes, darkened by lust and desire.

They penetrated her with such intensity that she could feel it delve into her soul which triggered her pending orgasm and simultaneously ripping her lovers' wicked name from her lips.


Hermoines shot up in her bed sweating bullets. Her breathing was ragged and there was uncomfortable ache between her legs.

"Oh God" she whispered as visions of dream came back to her in full force. It was so vivid. She could feel the pleasurable shivers running up and down her spine. She was on the edge and she couldn't understand, for the life of her, how Pansy Parkinson had managed to make her feel this way. She shifted slightly to try to get back to sleep, and moaned loudly at the shockwave that ran throughout her body.

"Oh God" she whispered again as slid her hand into her underwear…

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