Hello! I decided to write a story in time for the holidays. This idea came to me when I myself was writing in the snow. I thought it was the cutest thing and had to write it down. I hope you all like it! It may be a little slow in the beginning but please read the whole thing I promise you won't be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, wow what a way to damper the holidays

Young Kaylee Sanders sat at her windowsill, tracing the number 8, her age, in the fresh fallen snow with an almost unnaturally pale finger. She rested her head on her hand and made circles her long dead window box. She sighed and looked out the window. Why didn't anyone believe her? She knew that Danny Phantom was a good guy, so why didn't anyone believe her? The snow had stopped a couple hours ago and it was still glistening in the starlight. A breeze went by and she hugged her light brown teddy bear closer to her. Suddenly she had an idea. She smiled and dashed out of her door into the hallway.

She tiptoed past her living room so her family wouldn't notice her. She unlocked the door to their apartment and left it slightly ajar. She swallowed and nervously walked down the hall. Ok, so she wasn't supposed to go on the roof, but this was really important. She heard various sounds and songs coming from the other doors in the hallway. It was Christmas Eve, everyone should be happy with friends and family right now.

Everyone except Danny Fenton. Right now, 5 blocks away from Kaylee, he was being bashed around by a new hotshot ghost who didn't believe in the holiday treaty. He was thrown against the wall of a building as his breath left his body. To top it off a snowdrift fell on top of him making him hurt and cold. This new ghost had no trouble giving Danny a run for his money. He staggered up slowly wishing he could use the ghostly wail. It was a last resort, he needed energy to get home. He rushed back into the battle hoping it'd be over soon.

Kaylee got on the roof, a small path had been cut to the edge of the roof and there were still large patches of snow at least 7 feet long dotted on the rooftop. She clutched her bear tighter and made her way over to a 7 foot long even patch of snow. She was so happy that her mom had made her wear long johns under her night gown and socks underneath her slippers. She stood in front of the drift and started writing in the fresh fallen snow. After 4 words her first finger went numb so she switched to a different one. Her handwriting was scraggly every now and then because she had to switch fingers. She tucked her fingers under her arm and admired her work. Done, she walked downstairs and slipped into the living room so she could see the tree.

Her mother rushed in worried.

"Kaylee! Where have you been? You scared us." She said her heartbeat returning to normal.

"I was in the uh bathroom." She replied quickly making an excuse.

"Alright, I'll let it slide after all it's almost Christmas." She said with a warm smile. "Now get to bed, it's almost 9:30."

" K' mom." She said and went into her room. Her fingers still felt like pale frozen popsicles, but that was ok. She crawled under the covers and looked out the window.

"G'night Danny Phantom, Merry Christmas." She whispered and drifted off to sleep.

Danny was thrown to the street again, every bone in his body refusing to move. He'd counted this was sixth time he'd hit cement or brick. Yes he was strong, but he could only take so much. This was his fourth fight today and he felt like laying there and letting this guy finish him off. But he couldn't do that and he wouldn't let him win. The ghost came closer and Danny laid there perfectly still, his eyes closed and he shallowed his breathing. He peaked his eye open and, using the Revolutionary war's General Prescott's strategy he kicked him in the jaw as hard as he could when he saw the white of his eyes. The ghost went flying up and across he hit the stone hard as three layers of snow fell on him. Danny sucked him into the thermos and started flying away.

His new powers also made him incredibly paranoid and uneasy of his surroundings, so he scanned evrey building as he flew. His eye caught a pattern of letters in the snow on the building next to him. He was positive there was a "Danny" in those letters so he flew to them. He floated over and read the message.

Dear Danny Phantom,

Thank you for everything you have done. It means a lot to me. Thank you. Merry Cristmas.


He smiled as he read it. Someone cared about him, and that was a great Christmas present. Christmas was spelt wrong and F was crossed out before Phantom, so he guessed she must have been around 7, or 8. He floated over to another patch of snow and wrote his own letter in the snow.


Thank you so much for caring about me. It means a lot to me too. Merry Christmas.

Danny Phantom

He rubbed his frozen fingers together and flew home.

Kaylee woke up early the morning before her parents did and went up to the roof. She was hoping she'd see him, like in her dream last night, but in her heart she knew it was only a dream. He would never have time for a little 3rd grader. Next to her note was someone else's. She smiled and screamed a little bit. He did care! He wrote to her! If only she could keep this forever. She jumped up and down and started running downstairs when something caught her eye. She saw him smile and wave for a second and the he was gone. It was only for 5 seconds but that was enough for her. She ran downstairs and woke up her mom and dad.

"Mom, dad, he came, he was here!" She said jumping on the bed.

"Santa came, that's great honey." Her dad replied.

"No, not Santa, Danny Phantom! He left me a note! Come see." She said and jumped up and down making the springs squeak. Danny looked in on them and smiled, his heart was warming. He flew back home ready to have an optimistic view on spending a day with his family for once.

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