Ok guys you know what, your reviews made me all happy and smiley soooo I'm adding a chapter to Fresh Fallen Snow

Ok guys you know what, your reviews made me all happy and smiley soooo I'm adding a chapter to Fresh Fallen Snow!

Sam Manson came out of her bedroom early that morning, too early, to be exact. She rubbed her eyes and sat down at the table with her parents.

"Oh wake up honey muffin! Your mother and I have excellent news for you!" Her dad exclaimed.

"Oh joy." Sam exclaimed as she put her head on the table.

"Your cousin is getting married and we're going to the wedding!" Her mother shouted shaking with delight.

Alarm bells went off in Sam's head. Wedding means dress. Sam and dress do not go well together unless it's from the Hot Topic collection.

Sam lifted her head and started to open her mouth to protest but her mother cut her off.

"I already picked out the dress, and you're going to wear it."

"Mom!" Sam yelled. She could only imagine the horrendously fluffy, pastel colored, ribbon induced marshmallow her mother picked out.

"Don't you mom me. It's already bad enough the entire family sees you as a social outcast with no respectable boyfriend or normal friends. I need to make you seem adjusted." She retorted.

Sam's grimace twisted into a smirk. "Ok mom, let's make a deal."

Her mother crossed her arms. "I'm listening Samantha."

5 days later Sam walked into the reception room in a blue dress with a few ruffles and bows and with Danny on her arm.

Danny still remembered when she came up to him in school the next day. Her amethyst eyes quivered and she told him about being a social outcast to her family, her mother controlling her and something about a large fluffy yellow something or other. He couldn't resist her, she looked so helpless and he was a hero after all. Plus after the first dance was a certified disaster, he wanted to see her in a dress even if he wouldn't admit it out loud.

"Danny, I can't thank you enough for being here with me." Sam said. He smiled.

"No problem, I am a superhero after all I am supposed to save innocent victims." He replied. Sam's heart did a somersault in her chest as he smiled.

"Danny, since we're here together, there's something I wanted to tell you." Sam said.


"You can relax you know, I can promise you by 10 tonight my entire family will be completely hammered."

"Really?" Danny asked in complete shock.

"Yup." She replied as they sat down at the table. Danny smiled awkwardly and fidgeted with his napkin as every single one of Sam's relatives glared at him. He laughed nervously.

A few hours later Danny's jacket was off and his tie was undone a little at the neck. Sam had kicked her shoes off. Her family was already tipsy; they could care less about how she acted now. Bored out of her mind by the slow jazz music Sam's head fell back on her chair. Unbeknownst to Sam it slowly slipped onto Danny's shoulder. He noticed the weight change and smiled at a sleeping Sam. It was only 10:30; she couldn't fall asleep on him now.

He shook her awake and she jerked upright. He laughed at her clueless expression.

"This is boring me to tears. I at least thought my drunken family would be as entertaining as they were before." She complained. She looked around they were all just sitting there, being very happy laughing like idiots entertaining each other but no one else. She whipped out her ipod and stuck one ear bud in.

"What are you listening to?" Danny asked curious. She turned the ipod to him. He should have guessed, Bohemian Rhapsody, she was on a queen kick after all. Then Danny got a great idea.

"Uh Sam I'll….be right back." He said and left with a flash. Sam blinked. She went back to listening to her ipod when she heard the sharp tone of a microphone too close to someone's mouth.

"Ok uh…this song is for everyone here because we need to liven things up and for a very special person whose name is Sam."

Sam knew that voice she just couldn't believe she was hearing over the speakers. She put her ipod down and ran onto the dance floor. She pushed her way through inebriated relatives to see Danny with his tie loosened all the way, jacket off, and sleeves rolled up on the stage.

He turned around with a smirk and smiled at Sam and sang.

"This thing called love I just can't handle it, this thing called love I must get round to it, I ain't ready! Crazy little thing called love."

By this time everyone was dancing and singing and falling over each other. Sam on the other hand was watching Danny.

"This thing called love, it cries in a cradle all night , It swings, it jives, It shakes all over like a jelly fish, I kinda like it, crazy little thing called love."

Danny sang into the mic as he walked across the stage, a new air of confidence followed him. Know he understood why people loved the stage. It didn't matter that his audience was so trashed they could barely put a 4 piece puzzle together.

"There goes my baby, she knows how to Rock n' roll, she drives me craaaazy, she gives, me hot and cold fever then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat."

Danny wielded the mic and made an overdramatic gesture of hitting the floor from heat exhaustion. He winked at Sam as she looked at him from the dance floor.

"I gotta be cool relax, get hip, get on my track's, take a back seat, hitch-hike, and take a long ride on my motor bike, until I'm ready, crazy little thing called love"

Danny sang this verse twice and the second time he sang he put an extra emphasis on motor bike and bent backwards.

Sam looked at him and felt completely and utterly turned on. Her face flushed and she couldn't help but feel like he was the single most amazing man on earth.

"This thing called love I just can't handle it, this thing called love I must get round to it, I ain't ready, crazy little thing called love, crazy little thing called love, crazy little thing called love, crazy little thing called love, crazy little thing called love, crazy little thing called love, crazy little thing called love ,crazy little thing caaaaaaaaaaaaaalled looooooooove."

Danny swung the mic by the chord and caught it in his hand. He jumped down off the stage took a bow and winked at Sam. She came over to him and he dipped her down and kissed her. He was able to hold her up with one hand and when he lifted her back he smiled.

"I hope that wasn't too forward, you looked so unhappy." He said their noses touching. His heart still raced from being on stage.

"You made my night Danny, although you're no Freddie Mercury." She said. His blue eyes blinked in surprise. She laughed lightly and grabbed the front of his shirt. "But don't forget, I don't want Freddie Mercury." She said and pulled him down to kiss her once more.

Ok I'm ending it here. I hope you enjoyed it, I'll try to think of more for you guys.