"Hold on! Just a moment!" Victor dashed into the middle of the town square fairly pushing the town crier out of his way and wrenching the bell from his hands. He began ringing the bell enthusiastically. It didn't take long for the whole town to gather round him in wonder. It wasn't like Victor to promulgate his news to the world, so this, they assumed, must be a very important announcement indeed.

"Hello everyone, Hello," he said, smiling round at the rest of the town. "Can everyone hear me? Yes?" His question was quite unnecessary as the square was suddenly so silent that the light breeze sounded like a roaring wing in the odd chasm of silence. "Good! Very good. I have a little announcement to make. Victoria and I are going to have a child! Thank you! Thank you one, and all!" With that he handed the bell back to the town crier and galloped out of the square.