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Chapter 1 Revelations


That was the question that plagued young Naruto's mind. Why do they hate me so much? Why won't other kids play with me? And the most important question of all, why don't I have a family?

Naruto has grown up dirt poor living in a one room apartment paid for by the only person that has ever shown him any kind of kindness, the great Sandaime. But unfortunately for little Naruto the great Sandaime has his duty to the village and has no time to take care of him. So in the end Naruto had to live alone.

It was a glorious morning in the Hidden Village of the Leaf, Konoha, the birds were chirping and the leaves were starting to turn an amber color as autumn begins to spread over Konoha.

And on this fateful morning a certain blonde haired blue eyed boy was trudging towards the Ninja Academy. Naruto was tired to say the least; it was getting close to the Kyuubi's anniversary and he had to be awake at all times because from past experiences this is usually the time when the villagers got really angry with him for some odd reason.

Today though he was excited, he was finally going to learn about Chatora! (Yes I spelled it right) Although his grades pointed the opposite direction, Naruto absolutely loves learning how to be a ninja. But there are reasons why his grades are failing, due to his financial position he is unable to buy a textbook and can't really follow along in class. There is so much a Hokage can provide for Naruto and ninja academy falls under the category of "luxury" not survival.

Naruto walked into the classroom, scanning the room he takes his favorite seat next to Sasuke. Although Naruto dislikes Sasuke he loves sitting next to Sakura-Chan and maybe today will be his lucky day and she won't reject him. He grinned, but just as he was about to start his fantasy loud shouting can be heard and before he could continue he found himself smacked several feet away. He grumbled "Stupid fan girls…."

Naruto repositioned himself and readied himself for another exciting lesson from good ole' Iruka-sensei. Iruka walked into his classroom and sighed, he loves to teach but this class was probably the worst he had ever had. There were so many pranksters and he just couldn't catch them, so he readied himself for another gruesome day and began the lecture.

Naruto listened to what his sensei was lecturing them about, but he just can't seem to concentrate and so he drifted off to sleep. Iruka was getting to the most important part of his lecture, but he noticed Naruto eyes start to droop. He was about to wake him up, but at that exact moment as he walked forward he tripped over a wire and fell face first onto the ground. Iruka got up and sighed and let out a small "No evidence at all…" so he got up and began where he had left off. Completely forgetting about Naruto.

Iruka spoke again but he made his voice louder "Remember, when molding charka, be sure to let it flow naturally and if you feel a barrier or force pushing back do not continue because it's your body's way of telling you to stop."

Naruto woke up when he heard Iruka's voice got louder, but unfortunately for the blonde he didn't hear what Iruka-sensei said so he just refocused to try and absorb more information, but before he could Iruka yelled out "Alright I want everyone of you to stand up and try molding your chakra."

Naruto jumped up and immediately began to mold chakra, although he was bad at it he could still feel some of it move along his body, but he felt something weird when he got to his stomach he felt a weird barrier. So being ever so curious Naruto molded most of his chakra into his stomach, but he was forced back violently. Naruto stumbled and growled, he's not going to let some stupid thing inside his body hold him back from being a ninja! So he mustered all of his chakra this time and pushed violently against the barrier and at that moment the seal holding the Kyuubi opened up just a little bit.

Iruka was shocked; he felt the chakra of the Kyuubi and almost pooped himself. He saw Naruto collapse and an orange aura of chakra fade; he acted immediately and grabbed Naruto. He shouted to his teaching assistant to watch them as he carried Naruto to the hospital.

Once he got there he shouted to the doctors to contact Hokage, he then handed Naruto to one of the medic-nins and watched as they brought Naruto into emergency care. Naruto however woke up in quite a strange place, he found himself in a sewer like area with water around his ankles. So being the curious person that he is followed the pipes until it he found a gigantic room, he saw a gigantic cage, as he walked forward he felt this weird feeling start to rise in him.

As he got closer the hair on his neck started to rise and he felt some terrible, he felt completely and utterly terrified as he stumbled forward. He looked up and in that moment he saw something very strange, two gigantic feline like eyes stare into him as he fell on his butt and crawled back a little. The voice spoke in a low and growling breath, "What do you want you pathetic human."

Naruto was terrified, but he was able to mutter out a little "What are you?" The gigantic eyes narrowed and it spoke again "I am the great Kyuubi No Kitsune, lord of the demon foxes. Strongest demon in the world and the absolute leader of the 9 tailed beasts."

Naruto absorbed the information and stuttered "What are you doing here and where the hell am I?" The fox showed the rest of his face now and replied "Do you not recognize your own stomach stubborn fool?" Naruto looked at the fox and asked curiously "What do you mean in my stomach? And you still haven't answered my question." The Kyuubi smirked and let out a humph, then let me be the one to enlighten you human, if those amateur ninja's don't want to tell you.

Naruto's world swirled as he saw a vision, he was looking through the eyes of the great fox as what it looks to be a great battle. He suddenly noticed Konoha and it clicked, he thought in his head "This must be the battle between the fox and the great Yondaime." Naruto watched as the great Yondaime on his gigantic frog came closer and closer. He then noticed that the fox was bound by a gigantic chakra like rope around his feet, he also noticed a woman with long black hair in a black robe holding the rope firmly.

The Yondaime looked down at the bundle in his arms and sighed. He whispered to baby "I'm sorry Naruto; you'll have to grow up without me." He frowned then looked over to his wife, he let his worries flood away as he remembered and then whispered "At least you'll have your mother and the village will look at you to be a hero for holding the great Kyuubi."

Naruto can't believe what he heard, due to Kyuubi's awesome senses he was able to listen to what the Yondaime had said. He looked again, but at the sight of his mother, her face was twisted in agony as she was holding the jutsu. He saw her then break the jutsu and collapse onto the head of the frog, before he could even gasp the Yondaime perform some sort of jutsu and then his world went black.

Naruto woke up in the gigantic room where the fox was kept as the memories came flooding back to him. He started to cry again and muttered "What happened?" The fox looked at him and replied "Your father performed a ninjutsu where he sealed me into you, your mother also died from what I saw as exhaustion. Probably because she just gave birth, only newborns can be used in a sealing jutsu this big."

Naruto cried and fell to the ground, it all made sense to him now. Why the villagers hated him, why kids didn't want to even associate with him, and finally why he had no family. Although Naruto felt absolutely horrible right now he also felt something rise in him…. It was anger….. He was incredibly pissed for some reason.

Naruto woke up, but not in the sewers this time, he woke up to bright hospital lights and a friendly old Sandaime smile down on him. He blinked and heard the Hokage say "How do you feel Naruto?" Naruto looked up at him and merely nodded signaling that he was fine. The Hokage smiled and said "Well since your fine I think I'll take my leave." But just then Naruto muttered the words that left the Hokage shocked "Why did my father seal the Kyuubi in me." The Hokage stood there before finally letting his shoulders fall and replied "Your father was a Hokage, he can't ask someone else to sacrifice their child if he wasn't willing to sacrifice his own. Plus I guessed he thought the villagers would see you as a hero."

Naruto looked at him and merely nodded, he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Two days has passed and he still felt incredibly horrible, he didn't want to go to school, all he wanted to do was lie in bed and contemplate his life. He thought of his life and how crappy it was, but the main thing he was thinking about was what his father said. His father wanted him to be the hero of the village; his father also wanted the village to see him as a hero. But that didn't happen and he felt very angered by this, he growled and muttered "Those villagers and I are disrespecting my father's last wish, my father wanted me to be a hero to the village and he also wanted the village to see me as a hero." He closed his eyes and said "I've done nothing, but sleep in class…. The villagers also completely hate me." He sighed and went back to his thinking.

Suddenly a thought just came out of his head "If I become strong and then take the seat of Hokage, everyone will have to acknowledge me as a hero, they'll also rally and by my support." He squared his shoulders and spoke "I will become Hokage so my father's last wish will be achieved." He was getting excited, but reality set in, how was he going to become strong when he was so behind in his schoolwork? He slouched down and went back to thinking, but another click just resounded in his head. I'll make that bastard fox train me; after all he has to pay rent some how.

So he started molding some "chatora" into his stomach, but this time he felt no barrier and he sucked himself into his dream like mind again. He walked up to the bars and yelled out "OI, FOX come out here and talk to me." The fox growled deeply and appeared, he didn't seem please at all. Naruto nodded and yelled out "Kyuubi No Kitsune! Train me please!" The fox laughed and snorted out "Why should I train a runt like you." Naruto was stunned, he didn't expect the fox to actually say no, but he stayed firm and replied "Because you're using my body and you need to pay rent!" The fox growled at the boy and spoke angrily "I do not need to do anything brat, you'll have to come up with a better reason then that." So he turned and started to slowly disappear again.

Naruto was feeling quite depressed, he had failed to get the fox to train him, so he started walk away when he thought of something. "So fox instead of training me, you'll let me become weak and feeble? I know my dad sealed you in here with all intentions that when I die you'll die with me, and knowing my father as the great Yondaime, his jutsu worked." The fox froze looked back and said "Stupid brat, don't you dare insult me. I am the great Kyuubi no Kitsune." Naruto smiled and said back innocently "So you're going to let the last great legacy of the Kyuubi No Kitsune to be your humiliating defeat by a human? You could let that happen or you could train me, and I'll become the strongest ninja in the world! And everyone will know that the Kyuubi No Kitsune did this."

The fox contemplated this for a while; he DID NOT want his last legacy in the world to be a defeat by a human or it to be known that he was sealed in some punk ass kid. So he sighed and said "Fine I shall train you, but not here in Konoha, we shall go to my lair." Naruto was excited, but a question came to mind "How will I leave and how are we going to get there?" The fox smirked and said "Let me worry about that." Naruto smiled as the fox said more things "When you wake up, it shall be morning, I will need you to prepare something's before we leave. Follow my instructions then meet me here tomorrow night." Naruto smiled as the Kyuubi listed things he wanted Naruto to do when he awoke. Naruto let out a big grin when he opened his eyes; finally some things were going right in his life.

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