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Chapter 5 His Curiosity

Naruto jumped straight up from his futon when he heard his alarm ring, today is the day where he shall take this genin test and completely conquer it. It was 8 A.M. and he showered and dressed in his usual garb, the exception was that he had his Hidden Leaf forehead protector around his forehead with the hat over it instead of his usual bandana.

He thought about bringing Benihime to the test, but Naruto knew he wanted to save it for a more special occasion. Locking his home up he caught an early breakfast at Ichikaru before heading towards his destination.

When he arrived at 8:45 he noticed that both his teammates were there, each of them were sitting quite a far ways from each other. He knew they were supposed to be a team, but I guess he really didn't want to deal with that right now, after all he had to psych himself up for the test.

Asuma-Sensei arrived at exactly 9 A.M. He motioned for them to follow him deeper into the woods. They reached a clearing and he told his students to sit down while he explains the rules. The test was simple, the first one to take his Zippo lighter from him would win, and the lighter was located on his belt, hanging from a string. They all had to do this before the timer ran out too.

The students were quite shocked at what they heard, only one of them would be genin and that was quite unexpected. They looked at each other, before scattering when they heard their teacher yell start.

Naruto hid in a tree as he watched his sensei calmly standing there, he was strong to say the least, but compared to a Jounin he was still quite easy to defeat. He knew this, but his stubbornness made him do something completely idiotic. He wanted to test his strength out so he leapt far above the trees and tried to slam his foot down where his sensei was located. A big crater was formed as the chakra exploded from Naruto's foot.

Knowing he had missed and sensing that his sensei got behind him, Naruto did a back flip onto his hands and tried one more time at kicking him. Although Naruto kick was truly terrifying and strong, Asuma merely side stepped it and punched Naruto in the gut. Naruto flew a few yards back before landing crouched on his legs.

His analysis was right, there was no way a normal genin could be able to land a good hit on a jounin. So Naruto did the smartest thing he could, he ran into the forest and hid himself so he could formulate another plan.

Both Ino and Shino had seen Naruto's attempt at attacking Asuma head on. It had failed miserably, so they waited in their hiding spots preparing to ambush their sensei when he got his guard down. Naruto on the other hand was hiding and having a mental discussion with his friend.

Naruto said "There's no way a normal genin could take that Zippo from him."

The fox replied "Of course not, baka, there is probably some trick to this that you have to figure out."

Naruto frowned and answered "It's just so strange though, why would they put us in teams, just to try and push us apart."

The fox snorted and said "It's kind of easy to figure out if you say it that way baka, he's obviously testing you in team work. They put you in balanced team so each team would be at a certain strength. So this genin exam is only meant to teach you guys team work."

Naruto smiled and said "Well fox, looks like you are right. I'm going to contact each of them, I think I already got a good plan to defeating this guy."

Naruto molded some chakra and created 2 kagebunshins, he sent each one out to contact and explain to his team members what was going on, he also told them to meet him at a certain location to discuss strategy.

Ino yelled at herself for being so stupid, of course! This was to test out their team work, Konoha wouldn't waste a jounin to teach just one genin, they would rather have the Jounin go out and do missions. She silently sneaked away and headed towards their meeting area, she made a comment that scared her to the core though, she had said "Maybe this Naruto guy isn't a dumbass like I thought."

Shino merely nodded when he heard what Naruto was planning, he figured out the same thing just when the clone had contacted him. He set a couple bugs to watch their sensei as he silently crept to where their meeting area was.

When all three genins were there Naruto asked all of them what they could do, Shino merely said he could control chakra eating bugs and even turn them into a clone of himself, Ino said she was able to use her family technique to take over a person's body. Naruto thought to himself and smiled, he knew just how to fool his sensei.

With that they began their planning, it would take them 2 hours to finish setting up and leave them only 20 minutes left to assault their sensei. They knew though that if they didn't take the extra timing to do this then they had no chance at all.

Naruto and Shino both burst out of the bushes to charge their sensei who remained in the exact position they had left him in. Engaging him in taijutsu, they were a force to be reckoned with. They slowly, but surely drove him back to their ambush area where 2 Kagebunshins who had waited in the bush jumped out to attack Asuma. He did a back flip and sent two kunai their way they both poofed, but when he landed his feet landed on some trip wire.

A kunai trap flung dozens of kunai and shurikens at him from the all sides, so he did the only thing he could do. He jumped up, but was startled when a flying log came his way. Jumping off the log he landed on a branch, but when he landed he noticed the branch couldn't support his weight due to sabotage. He rebounded off a tree only to have both his students charge him and try to hit him. He blocked their attacks, but was flung back a few feet and landed on the ground. He then noticed his last student and only female student jump out of the bush and did the pose for the body switching technique, he jumped up to avoid the technique only to see that the girl poofed into Shino, he looked to his other side to see the real Ino finishing up the hand seals to her infamous technique. As she got into stance though the bell rang and the exam was over. The other Shino who attacked with Naruto turned back to bugs and crawled back to their amster.

They all gathered in the clearing and Asuma lectured them, he said "Well it looks like you finally figured out what this exam was meant for."

He also said "But was it to late?"

They all hung their heads as they feared what was going to happen next, instead though Asuma merely smiled and said "You all…. Pass"

The students looked up at him with startled looks and he simply said "This was to test your team work, and you guys did what was necessary for a team to succeed in missions, you waited and made all the preparations to having a good successful mission."

He added "Although you guys failed at getting the objective, that can be simply excused by saying that you are way to inexperienced. And if you didn't know I gave you guys an handicap by not moving from that clearing."

He smiled and said "Lets go have lunch and we'll talk about what is going to happen from now on."

With that the 4 of them headed to Asuma's favorite restaurant. They talked and had fun, Asuma told them to meet him at the training field two days from now to get start their missions before he left.

Both Ino and Shino were about to head off when Naruto stopped them, he disliked having to work in a team, but the fox reminded him that this was a good way for him to become a better ninja so he agreed. He asked both of them to come train with him tomorrow as a team, Shino agreed, and after some coaxing Ino also agreed. Even though she would miss a day to try and get Sasuke-Kun to go on a date with her.

Naruto stopped by his old apartment before he went home and made a couple kagebunshins, all of them transported the things Naruto needed to his new house. When they got there they set some of the things up, although he still needed to buy new furniture to fill his empty house.

After finishing setting up his bed he took a shower and went to sleep, tomorrow should be an interesting day to say the least.

Naruto woke up and did his usual morning routine before heading out towards the training field, when he got there he was surprised when both of them were already there.

Ino was pissed…. Naruto had invited them to come train with him and he ended up being late.

Naruto was about to make up some stupid excuse when he was hit on the back of the head, he then heard her yell the words "That's for being late, baka!"

Naruto frowned, his teammates were very strange, he shrugged it off and told them to follow him. When they got deeper into the woods he started off by showing him his Scattered Shot technique, he warned them that if they were in front of him when got into this stance that they should leave immediately. After that they all shared what other techniques they had, after learning what techniques to look for during battle they decided to take turns sparring each other.

Couple hours later

Both Ino and Shino were exhausted, they both had taken turns to spar Naruto, and they couldn't touch him. He had held back a lot during the genin test. Naruto was supposed to be the weakest member of their team, but instead is the strongest. And so with that they took tips from him as they continued their training session.

A little later, Shino excused himself and left, Ino was doing the same thing when she noticed they were both heading the same way. So why not ask some questions she was curious about?

Ino said "Hmmmmm, how did you get so strong Naruto? You were almost last on the genin test in the academy."

Naruto merely smiled and said "I wanted a strong team, if I showed my true strength then I would be paired with weak people."

She quirked an eyebrow at that and continued "So how did you become so strong? What did you do exactly during those 6 years?"

Naruto nodded and said "It's a secret." Before showing her his trade mark grin.

She snorted and said, "Whatever."

She then said "Why are you heading this way? This is to the shopping district of town, shouldn't you be heading towards the residential?"

He answered "The same can be asked of you."

Ino replied "Well, my parents own a flower shop in this district."

Naruto replied to that with "Oh, well I just came to town to get some new furniture, I just moved to a new place so I need to decorate it."

Ino nodded and said "Well this is my stop see you later team mate." With that she entered her shop, but a thought just popped into her mind. She hadn't thought about Sasuke all day…….

Naruto woke up the next morning and ran through his usual routine, but this time he headed for the shopping district, he's going to dedicate this whole day to decorating his apartment.

Naruto loved being able to shop freely, due to his radical image change, no one knew he was the Kyuubi container. He knew word would get out fast so he took advantage of the time he got and shopped the whole day.

Naruto looked at his furnished apartment, he had spent a lot of money on it, but he was happy. Everything was in place and most importantly of all, most of it was orange….. Even though he doesn't wear his orange jumpsuit anymore, he still loved the color. Something was missing though, he doesn't have a center piece for his coffee table in his living room. So he decided to pay his team mate a little visit.

Naruto entered the shop and immediately heard a happy greeting, it was cut short with a simple "Oh it's just you Naruto." Naruto grabbed his heart and stumbled forward, and said weakly "You have wounded me, fair maiden."

Ino chuckled and finally said "What do you want team mate, I have a job to do."

Naruto smiled and said "Well I need a center piece for my living room, can you make me a flower arrangement?"

Ino smiled and said "Alright, what flowers do you want and what style?"

Naruto looked dumbfounded and said simple "Can you just make it orange? I really have no idea about the rest."

Ino snorted and muttered "Typical male…. Alright I'll work on it, why don't you go out and come back in an hour?"

Naruto nodded and left for Ichikaru's for a quick meal.

He came back and quite possibly saw the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his eyes on. He exclaimed loudly "WOW! That looks great Ino, I love those flowers."

Ino grinned and said "Of course, I am a professional."

With that Naruto paid for the flowers and headed home with his new center piece.

He looked at his home and smiled, now it was perfect, with that he headed for bed.

Naruto was pissed, it had been a week after they had first started doing their missions. All of them consisted of doing meaningless task, he complained loudly to his sensei, but the man merely shrugged and said "You all have to start some where."

With that Naruto dropped it and they headed into the Hokage's office to turn in their latest D rank mission.

The Hokage was about to give them another one when Naruto spoke up, "Oi old man, can't you give us a harder mission? We've been doing stupid missions all week."

Iruka chided Naruto for not giving the Hokage more respect, but Sandaime merely told Iruka to shush and he said "Alright, Alright, I was looking for a genin team to give this out to, so I guess I'll just give it to you."

The Sandaime added "You'll be escorting a bridge builder to the wave country. This is a C rank mission."

Naruto smiled and yelled "Finally!"

Asuma took the information and with that Tazuna stepped into the room. He eyed the ninjas and merely snorted out "So these runts will be the one whose going to escort me?"

The Hokage simply nodded and Asuma added "Do not worry Tazuna-san you shall escort you there safely."

Naruto and Ino both wanted to tell the guy off, but they knew when to hold their tongues.

Before anything else could happen, Asuma told all of them to pack their things and meet him at their usual area.

It had been a couple days since he heard from the fox so Naruto contacted him "Oi, fox where the hell have you been, I haven't seen you in a couple days."

The fox lazily replied "I find no interest in your current missions, wake me up when you do something interesting."

Naruto sighed and muttered under his breath "Damn lazy ass animals."

Naruto was currently debating if he wanted to bring his sword or not, he decided to do it anyway even if there were only thugs after him. After all it was his first mission out side Konoha, and he wanted to be ready for anything.

After the group assembled, they moved out and were soon on the road towards wave. Due to the fact that Ino hates silence, she asked Tazuna and Asuma, what the current situation in the Wave Country.

Naruto didn't really care so he tuned most of this out, however a sudden foxy voice interrupted his thoughts.

The fox said loudly "Oi, baka, do you notice anything strange? I suddenly sensed two unknown chakras in the area."

Naruto examined the area closely, something was up and he did not wish to be surprised, he soon noticed a suspicious puddle on the left side of the road.

Naruto told the fox "It's a perfect sunny day with no clouds in the sky, yet there is a puddle on the road?"

The fox replied "Yep kid, that's where the chakra is coming from, prepare yourself for battle. They must be chuunin at least to be able to pull off that genjutsu."

Naruto silently slipped two kunai's into the bands of his wrist, he then prepared for the attack.

Two brothers each with a strange trinket on each arm erupted out of the puddle and headed straight for the strongest target. They ripped the Jounin in half before moving on towards the kids.

Shino jumped over the chain as it went under him, he then ordered the bugs to surround his target, thinking that since the chain held them he wouldn't be able to dodge that easily. Unfortunately the demon brothers saw this and unlatched their chains, and one jumped straight over the bugs towards an unprotected Shino.

The demon brother swiped his claws at Shino's throat and it connected, but what he didn't expect was for the boy to suddenly turn into bugs. It was to late for the brother as the bugs swarmed all over him sucking away at his chakra. Shino had also noticed the puddle and silently replaced himself with a clone of bugs.

The other brother meanwhile was charging straight at Ino who was in front of Tazuna trying to protect him. Naruto saw this and went into action, grabbing the two kunai he had in his sleeves he jumped in front of the guy, the demon brother tried to use his claws and slash at Naruto's throat, but Naruto ducked under a wide swing and head butted the guy in the jaw. Seeing the guy dazed Naruto jumped on the guys back and jammed his kunai into the guys shoulder joints, completely dislocating both of them. Jumping off he simply kicked the guy and he fell unconscious.

Asuma appeared and clapped, he praised them for a job well done and he proceeded to tie both unconscious enemies to a tree trunk for Anbu to come later and pick them up. Asuma had used kawarmi on himself and replaced himself with a log at the last minute before it was ripped apart. He then hid and watched his students fight.

Naruto however had something different planned, he asked his sensei if he could take one of the guy's mechanical trinket. Asuma agreed, but he would have to hurry.

Naruto unlatched one of the demon brother's arms and took their chain. He was going to have quite a time playing with these, he put them in his pack before catching up with the others.

An argument had broken out about weather to continue with the mission or not, Naruto and his team mates really wanted to continue so Asuma just sighed and agreed, but only if Tazuna was to agree to up the payment for this mission. Tazuna agreed relunctantly and they were soon on their way again.

During their boat trip Ino asked Naruto something "Hey Naruto, why did you want the thing that was on that guys arm?"

Naruto replied "It is for me to know and for you guys to find out." With that he grinned and remained silent for the rest of the way.

Meanwhile the fox and Naruto were having a conversation about how they were going to incorporate his new weapon into Naruto's fighting style.

As they got off the boat Kyuubi sent a big warning to Naruto, before Naruto could answer Asuma yelled for all of them to duck so he jumped down and so did the rest.

A gigantic sword whizzed pass Naruto's head and embedded itself into a large tree, Naruto looked up to see another Ninja. Naruto knew this guy was out of his league, he could sense the guy's chakra levels and it he knew he it was too big for him to handle. Asuma ordered them to protect the client so they formed a ring around Tazuna.

The unknown Ninja penetrated their defenses and was about to kill Tazuna when Asuma jumped in to block the sword with his Knuckle busters. The mist nin laughed and said "It looks like I didn't take you seriously enough, you are the famed Sarutobi Asuma I presume."

Asuma merely nodded slashed the water clone destroying it, the nin replied "Then allow me to introduce myself, I am Zabuza former Demon of the Mist."

Asuma nodded and replied "Can we just continue this? I really hate beating around the bush."

Zabuza chuckled and merely grunted, they continued to press each other while Naruto and his team mates formed another protective barrier around their client.

Naruto however noticed a young boy, watching the fight, but was brought back to reality when Asuma got tricked and ended up in a water prison created by the enemy ninja.

The ninja laughed evilly and created a water clone, he spoke to Asuma about how he was going to kill his pathetic genin while he made him watch. Asuma tried to tell them to run, but before they could do it Naruto sighed. He merely unsheathed his sword and went into a strange stance. No way in hell was he going to let someone he liked die.
Naruto told his team mates to protect Tazuna while he tried to get Asuma out of the prison. Naruto saw the ninja laugh and mock him, Naruto really didn't care what he said, he knew though that even though he can't take the real ninja. He however can easily take some stupid water clone easily.

The clone slowly moved towards Naruto, Naruto stood still in his stance before charging in, and ducking under a punch slashed the clone's side destroying it.

Naruto smirked and said "Don't underestimate me, I may just surprise you."

While he said this Naruto silently drew two kunai and hid them in his left hand. The enemy ninja growled and produced more clones, Naruto merely smirked and charged the clones. Naruto simply danced through all the clones slicing at their stomachs and chest, after he was done he had not been hit once and he charged the enemy ninja holding his sensei captive.

Naruto quickly threw one of the kunai at the Ninja's stomach, but the ninja jumped over it. Naruto went in for a powerful kick to the ninja's face, but was blocked by the ninja's other hand. Twisting around he threw his last kunai at the ninja's arm holding the prison and it pierced through the forearm. The ninja howled in pain as he released the prison, still having hold of Naruto's foot the ninja threw Naruto into the middle of the lake and was about to use a jutsu on him when a cloud of poisonous gas hit him.

Naruto landed in the middle of the lake, but surprised everyone when he stood on water, focusing chakra to his legs he was able to stay afloat. Zabuza and Asuma continued to exchange blows when Zabuza leapt into the middle of the lake and Asuma followed. Naruto watched as Zabuza performed a high level water technique that headed straight for his sensei. His sensei performed a high level fire technique and when the two hit each other it created massive amounts of steam blinding both men.

Naruto seeing his chance charged towards Zabuza and did a hard kick to the ninja's jaw, Zabuza flew towards land and landed near a tree where all of a sudden 3 needles hit him in the neck. The boy identified himself as a hunter-nin and said he was going to take the body to go destroy. Asuma saw through this and was about to stop him, but was to late and they both escaped.

Asuma praised Naruto for helping him out in this battle. Ino however couldn't help but feel immensely weak, she had participated in no battles through out this whole thing and was far behind her two team mates.

Shino on the other hand didn't really care, he asked Asuma however to train him as soon as he can.

Asuma smiled and said "Lets worry about that later," for now we must escort Tazuna towards back to his home.

With that team 8 and Tazuna return to home to rest and most importantly train for the upcoming battles they must face.

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