The Mummy 3- Lost and Found.

Summery: Four years after TMR, Jonathan discovers that his daughter, who he hasn't seen in 8 years, has found out about a ritual that involves Anubis, Imhotep, the Diamond of Ahm Shere and one of the Carnahan family. But who is it?

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Chapter one.
Cairo. 1928.

It was a clear night in Cairo, midnight moon full and bright with the stars twinkling around it like brilliant cats eyes. The town was unusually quiet tonight; the bars were full but quiet, as though having a silent minute because someone they knew died. That was because someone did die; someone important. Sheba Bay was dead, shot while protecting her daughter from a raid from bandits.

The reason why she was so important was because she was the mother of Ardeth Bay, great leader of the Medial, who has saved the town on a number of times from the bandits, until that unfaithful day when he couldn't. She was chosen by the father of Ardeth 22 years ago to conceive his child because his wife could not conceive a child herself. She told her husband to go into Cairo When he was born, he was taken away back to the Med-ji camp, ready to be trained as a great leader, like his dad.

The pain was too great for Sheba of having her child taken away from her so quickly and so young, she vowed never to love and have children again. That is until she met a certain Englishman…

Cairo.1929.1 year later…

Samantha, ten years old, was sitting on the roof of their house looking at the starlit sky, remembering her mother with fresh tears in her eyes from the past memories of the last year of being on her own. Luckily, before her father left her and her mother, he did teach Samantha how to play card games, like poker and how to pick pockets as a joke. But those lessons came in handy when it came to getting money for food. Going around the streets of Cairo, playing cards and picking pockets for money was a full day's work for her.

She knew it was wrong, but she needed to stay alive so that one day, she would see her father again. Samantha knew his name was Jonathan Carnahan. She also knew that he lives in London with his sister Evy, but she can't remember where about the Carnahan manor is. Or if he's married, or has he more kids?

Samantha decided to take a walk outside the town for a while to clear her head. She walked a few miles until the sound of horse hooves running against the sand could be heard. Spinning around quickly, she saw the leader of the bandits coming towards her, knowing she was on her own. She ran as quickly as she could, but she knew she could never outrun a horse with a half-crazed man swinging his sword around on it. Samantha ran and ran until she fell over and bashed her head on a big rock sticking out the sand. She turned her head quickly, to see the bandit coming closer to her, nearly on top of her. Unconsciousness was coming quickly to her, her vision swimming. Samantha had just enough time to see a man dressed in black with tattoos on his face, take down the leader off his horse and pierce his neck with the sword in his hand, before blackness claims her…

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